Mar 16, 2018

Students Blockade Book of Kells, as Protests Continue

After a day of celebration, students returned to protest at the Book of Kells.

Dominic McGrathEditor
Dominic McGrath for The University Times

After two days that embarrassed Trinity into negotiations on supplemental exam fees, students were once more outside the Book of Kells this afternoon promising to “take back Trinity”.

The last few days have seen such protests become the norm, after students rallied following College’s introduction of supplemental exam fees.

Outside the Book of Kells, campaign member Conchúir Ó Raidaigh, who was one of the students who occupied the Dining Hall, told tourists to look to Trinity for refunds. In scenes that have now become familiar, students explained to tourists the reason for the protest.


Yesterday, Vice-Provost Chris Morash said that Trinity is looking forward to “renewing student partnership”, after the Dining Hall occupation ended yesterday with a victory rally in Front Square. The night before, Provost Patrick Prendergast had promised to “seriously consider” alternative proposals on supplemental exam fees.

In an email statement yesterday, Trinity welcomed “the decision by the Students’ Union and Graduate Students’ Union to wind down protests and the occupancy of buildings”.

Speaking to The University Times yesterday, President of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Kevin Keane agreed with Morash’s statement saying: “We have ended our occupation of the Dining Hall, but it is now vital that students maintain pressure on university management.” But Keane said “the union cautiously welcomes” the statement from College.

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