Feb 24, 2012

Introducing Trinity’s Frat Pack

Rachel Lavin and Gareth Gregan investigate the establishment of a new fraternity in Trinity under American organisation ‘Zeta Psi’.

The University Times has learned of a plan to set up an élite fraternity, officially called “Theta Omicron” but privately referred to as “The Dynasty”, in Trinity College.

The first evidence of the fraternity on campus came when a group of male students appeared in the Cancer Society’s annual naked calender under the title “all shall soon be revealed”.


Sarah*, one of the organisers of the shoot, told UT, “They got in contact with us about contributing a photo but never said what exactly it was related to. Whatever it is, they told us the details were to be released on the 28th of February.”

After an extensive investigation, UT can confirm that the fraternity is an undertaking by the group which is headed up by JS student Jack O’Connor, Trinity firsts’ rugby captain Dominic Gallagher and JCR International Officer Obiora Amobi.

The fraternity will be called ‘Theta Omicron’ the group aims to be in the American tradition of an élite, male-exclusive grouping based on the “Greek system”. According to one source, the group have been establishing links with brother fraternities and seeking advice and funding from patrons since this time last year.

The sponsoring fraternity in question is Zeta Psi, an extensive American-based fraternity that has already established bases in the United Kingdom – in Oxford in 2008 and St. Andrews in 2011. Zeta Psi, established in 1847, has 50 schools in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Famous former members of Zeta Psi include Ford Motor Company CEO Henry Ford and grandfather of George W. Bush, Prescott Bush.

On their website the fraternity describes their mission to “provide support and an environment for social learning at school, we aim to… turn out into the world self-respecting, original-thinking, self-controlled, purposeful gentlemen.”

Since establishing the link the group of students have been involved in elaborate meetings with patrons of the fraternities. Included among these was a cruise on the Thames during a trip to London. Group leader Jack O’Connor was involved in an expenses-paid tour of America where he visited and researched the fraternities (Click here for photo of O’Connor, far right, outside Zeta Psi frat house in America).

Representatives from Zeta Psi are to visit the Trinity group in Dublin tomorrow for the fraternity’s public unveiling. A “chartering banquet” is scheduled for tomorrow evening, with 77 members booked to attend. The Zeta Psi twitter account and the account of one of its directing members, Lauck Walton, confirms this.

In accordance with the Greek tradition and in order to become a full-fledged fraternity with a charter the members worked for 12 months to meet the requirements. Their tasks included maintaining a minimum grade-point average, performing philanthropic work and assembling a board of alumni to serve as advisors.

It is known on campus that recruiting for the group has been in progress for well over a year. Male students have been approached by group members discreetly and asked to join “the Dynasty”.

UT was able to get in contact with one male student who had been approached and offered a position in the exclusive society. Matthew* told us that he was approached by Jack O’Connor and offered membership to the club in Spring of 2011. When questioned about the aims of the society, Matthew replied that it would be about “lad culture, suit-wearing and drinking. There’d be a theme of general extravagance.”

American members are picked by the “Head Brother(s)” to live in the fraternity house after a brief initiation period. Following this activities include socialising, performing fraternity rituals and philanthropy.

There are a number of secret “gentlemen’s dining clubs” already active in the college, including Trinity’s own traditional Knights of the Campanile comprising a select group of Trinity’s top sports men.

One student active in these clubs, Mark*, told us “I’ve socialised with two of the dining clubs and I really enjoy them.” When asked what these clubs involved he said, “it’s all about men with the same interests, fine dining, fashion, automobiles. We all go out and drink together, maybe even bring a bit of arm candy. Really, it’s all about networking. If a fraternity comes to college, I’d join it.”

American student Melanie Giedlin was asked by the UT what she thought of the effects of a fraternity coming to Trinity would be. She commented that “[she didn’t] really think it would affect the social scene that much. It’s essentially the same as the apartments that frequently had parties at Halls. As long as the hazing and sexism doesn’t go overboard, which is a legitimate concern, anything that means more beer pong is okay with me”.

However, some students interviewed reacted negatively to the concept. Another American student, Sam*, said “I can’t believe it. Part of the reason I studied in Ireland was to get away from all that”. Another said, “it’s just so pathetic. It’s all about power-sharing positions on campus, and it’s sexist too, totally patriarchal”.

Some fraternities have negative reputations for binge drinking, networking, elitism and exclusivity. Practices such as hazing, the act of abuse and humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group, has also been widely criticised.

Zeta Psi itself was involved in a controversy in its Dartmouth Branch in 2001. College authorities banned the Zeta Psi chapter after a scandal over “sex papers” came to light. The papers were a privately circulated newsletter detailing the sexual exploits of fraternity members and naming the women involved. A female student retrieved the papers and reported them to the college. Dartmouth proceeded to shut down the fraternity on the grounds of harassment, and breaking the code of conduct for fraternities. Only recently did the fraternity re-establish itself in Dartmouth after an appeal.

More recently, despite the Zeta Psi’s claim of zero tolerance for hazing, the University of Virginia’s Zeta Psi was caught in a controversy in March 2011, where a 19 year old student pledge ended up in intensive care when a sodium overdose caused seizures. The student was dared to drink a bottle of soy sauce as part of his ‘initiation’.

Brian*, who is close to members of the Trinity group told us, “they have set up a Facebook page that weighs and measures men around campus. They post photos, and discuss their personalities – if they are good-looking enough, rich enough, enough craic.”

Members also have to contribute financially on a regular basis to a house they may or may not live in, as Mathew told us, “There would be a frat base. Each of the members would contribute around 50 euro a month towards the fraternity and some of that would go towards paying the rent on the base.”

Matthew refused his offer saying, “it just isn’t me. Also, I wouldn’t claim to be in the same league financially as some of the guys involved and I felt like there would have been pressure from the group to keep up”.

The fraternity hopes to be set up for its first “rush season” recruiting “pledges” at the start of the next academic year in September. It reportedly will inhabit a house in Dublin to base itself in. If all goes ahead it will be the first of its kind ever to reach Ireland which has been described by Zeta Psi as “revolutionary”.

If the fraternity was to be set up as a society, however, its exclusivity would be against Trinity’s regulations. Chair of the Central Societies Committee Rob Farhat said: “There is no way we or the college could recognise such a society. We only support societies that are open to everybody and do not support societies that are exclusive. If they want to do things on campus and or call themselves the Trinity “fraternity” they would have to be recognised by us or some other official body like the SU, GSU, DUCAC and Publications. Then there’s the odd exception by academic circles. Seeing as they wouldn’t get recognition from us and wouldn’t fit in elsewhere, if they are to establish themselves as a Trinity “fraternity” they would have to come to us. If they did, we wouldn’t recognise them. If they are trying to act as a Trinity branch then they are doing so without recognition and this is illegal under college regulations.”

SU President Ryan Bartlett commented: “I’ve never seen the need or reason why it would start in Trinity. The sorority or fraternity system seems to operate in some America universities quite well without controversy but in others it doesn’t and has a stigma. It would be a concern if it damages the things we already have. Right now, I don’t see how it fits in, I don’t see the benefit it brings.”

“Personally, I hope that it wouldn’t make any difference. What happens to it we can’t tell thus far, there are too many variables. However, I imagine it will come up in SU council meeting and will be discussed. It would be down to the student consensus ultimately and the SU response would be a case of responding to feedback.”

When first contacted by UT Jack O’Connor denied any existence of the group. Replying to a question that did not make reference to Zeta Psi or America he said, “there is no fraternity. There are no links with America”.

UT has, however, received an e-mail claiming to be a press release from Dave Hunter of Zeta Psi. It stated, “Zeta Psi Fraternity is establishing a chapter in Dublin, Ireland this week with a chartering banquet on Saturday February 25, 2012. The new Theta Omicron Chapter will be the first chapter of a fraternity in Ireland and the 43rd active chapter of Zeta Psi. Information on Zeta Psi and its mission can be found at its website www.zetapsi.org.”

It is unclear whether Trinity’s fraternity intend to use the college’s name or any of its copyrighted imagery or whether Zeta Psi are aware of the lack of official status apparently afforded to the group in the college.

UPDATEA source from within the fraternity has said neither David Whelan nor Jack Cantillon are currently involved in the fraternity. The source reports that both were involved, on the fraternity’s Facebook group, which Dave Whelan has admitted. Whelan says he removed himself from the group because he had political ambitions. Neither have been initiated (no one has been, as the fraternity has yet to be recognised officially by its parent organisation, Zeta Psi). Both Whelan and Cantillon said that they find the idea of a fraternity sexist and elitist and that they would not have anything to do with it. The University Times would like to apologise to David Whelan and Jack Cantillon for inaccurately reporting that they are currently members of this fraternity.

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  • Murphy

    Whelan and Cantillon claim they would never be involved in something so elitest or sexist. However if this was they case why did they ever have any involvement. It’s clearly a case of wanting to distance themselves from the scandal. Anyone running for an SU position should never have been involved in anything so corrupt.

    • Charly

      I’d be interested for them to outline exactly what involvement they had, and then leave that bit to rest so we can focus on stopping frat culture taking hold in Ireland.

  • Zbigniew

    Oh so now all the comments have been deleted as Whelan and Cantillon are “not longer” members. Surely this is how Cronyism works. Connections made, Jobs for the lads.

    77 people are still coming to Dublin tomorrow and getting a tour of trinity before inaugurating an elitist and discriminatory organisation. Both of them had a part in the creation of that. They’re accountable for that.

    • Stephanie Fleming

      Having come onto the UT website just when the update was being put on I’m fairly sure that the comments weren’t deleted. What happened was they created a new link with the entire text of the article and the update, and deleted the old article entirely, sadly with the comments that went along with it. I imagine in their haste to retract what were some very weighty allegations.

      And if it was cronyism do you think they would have printed the article in the first place?!

      • Stephanie Fleming

        Just to clarify, what I saw at the time that I arrived on the ut homepage was a mass of weirdly formatted glitchy links, and two links for this article. One which had zero comments and one which had twenty something comments. That’s why I’ve drawn the above conclusion.

        • Zbigniew

          Sorry I wasn’t clear there/was ranting.

          I’m disappointed that the edit meant a good discussion about the fratenity is gone. And that the discussion has moved from what’s actually happening to two people’s involvement.

          I DONT think that implies any cronyism between whelan/Cantillon and the UT at all.

          I was referring to the link between them being members of the frat and then leaving and running a campaign for ents. They haven’t denied that they were members, thus they supported the frat up to a point(hence the accountability) This is exactly the model of student politics we want to avoid.

          And it’s clearly something that frat purports: http://www.zetepac.org/ Since its (obviously) secretive why wouldn’t they do this at student level as well, they do it in the US. In fairness I may be paranoid in not taking the lads claim at face value(that they’re appalled at the sexism and so on) but they shouldn’t have been members or done that Calendar shoot.

          And if the Fraternity is now acting as a source for the UT to validate Whelan/Cantillon’s claim surely they should come out of the shadows and be accountable to the student body.

          • Stephanie Fleming

            Fair point.

  • Nah You’re Grand

    Is this a laughing stock yet?

    • Wake up

      This has only just begun.
      Don’t think that just because Whelan and Cantillon got off on a technicality they still dont have to answer for their pre-election involvement.
      That Cancer Soc photo was no coincidence.
      Oh and then theres the small issue of fraternity culture coming to Ireland and potentially changing the face of Trinity’s social scene…
      Who will be laughing next year when this elitist fraternity have gained a monopoly on college politics and society positions?

  • Charlotte

    Actually, MOST of the comments have been deleted – I read this article around 7pm, as soon as it was out on the UT, and there were a LOT of comments. Obviously someone (probably someone friends with Whelan on the UT) got them deleted… nonetheless,everyone knows about their silly fraternity, and how pathetic it is. No doubt my comment will be deleted within 2 hours or so!

  • JD

    “The source reports that both were involved, on the fraternity’s Facebook group, which Dave Whelan has admitted. Whelan says he removed himself from the group because he had political ambitions.”

    “Both Whelan and Cantillon said that they find the idea of a fraternity sexist and elitist and that they would not have anything to do with it.”

    Agree that it seems like they are just distancing themselves… understandable as Whelan especially has alot to lose. However if they really found it so sexist and elitist why would they have involved themselves in the first place? Either they cannot stand up for what they believe in or are just saying that for damage control. Or at best they simply have bad judgement which in itself is a worry considering their positions of power!

    If this idea didn’t receive such a negative response the first time around and was supported or embraced would they have still condemned it as sexist etc? I cannot help but be skeptical of that.

    Also on facebook in the comments section under the update people have been giving the UT a right bollocking, esp Cantillon. Their early involvement (admitted to above by Whelan at least) means they obviously had a hand in their own fate. Ok so they were wrongly reported to be CURRENTLY members but that doesnt negate the fact that they WERE involved at some stage and by the sounds of it no one is a member yet as it hasnt yet been set up.

    I think this whole situation still needs some clarifying and acceptance of responsibility. The people who voted for Whelan are at least owed that.

    • Angela Byrne

      Whelan and Cantillon are completely over-reacting and their followers are detracting attention from the story as a whole.

      In my opinion, Whelan’s thin argument that he got involved out of ‘curiosity’ and didn’t really know what it was about exhibits crowd-following traits that I am not proud of having in my ENTS officer.

      As for Jack Cantillon, calm down and calm your BESS-head/ team England cronies down please. You were disentangled from this almost immediately. The story, without you, still stands.

  • Saoirse R

    David Whelan and Jack Cantillon still have nothing to be proud of.

    Jacks response to the article on Facebook was immature at best.

    I believe that Whelan should do an official interview detailing all his past involvements with the group. If all is as it seems he should have nothing to hide.
    He has a duty to the, albeit small, mandate that voted him into his position of power.

  • Mark

    Can the UT get some response from those touring the campus tomorrow. That guy Lauck Walton tweeted – “perfect day in Dublin in 3 weeks. campus tour, Jameson distillery tour, Guinness tour, followed by night out. There will be stories.”
    Do they know anything about the atmosphere of our university or even care? It seems they are just interested in furthering the interests of their organisation as power is what they thrive on, judging by the impressive list of men in powerful political positions in the US on their website.

    As already said under the first article we already have open societies etc. already doing everything these people claim to do! A fraternity will not benefit the students of TCD (bar those apparently important enough who happen to be born with a penis!) or most importantly the atmosphere. We get enough abuse from other colleges and dont need to make it harder on ourselves!! Such a bad idea!

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  • LC

    Should we really criticise David and Jack for taking a stance against their fellow frat members (who are probably their friends)and leaving? It takes guts to stand up for what you believe in and having the courage to go against the opinions of your peers. I do however deplore the current members of the fraternity. For years Trinity has been striving to rid itself of it’s elitist persona but this shows us taking a step back. However, fair play to Whelan/Cantillon for coming to their senses and leaving.

    • Sarah

      I don’t know about this.

      Whelan reportedly left because of his political ambitions. Does this mean he would have stayed otherwise?

      As for Cantillon, he may no longer be involved in the juvenile fraternity plan, but he once was, and his reaction on Facebook show that his attitude is clearly still juvenile.

    • blood is thicker than water…

      with initials like that one could hazard a guess that you might be a member of the cantillon clan!!


  • What to believe?

    The UT has become a joke this year, maybe think twice before defaming peoples names. This whole story is in doubt now. Who are your sources and how can we believe what your saying when the open lines were a complete lie?

    • R

      The opening lines were not a ‘complete lie’, the two WERE at one stage involved in the fraternity plans, and let us not forget that.

      This mistake was corrected quickly and publicly after the article was published.

      The rest of the story is not in doubt, the links to the twitter feed, supporting photos and Jack O’Connor’s responses are all backing it up at this point.

  • Jack

    Did Jack Cantillon and David Whelan happen to realise that it was both “sexist and elitest” at the same time they started their Ents campaign? Odd how these coincidences happen. Would be interesting to see what principples they had if there was no Union spot up for grabs…

  • R
  • Samuel Verbi

    Pretty sure Dominic Gallagher is NOT the captain of Trinity’s Rugby Team. He is however… and I quote… “the face of Trinity Rugby” (Gallagher, 2012:1)

  • Shane Jennings

    However wrong the two reporters, honest, mistake was it pales in comparison to the scale of the act committed by Whelan and Cantillon.

    I am outraged at his blatant arrogance and disappointed by the attitude shown by Cantillon on the facebook release of the news.
    Instead of acting like a normal person should when they escape a crime like this on a mere technicality Cantillon showed the arrogance which makes a mockery of the two reporters who’d made an honest attempt to get to the bottom of this pit of corruption.

    I am sure this is not the last we will hear of this and I encourage all staff writers to get involved in revealing all that is involved.

    I would also like to add my voice to those who have called for whelan and cantillon to do face to face interviews where they reveal the scale of ALL of their involvements with the frats.

  • Darragh

    I’m honestly struggling to see the problem. This is people trying to organize something that happens naturally on campus anyway. At least this way there is a bit of a moral compass.I can understand peoples problem with elitism but is there really something wrong with striving to be elite?

    • Dean

      I completely agree,

      where is the evidence that the members are elitist ? From what I can see, this is just a group of lads who are setting up a social society to have fun together and do the odd bit of charity work for the cancer soc. Harmless.

      I see no negative effects to a fraternity, its apparently been here for a while and hasnt hurt anyone and unless there is solid evidence that this is something negative I think we should just sit back and see how it goes?

      • Max

        The evidence is every other chapter of the organisation… Powerful, rich, restricted to males who are already financially privileged. Unfortunately, as the alumni of the organisation show, it does help to produce inordinately powerful people, and since this is based not on anything but the social advantage of already wealthy white males, it helps to perpetuate gender, racial and social inequality.

        Evidence wouldn’t suggest much of a moral compass at all – as the article says – despite a no hazing policy, it’s a massive feature of the “Greek system”. Aside from being dangerous, its a demonstration of how the organisations member revel in lauding their false superiority over aspiring students. Lots of fraternities also become embroiled in sex scandal, like the one mentioned in the article, as well as rape… A pretty inevitable result of their machoistic culture in which holding power over others is the order of the day.

        • Dean

          Do you know who the members of the Irish chapter are like this ? are they all rich, white and powerful? seriously, no one knows the story yet, Im not saying it is a good idea, nor am i saying its a bad idea, im just saying none of us can actually know what the one over here is like and maybe you should give it a shot ?

          • Stephanie Fleming

            I know what the KKK over there is like, that doesn’t mean I’m willing to give them a shot here on the basis that they ‘might’ be different. Aside from anything else they’ve made it quite clear that it is literally a boys’ club. Flies in the face of all equality rules in force in Trinity. Entirely excluding women (who make up over half the student body) is ridiculous and simply will not be allowed.

        • Max

          I’m actually replying to this as a member of Zeta Psi from Canada.

          You’re claiming that we’re racist and produces nothing but “rich white males”, but that’s simply not true.

          I just came back from our convention in San Francisco and saw that our organization was made of a brilliant array of different men: black, white, Asian, Jewish, Catholic, Islam, Buddhist, gay, straight, etc.
          Some chapters of Zeta Psi actually have whites being the minority with African-Americans and Hispanics as the majority.

          Think before you start talking about things you know nothing about.
          Just because you aren’t good enough to receive a bid doesn’t mean that any of the things you just said are true, it just means that we’re picky. Call us elitist, but we want the best of the best in our society. Wouldn’t you?

  • AB

    I personally am interested in the use of the word ‘currently’ in the update of this article. Were David Whelan and Jack Cantillon ever involved in this fraternity? It’s one thing denouncing this fraternity as a sexist and elitist organisation now when this is a controversy, does the word currently suggest that they were past members? Being involved in something as ridiculous as this and then pulling out due to ‘political ambitions’ suggests they didn’t want to get caught out. A very political move indeed. I’d love to know what they both have to say on this, did they both originally support this or not? I don’t think this was intended to be a personal vendetta, what’s been highlighted is the problems a fraternity like this would present to Trinity. It’s a sexist, elitist and illegal concept and those involved should be held accountable.

    • Nathan

      Well they can’t really claim no involvement, given that there’s photo evidence via the CancerSoc Calender’s photo “all shall soon be revealed” that Whealan and Cantillon were both involved, and presumably quite intrinsically. Definitely given Whealan’s plans to run for Ents officer that was a foolish move to decide to play toy soldiers in an elitist, male dominated and secret society. We should definitely question the distance they claim is now between them and the “Frat” and questions such as “Did this society support Whealan’s campaign, and in what way?” should be answered, given that Whealan is supposed to represent the full student body in a transparent way

  • The Dynasty started years ago

    Guys wake up and smell the coffee. These so called dynasties started years ago. Look at the succession of Ents officers (bar Nick Longworth and CO’C) anyone see a connection there????? Think it was called Ed Corp back in the day and a certain Ents candidate last year was a well known supporter of this. Also if you look at the current heads of some of the colleges top societies (Dubes, Law, Student management fund, Ski Club and Ents) they’re all very close friends and this is no coincidence is it?

    You can’t stop this now guys!

    • Dean

      Wheres your proof that the “dynasty” so you all call it has been around for years or that the fraternity is linked to ents ?

      innocent till proven guilty

    • Elaine McDaid

      Well done you, for making scurrilous anonymous accusations from behind your keyboard. Did you ever consider that these people have the same interests, aspirations and lifestyles, and are *shock horror* real friends?! Or are you too swallowed up in bitter resentment at your obvious lack of balls to realise that real friendships exist?

    • Darragh Genockey

      “The Dynasty started years ago
      February 25, 2012 at 4:17 am”

      4:17am? You sad bastard.

      • Jack

        Ah that’s lovely you two. Real friendships are not ones based around aims to reach some sort of social platform or political goal. Pull your heads out of eachother’s arses and realise that the vast majority of Trinity students don’t care for you (the SU) because you have “real friends”, they resent you for your incredible delusions of self-importance and the falesness of your politically motivated act. They resent you becasue you present this as if that’s what we should aim for in our social lives, making friends based on how far they can get us and not who we genuinely click with. But hey, enjoy your fantasy. Just don’t expect us to play along.

  • Cara

    Excellent point, Dean. All females Trinity, and everywhere, should just ‘sit back and see how it goes’.

    • Dean

      Sorry Cara, I didnt mean it like that. All I meant was that it might not be as negative as everyone thinks.

      With regards the sexist accusation, just as there is a girls rugby team and a boys rugby team, there are female versions of fraternities, sororities. There are also other all male societies in college that are not criticised for this.

      My point is very passive, Im on the fence about the frat, but I just think we should all, give it a chance.

      • DW

        Right, a girls rugby team who are only allowed to play on the college pitch once a term, and gets consistently pushed off the pitch while ‘more important’ male teams train.
        The same attitude applies to the womens cricket team and other female teams- no funding and no support.
        But I acknowledge your point, at least the teams exist.

        However, while private (or not-so-secret) drinking clubs have every right to select their members on whatever basis they please (whether it be gender, intelligence, or wealth) you cannot extend this same privilege to something which is supposedly recognised and advocated by the college.

        If this “fraternity” is neither a society nor a sports club, under what aegis can it operate?

        I have no problem with these boys forming their own private band of merrymen- but I do resent the idea that they might try and coerce college into collaberating with them, furthering our image of exclusivity and giving the impression that we support another way of pushing girls off the pitch, and into the sidelines.

      • disappointed

        Sorry Dean but I think if you knew even a small bit about fraternities you wouldn’t be making lazy and -in your own words- ”passive” comments about giving this disgusting system ”a chance”in the university we all worked hard to get in to.
        I would like to think that if you knew how these societies promote corruption and nepotism through a sexist lens that you would not be so casually complacent about the gravity of this. Unfortunately I can’t think of an excuse for your comparison between an ”all male society” and an ”all male rugby team”. Perhaps you have failed to recognize that we have certain sports teams separate because men and women are anatomically different and require opponents of equal physicality. This separation does not and should not extend to societies where our intellect, not our physical prowess, is measured. We hope to think we have established both sexes are of equal intellect, therefore your point comparing ”all male societies” to ”all male rugby teams” is void.
        I fear the rise of Fraternities in Ireland because what starts as a loutish drinking society in college becomes an impenetrable circle, that for women and other men shuts many doors in politics and careers after and throughout college.

        • Dean

          Then what about the all male “dining societies” already in trinity ?

          • kevin H

            There isn’t an official ”dining club for men” in trinity… and even if there are casual groups of guys in trinity that hang out like elitist idiots its not like they are accepting money or assistance from a huge organization like zeta psi. On seeing the evidence supporting the article – the facebook picture of yer man outside the american frat house- and the twitter tweets from these sad american frat guys- there is much to be worried about. They are accepting funding for this idiocy,its actually a real threat, and one we have a responsibility to stop.

  • John

    By comparing it to the rumours you hear about American fraternities then you are saying that people should believe rumours from papers, and in that case the acts done on the ski trip must reflect all of us in trinity. What proof is there that they are rich at all? By stereotyping and putting all of these massive assumptions in your are creating a story. The story that you are creating is the one that people will believe when reading this. If they aren’t affiliated with trinity then there is nothing in college that says this is illegal. Why dont we ask the cancer soc exactly what they did? These article is dangerous hearsay and nothing more. How many people in college are already affiliated with societies outside campus and how would that be any different?

  • Sam

    Jack’s opportunity to not look like a dick was spoiled when ungraciously left the comment underneath the apology.

    As for these ‘boys networks’, need I say more than ‘Cabbage’?

    The same crew that are rallying around Cantillon now were the ones pushing Cabbage for the win.

    Yes, we might not see this sort of thing in the UT next year, but it will be because friends don’t tell on friends.

    The Ski-Trip story controversy before the election is coming back to mind again…

    • KR

      Although Cantillon may have over reacted in his reply to the apology, I for one, in the heat of the moment, would have done something similar. After all a man is only ever as good as his reputation. Although Cantillon and Whelan took it upon themselves to leave the society they will forever be linked to the group as a result of bad journalism on the UT’s behalf. Had the facts been determined before publication Cantillon would never have needed to react.

    • Chap

      Oh come on Tom Lowe get real, stop being so fucking paranoid.

      • Tom Lowe


  • Claire

    Its no big secret which students were involved in setting this up or who had become members….It has hardly been discrete looking at certain people facebooks for months back there’s been plans for this, judging by those who liked certain stasus’ or commented under them its quite easy to tell who was involved. I heard about quite a while ago and thought it was a terrible idea that I hoped would never get off the ground.

  • Casual Observer

    It seems that the people getting their knickers in a twist over this are all part of the same clique already.

    A certain hist member is going a bit ott to slander the UT, presumably so that people will disbelieve previous allegations. Also, seems to be friends with the dubes heads.

    Get over it.

    • Ann

      What does that have to do with dubes or two guys involved in ents pulling out of what can only be described as an “Lads club for idiots”?

    • Eanna

      Actually she’s phil.. and yeah had it in for the UT since the trouble over that other article that exposed her.

  • Anonymous

    David Whelan should have known not to join such an organization if he had any intention of becoming a sabbatical officer. He’s pictured in the Cancer Soc. Naked Calendar with a ‘Zeta Psi’ coffee mug sitting on the shelf above his head, along with Jack Cantillon.
    I’m not stupid enough to believe they had little or no involvement in the fraternity. Now that Whelan is the Ents officer though, it looks like he’s running scared with his tails between his legs. Idiot! I should have voted RON.

    Kudos to Lavin and Gregan for their writing, they clearly understood the gravity of the situation before Whelan or Cantillon ever did.

    • I agree.

      I am glad you said it. They clearly had an involvement at some stage, involved enough to agree to be photographed.

      People are touting their leaving of the frat as a ‘sign of strength’, where really it was just weakness and their fear of being discovered that motivated their leaving.

  • Seosamh Ó Cinnéide

    Robert Farhat’s comment in the original version of this article:
    “I’d just like to clarify some of my comments on how the CSC would deal with something like this if it came to us. Any Trinity-based student body has to fall under the umbrella of one of the 5 capitated bodies – being the SU, GSU, CSC, DUCAC, and Publications – except for the odd exception that academic departments set up. Otherwise they cannot use the words “Trinity” “TCD” or “Dublin University”, etc. in their name, and they cannot book rooms, hold events, or advertise on campus – basically they cannot function as a “Trinity” entity. These are college rules, not CSC’s, but the main reasoning behind it is that if a student body messes up in some way, either financially or otherwise, they can be held accountable to college.
    If a group such as this were to come to CSC, there is no way we would even consider recognising it. Societies must be all-inclusive and open to anyone to join, without having to perform any sort of circus acts or be of a certain gender. Furthermore, they have to have to have a clear and common aim/objective, not just be a general group of supposedly “important” people. Similarly, the SU, by definition, is meant to be all-inclusive, so I don’t see how it could fall under the its remit. And it obviously wouldn’t fit into the GSU, DUCAC, or Publications (though I’d like to see it try). So I don’t see how it could gain any official recognition in college.
    Furthermore, on a personal level, while I don’t know any of the details of the proposed “Theta Omicron”, I’d like to express my absolute opposition to any fraternity-type of group forming in Trinity, or in any Irish university for that matter. Societies, and any kind of organised group of people in general, can have an unfortunate (and usually unintentional, though sometimes not) tendency towards forming cliques. When this happens, it can benefit the “insiders”, both socially and in terms of gaining positions of power, while “outsiders” are marginalised. Who winds up being said insiders or outsiders tends to be based on completely arbitrary or trivial factors such as connections, looks, wealth and other such unimportant things. In the case of student societies or clubs, it can result in perfectly talented or smart individuals being shut out of any kind of serious involvement purely because they’re not friends with the right people. When a clique like this forms, it takes a lot of work against the tide to break it down.
    What I’ve described is where a clique or an “insider culture” forms naturally, but if the proposed “Theta Omicron”is to be anything like the American equivalent, it would institutionalise such a culture, its aim would be to breed this culture. What good would it serve? The only people it would benefit would be its members, who might somehow convince themselves of a greater sense of importance. But it would be to the detriment of others, as especially in a college as small as Trinity, it could create a clear social divide between the supposedly “important” insiders, and those outside, purely based on completely trivial factors that I’ve mentioned above.
    From what I know of them personally the guys behind the group are perfectly sound lads, but who is anyone in Trinity to decide that they are “important” enough to decide who else is “important”? What gives anyone that right? And why only men? And I’m completely ignoring some of the isolated scandalous incidents that tend come about from these type of groups in the States, which in my opinion are nothing compared to the social divide that they create in American universities’ student culture.
    I’m extremely proud that there is no student group in Trinity that isn’t open to everyone. It means that anyone who has a talent or a good idea has the opportunity to make their mark, regardless of who they know.
    In other words, this is bullshit. I hope everyone agrees.”

    • Rob Farhat

      Thanks for reposting that Seosamh. I apologised to the 2 lads who were wrongly implicated in case I caused any personal offence, and I want to be clear that the comment describes the CSC’s and my positions on the idea of a fraternity in principle, not this particular case. I stand by it, but given how little fact-checking was done has become evident, I wasn’t going to repost the comment as it is essentially a response to an article whose accuracy I can’t be sure about.

      I’m disappointed to say the least that the University Times has once again prioritised running a supposedly good story ahead of getting the facts straight, and have unfairly damaged the reputations of some Trinity students in the process. It’s not the first time it’s happened this year – the most obvious other case being the article on the Hist early in the year which was mostly a work of fiction – and much of the time these inaccuracies could be avoided by simply seeking a comment or clarification from the people involved. Even when an apology or clarification from the paper is made, it cannot fully undo the unnecessary damage to the person’s reputation.

      It’s especially disappointing when much of the paper’s core reporting (i.e. on student politics, fees, etc.) is of a pretty high standard. Graham Murtagh’s comment on the Facebook encapsulates how unnecessary articles like this are: “This is a free-sheet newspaper, at the end of the day, and while scandal increases sales, it’s frankly unnecessary in TCD since the paper is not depending on sales.” At the end of the day your duty is reporting news accurately, not providing entertaining stories at the expense of some prominent Trinity students’ reputations.

      • Ciarán

        The worst thing that the UT did was put Farhat as number one in the power list. The man doesn’t need another ego boost.

        • ptwomey

          Wow, someone’s bitter.

      • Seosamh Ó Cinnéide

        Yeah, I just thought the point that there can’t be a fraternity affiliated to the college was important to preserve.

      • Rob Farhat

        Sincerest apologies to the University Times, the information that has now come out has obviously invalidated my criticism of this article, and has made my criticism of their coverage of this type of story in general this year rather unfair.

        Now we can revert to being outraged by the fraternity, excellent.

  • Andrew

    To the lads that got involved: HAVE YE ANY IDEA OF THE SCALE OF THIS? In bringing Zeta Psi to Ireland ye have sworn oaths that ye will be forced to keep for the rest of your lives.
    These bonds survive long after you graduate and sure, it may sound nice now.. free beer.. lots of money thrown around… but it can get SO out of hand.

    In america, where my dad is from, your chances of getting a job post-university are DIRECTLY influenced by the fraternity you signed up to as somebody of 18 years..


    This form of cronyism should not exist in Ireland. PLEASE, do not start it.

    I’d like to know the legality of their claim. To be known as a fraternity, does it need to have college status?

    Can I formally ask for this matter to come before SU council? If so, how do I do it? Can we propose a boycott of this group? Or a petition to get it stopped? If we get enough signatures and show Zeta Psi that there is NO backing for it on campus, maybe they will pull out..
    I’m telling ye lads, it’s only a matter of time before like-minded lads set up a rivaling one and the inclusive nature of college in ireland is ruined forever…

  • Shane

    Haters gonna hate. Steph, your opinions are painful to read.

    • C

      What a pointless contribution, even moreso considering you stayed up till 3am to make it. Ah well, tis always interesting to see when this is used so amateurishly http://www.derailingfordummies.com/

    • Stephanie Fleming

      Marvellous, then my comments have had the desired effect on people like yourself.

  • C.M.

    Having a single fraternity in Trinity would serve no purpose other than giving these knobs a power trip. Greek life is all about the competition between several fraternities – in exams, in sports, in philanthropy, and in throwing the best parties – not about making a single group of individuals feel important.

    Furthermore, a fraternity wouldn’t work in a city location. Might be better suited to UCD as no frat party would likely last more than half an hour anywhere within reach of Trinity.

    • B.D.

      So what you would prefer is more Fraternities? which I personally would consider cool. But you do realise they do not all congregate together and decide on what to do, more could come.

  • thebee

    reporters are the biggest idiots in student journalism.. You should be ashamed of yourselves for ruining peoples images and not even asking the fraternity for a statement. These guys aren’t rich or powerhungry, there’s ambitious which is commendable. Can men Join the womens boat club or camogie team? (sorry to Just pick those two and apologies if men can join but Just trying to make the point that there are lots of groups men can’t join and vice versa). Fair play to the lads. Can i join?

    • campbecl

      Er.. they asked its head, Jack O’Connor, who “denied any existence of the group”. What else do you want them to do?
      Both men and women join the same boat club and the same GAA club and compete separately. The point you are trying to make is absurd – sports team compete separately for blatantly obvious reasons. Are you suggesting that the Hist and the Phil revert to being male-only societies?

    • Max

      You’re an idiot!

    • Rob

      Reporters in student journalism are novices. Its a free college paper not experienced national media journalists, (and the UT!) what did you expect? I am glad they brought this to the fore, fair F***s to the reporters. Takes balls to run a story against this circle of power hungry self proclaimed ”ledges”. Lets not pretend we don’t all who they are, it’s not exactly a secret. They try to be intimidating and the string of abusive facebook comments on the UT facebook is horrendous bullying behaviour. That the two guys tried to worm their way out being associated with this now unpopular group is a weak attempt to disassociate themselves from bad press. Everyone knew who was in the dynasty, someone just put it on paper.

    • Jack

      ”reporters are the biggest idiots in student journalism..”

      Well done on that contribution.

  • Seabass

    Typical moronism on the comments here.
    Morons, here are the facts: you live in a society which is geared towards the dominance of a few powerful (wealthy) males at the expense of all others. This fraternity shit is just another example of this, another way of creating neo-liberal zombies that are only interested in how to make more money and have no thoughts of their own.
    The only good thing about these kind of societies is the thought that maybe one day, sensible people will get together, round up all the members of these societies, and throw them off the Cliffs of Moher.

    Here is a song all about these morons – a solution was suggested as long ago as 1980:


  • Seabass

    “You’re a star-belly sneech
    You suck like a leach
    You want everyone to act like you
    Kiss ass while you bitch
    So you can get rich
    But your boss gets richer off you”

  • Austin

    Looks like the fraternity has become official in Ireland.
    “Zeta Psi
    Zeta Psi is a social college fraternity at approximately 50 schools in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland”

  • Rupert
  • JD

    Come on bit of collective action now people!!

    It looks like this pathetic, juvenile, self serving shite is going to go ahead despite the objection of the majority of students expressed under this article and the previous one over the past few days… not to mention on the memes page!
    Their stupidity was initially humorous but now its worrying.
    Yes Whelan and Cantillon are idiots but we cant forget the core problem here.


  • JL

    Funny how a lot of those involved, especially those defending the frat, have connections to Midnight Events.

  • Carla

    I’m really sorry but I have very little sympathy for Jack Cantillon and David Whelan. They didn’t accidently strip off as part of the Frat for the naked calendar. They knew exactly what the Frat was about then and both gained publicity for their respective campaigns from it. To some they’re considered “influential characters” on colleges, and to others they’re of course just twatty lads, but they legitimised the group by being part of it at all and approving of it from the start.
    I’d love to know how long they were involved before they had that epiphany that “the idea of a fraternity sexist and elitist and that they would not have anything to do with it”. This is just an example of them trying to have it both ways: making it very obvious that they were up to the Frat’s manly standards but ya know gender equality’s totally legit too. Don’t join up to elitist, sexist groups in the first place and don’t have values and morals that seem to change according to the UT article de jour.

  • Jen

    I had never heard of this ”fraternity” until I heard about this article. I saw their picture in the naked calendar. When I looked at that pic in the naked calendar again, it’s actually scary. All that Frat boy clique are all in a picture in the naked calendar together with ”all will be revealed” in the caption and a zeta psi fraternity cup in the backround… also the lads in that picture are all wearin stuff that symbolizes their influence in college, eg rugby guy with rugby ball, jcr halls guy wearing jcr hat, american football guy in his gear…… and our ents officer is wearing a club vip wristband.. this was before he ran for ents. Like what was he doing in the photo with the necessary props to symbolize his future position of power? And what proof do we have he pulled out of this frat group? there’s no evidence he has, he could just be disassociating himself because of the backlash against it!

    • JT

      Scary? Elaborate.

  • Michael Higgins

    Jesus tonight! Give the lads a break and get a life!

  • Sarah

    Does anyone have a copy of the naked calendar? It’d be great for someone to upload a scan of the photo in question.

  • Stephanie Fleming

    Has UT asked for a statement from college on this? Because if Zeta Psi are actually claiming presence in an Irish school, and they’re referring to Trinity, there are serious issues there. I’m quite confident Trinity will have nothing to do with them but it’s an important statement to get, especially as people seem to be convinced (and also angered) that it’s going to go ahead.

    Seriously folks, this is a non-starter. The fraternity is wildly delusional to think it can have any public ties with Trinity.

    • Cara

      Stephanie, go for it whether UT has or not!

    • C.M.

      Agreed. Are the C.S.C going to tackle this or is it up to the junior dean to make an enquiry?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WibmcsEGLKo Mark

    This whole thing is all about ego trips, accumulating power and influence, greed (if u want to be a philanthropist go join VDP/Cancer Soc), cronyism. They value wealth, popularity, womanising, drinking, and just being all round legends on campus! Membership is for life. Later jobs are appointed because you are part of the same elite boys club. Its about getting in line. You have a responsibility to support your frat brothers even though they may not be the most talented or deserving.

    This isn’t about perpetuating conspiracies or fear it about what we decide to collectively value.
    What about openness and transparency, equality, inclusion, altruism, freedom of independent thought and action?

    If we let this start now where will it end? Rant over… Chaplin had it right..


  • RH

    This whole drama is cringe worthy. Clearly it’s a bunch of the same group of twats in college trying to boost their egos, it’s embarrassing for the wannabe frat lads involved. It’ll fizzle into nothing but something really needs to be done so we never have this scandal again, the group involved are damn lucky it hasn’t made the headlines and brought disrepute the college.

  • matt

    If you think that a University has the ability to stop students from joining an organization you are wrong. Ireland has a constitution which provides individuals with rights… Including association, assembly and the like. The most the University can do is to prevent the organization from being accepted as a recognized group or association.

    If you think Zeta Psi has not already run into this in other Universities you are kidding yourselves. The battle has been fought and has been won before. Essentially the membership will be comprised of individuals that are attending Trinity, and are male and who are selected by the current membership. There is nothing anybody can do to prevent this.

    • Cara

      Oh, I’m so scared.

      Also, don’t quote our own constitution to us.

    • Seosamh Ó Cinnéide

      Not that ANYONE has said anything about making them illegal but NO the constitution doesn’t provide an absolute right to make any association you want.

      If we’re going to quote the constitution lets actually QUOTE it:
      “6. 1° The State guarantees liberty for the exercise of the following rights, subject to public order and morality:

      iii. The right of the citizens to form associations and unions.
      Laws, however, may be enacted for the regulation and control in the public interest of the exercise of the foregoing right.”

      If the government of the day thought that fraternities were a threat to gender equality then they could probably make it illegal under “morality”. But again that’s just a side point that’s not really relevant, since I doubt many want it to be illegal they just want the people involved to cop on.

      “There is nothing anybody can do to prevent this.”
      It can’t advertise on campus or use Trinity symbols or claim to be associated with Trinity. Also if it wishes to raise money or have membership fees it will have to be tax compliant and will have to investigate what it needs to do to achieve that, if it fails to do that then yes people can report that. If it falls foul of any other laws then it has no protection from the university and as evidenced by this thread enough enemies willing to report the slightest infraction.

      TL;DR: Being an outside organisation greatly complicates things.

      • Sherlock

        See Equality Authority v Portmarnock Golf Club for that, recent case allowing an all male golf club, since it was apparently the “purpose” of the organisation to provide for golf only for men, not to provide golf. An example of genuine sexism.

  • matt
    • C

      I’m confused. Is this sort of group not what DUBES is?

  • MG

    To be honest, this is in a whole different sphere than American fraternities.

    • lul whut

      do explain good sir.

  • Max Sullivan

    Dave Whelan and Jack Cantillon are confirmed members of Theta Omicron. Here’s some photos from the initiation event last weekend. Download the charter to see the names of Trinity members, including: Andrew Nagle, Dominic Gallagher, Pip Blake, Niall Blake-Knox, Jack O’Connor, Cormac McGuinness, Andrew O’Reilly, Lorcan Clarke and many, many more. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337757159600165&set=a.337756992933515.79137.100000976513140&type=1&permPage=1

    • Ed

      Whelan and Cantillon are not members of Theta Omricon. That charter was drawn up prior to those two leaving the group.

  • Jack O’Connor


    Ive been waiting for all this to blow over without making a statement. I am only jumping in briefly to clear some names so do not hastle me for further information.

    This Charter was drawn up months ago, as something this artistically detailed takes time to prepare. Since the names were added the following people have left the fraternity …

    David Wheelan
    Jack Cantillon
    Lorcan Clarke
    Cormac McGuinness
    Patrick Lavelle

    Please refrain from irritating these gents as they are not members of Theta Omicron and have not been for some time.

    (Also this article is ridiculously inaccurate)

    • Jack O’Connor

      Nor is Owen Bennett

  • col

    who is deleting comments from this thread?

  • col

    please do tell as I will be calling into the UT tomorrow to ask anyway…

  • John

    I think its less likely to be a smell of “general extravagance” and more likely to smell of cans of Bavaria and spermicidal lube!

  • freeGaza

    To be fair as long as there is no official link with the college ( only to assuage the fears of those with their knickers in a twist over it) I cant exactly determine why people have a problem with this. A group of like-thinking lads who just want to formalise their clique in some way or whatever. Big fucking deal. Chances are your life will be affected negligibly if at all and I reckon a significant proportion of those complaining are only bitter because they werent invted to the party. Even if you think its fake and gay which is understandable, there is no need to be up in arms over it.

    • lul whut

      you lost yourself in the first sentence love.


  • AB

    Ok, so these guys left the group months ago and had nothing to do with this fraternity, according to you Jack. Please explain, someone, if David Whelan or Jack Cantillon left the fraternity months ago, why did they pose in the naked calendar like they did? Or even as one of them claimed, how was it that they went along to the naked calendar photo shoot but were unaware of what was really going on? I’m going to make a mad assumption here and say that Cantillon and Whelan were members of the group from the outset right up untill the naked calendar event. If this is true, then they knew perfectly well what was going on- and they’ve lied. Why have they still not accounted for themselves?! UT- interview them? I’d love to know what ridiculous excuse they’ll make up this time.

    • John

      Why don’t you ask the naked calendar why they were in the photo? While your at it ask them which of the groups in the photo actually did charity work with them, and ask them who went to the all of there events and raised money outside those events. The Fraternity has no affiliation with Trinity. Its a mixed bunch of people from many different economic and ethnic backgrounds who get together and do charity work.

      Although students from Trinity might be in it, thats as far as it goes with regards affiliation with the College.

      • michael

        ”The fraternity is a mixed bunch of people” – more like mixed up and delusional I’d say!! so pathetic.

  • JT

    I am not a member of any fraternity despite having studied at a U.S. University. Experiencing it first hand, I don’t understand why is there such an uproar about Greek life coming to Trinity? Fraternities and sororities get such bad press when in reality they are voluntary organisations based upon close friendship, disciplined living and philanthropic activities. Of course there are horror stories about hazing etc but most fraternities are heavily regulated and risk being struck off for that sort of behavior.
    People here seem to get hung up on the idea of membership being exclusive. The same can be said for existing society committees- you seek membership through nomination and existing members vote you in (or not).

    • Charly

      Anyone can be a member of any society in Trinity. Any member of a society can run for committee positions. We have philanthropic societies here. This frat only exists to promote cronyism.

      • Sherlock

        @Charly. How exactly do you know this fraternity was only set up to promote cronyism?

      • JT

        Anyone can apply to rush with a particular fraternity :/
        People should actually inform themselves about how the greek system works before getting all up in arms about something they dont understand.

  • Peter

    What about the Knights and the Hereans, how much do we know about them? Are they not ‘sexist’? They are also fully recognized by DUCAC?

  • CH

    I’m forming my own Frat. Who’s in?

    • lul whut

      I’ve made one too..
      xept it’s so exclusive that i’m the only one who knows about it.

      • ciaran

        Lol let the frat jokes begin!!!

  • Seabass

    I think it’s pretty cool that these lads want to bring Greek life to Ireland. I mean, just like them, I am all in favour of lads riding the shit out of each other to show how much they will support their own people, whether it is in their secret club or not. Although in fairness, I don’t really know why they don’t just join Q-Soc, it’s clearly what they are aiming to emulate, right?

    • Shane Kane


  • A M

    Disgusted to see this kind of thing in my university, mostly comprised of lovely people who value things other then being total focking legends with access to daddy’s yacht. Considering it is comprised mostly Team England and their Irish hangers on, I am not entirely surprised. I would hope that the elect SU officers resign, or that there is sufficient outcry for them to do so – I don’t think any of us agree with the values of this “fraternity”. The idea that its about philanthropy is laughable, and we all know that. Down with this sort of elitist shite! We’ve a bad enough name as it is! Just wait till it hits the papers.

    • JT

      Everything you have said is uninformed and speculative. Fraternities and sororities are organisations entirely based on value systems. People join them for self improvement and to give back to society. A huge of money for charity is raised every year by fraternities.

      • ciaran

        Hmmm giving back to society by marginalizing yourself into an elitist group that automatically forbids half of society (women) to join? Its based on value systems, you say? ah yes. Sexist values.
        If fraternities are about giving back to society why is it no one can join? Are only a select few worthy of improving society?
        Fraternities are about self improvement? promotion of loutish behaviour, insular socialising and group pressured drinking? strange self improvement plan you have there.

      • enough of thaaa

        Enough of the crap.. NONE of those lads got involved to raise money for charity..
        they got involved for personal gain and the presitgue of being picked for such an elitist group

        there’s nothing too wrong about that but I JUST WISH THEYD SHUT UP AND ADMIT IT.

  • Disapointed

    Not going to lie im only disapointed because i didn’t get an invite

    imagine the contacts

  • Fsake!!!

    Cheers for not putting my comment so what happened to free speech? Censorship? Good to see that this is taking place in a student paper!!!!

  • Kelly Shlater

    gnarly words. choose the sea – it rejects no sex. choose the ocean – you don’t need to pledge. choose the tube guys – it’s a destiny not a dynasty. rad

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  • Joshua

    Eh, the entire college is already run on a “fraternity” system: the Provost, the Fellows and (to a lesser extent) the Scholars…

    This looks like a red herring to me…maybe someone was complaining about the free mansion…or all the monetary perks, free dinners, board etc. etc. and various privileges that the other wankers get…I mean, the unprivileged student can barely pay their registration fee or afford to stay in college in today’s climate.

  • anonymous source

    was just invited for lunch with them. Told I was being judged after, thought it was just a meal and a natter. most boring lunch, most boring people. It seemed like they were looking for an identity to make themselves cool”

  • man love

    “they have set up a Facebook page that weighs and measures men around campus. ” – sounds like a very different kind of male fraternity.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like they didn’t accept you mate, bit bitter is it

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