Sep 20, 2015

From Monday, Students can Receive Microsoft Office 365 Free of Charge

Office 365 ProPlus suite will be available to all students for the duration of their time at Trinity.

Sinéad LoftusSenior Editor

Trinity College Dublin’s IT Services have announced that from Monday September 21st all Trinity students will be able to avail of the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus suite of software free of charge.

In a statement on their website IT Services confirmed that all current students can avail of this service which is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS among others.

Office 365 is the brand name given to a host of Microsoft services which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, all of which will be included in the suite offered to students. Those using the programme can use up to 1TB of storage with a maximum file size of 2GB. However, if you use Office regularly, to the point where it is vital for your business, you might want to find some Office 365 Reporting services to ensure that the software is always running smoothly as it should be.


The launch of Office 365 ProPlus is expected to act as a complimentary service to the Trinity MyZone account. IT Services encourage students to continue using their Mail, Calendar, and Drive linked with MyZone as their main academic tools and have also stated that official Trinity communications will continue to be sent to the email address.

Sign in to Office 365 ProPlus is done through a student’s Trinity email address in the form of [email protected] and their network login password. They will be provided with the option to install Office or to use it online.

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