TCDSU Elections 2016
Feb 7, 2016

Who’s Running in the TCDSU Elections?

Sinéad LoftusElections Editor


Stephen Carty

Why he’s running
“I think that [the role] is a lot more about qualities than it is about pieces of positions written on paper … and I think that I am by far the person who is going to care.”

Kieran McNulty

Why he’s running
“People might not realise how incredible the SU can be. That’s the major reason why I’m running, because the SU helped me and I want to give back.”

Daniel O’Brien

Why he’s running
“I feel that I’d be doing a disservice to the university if I just buried my head in my final year, started applying for jobs, started applying for grad-school and then just got out of here and leaving on the table the things I know I could contribute to this university.”

Education Officer

Patrick Higgins

Why he’s running
“I decided to run mainly because many encouraged me to run. Education Officer is an important position and I want to make a positive change to education for students.”

Dale O’Faoilléacháin

Why he’s running
“I can see why the people at the back of council have no clue what’s going on in the union. My goal is to get them informed, know that it’s okay to talk.”

Nick Spare

Why he’s running
“I see the Education Officer as primarily an advocacy role and I think my background is suited to advocacy. It really drives me.”

Welfare Officer

Tom McHugh

Why he’s running
“I was having a really bad time and I needed the Welfare Office. When I did need them they turned out to be really helpful. I want to raise awareness and help out with these services.”

Aoibhinn Ní Lochlainn

Why she’s running
“My biggest interest is to deal with people one-on-one, really supporting students. Welfare has been taken a wee bit out of student focus. I want to make it on the ground dealing with student issues.”

Eamonn Redmond

Why he’s running
“My first two years of college were kinda shitty. I only found out about services in third year and this is why I’m running, to raise awareness about the services.”

Andrew Wafer

Why he’s running
“I think I’ve worked with people my whole life and that’s given me really good skills and I’m a good listener and I’m pretty passionate about helping people and that’s a big motivation for me.”

Communications & Marketing Officer

Emmett Broaders

Why he’s running
“I decided to run because I could see problems and I could see how to fix them, at least to myself anyway and to the people I talked to about these think that my methods of fixing them could possibly work.”

Glen Byrne

Why he’s running
“[I want] to create a really effective communications strategy with students as it would really help with some of the issues that people find with the student’s union currently.”

Entertainments Officer

Katie Browne

Why she’s running
“My major role is coming up with a creative idea and then going to societies to get them involved. Increase exposure for societies. I think the current system needs to be improved.”

Caolán Maher

Why he’s running
“I started my own night out of frustration, because ents was nor providing something for my science class. I want to widen the reach of ents.”

Grace O’Boyle

Why she’s running
“I’ve wanted to do Ents Officer for the last three years and finally, this is the year it feels right. You have to be enthusiastic, really dedicated, sociable, personable and passionate about what you do. It’s not 9 to 5. It’s 24 hours a day, every single day.”

Padraic Rowley

Why he’s running
“My goal as the Ents Officer is to encourage student involvement. I’ve been involved in a wide range of student life from the SU to the CSC to DUCAC. This is what made my college experience as amazing as it was and I want others to have the same.”

Editor of The University Times

Sinéad Baker

Why she’s running
“The University Times is something that I’m incredibly passionate about and I believe it has the potential to improve the lives of everyone in this college.”

Eleanor O’Mahony, Edmund Heaphy, Paul Glynn, Emer Gerrard, Roisín Power, Jack Hartnett, John Bethell, Nora Donnelly, Ciaran Sunderland, Anna Moran, Aoife O’Donoghue, John Conway and Niamh Egleston also contributed reporting to this piece.