May 16, 2012

VIDEOS: Grad Tax and Free Fees Campaigns Duel on YouTube

As the second day of voting in USI’s funding preferendum goes on, the battle lines have been drawn between those advocating the retention of the free fees policy and those in favour of a new approach to the funding issue. The latter have generally declared themselves in favour of a graduate tax, with some (including TCDSU President Ryan Bartlett) in favour of a student loan scheme. Below are videos that were posted to YouTube today by both groups. The free fees video plays on the traditional view of a union as a protesting organisation whereas the graduate tax video portrays the student activists as lobbyists and political players. Whether the characterisation of the student movement in either video is deliberate or not, the viewer is left in no doubt as to the viewpoint of their makers.

The Grad Tax Video

The Free Fees Video


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