Mar 8, 2018

University College Cork Votes to Remain in USI

Voters in UCCSU chose overwhelmingly to remain in the national union.

Kathleen McNameeNews Editor
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

University College Cork Students’ Union (UCCSU) will remain in the Union of Students’ in Ireland (USI) following a vote yesterday that saw 86 per cent of voters support membership.

With over 5,000 students voting in the referendum, less than 700 voted to leave the national union. Voting opened on Tuesday and closed yesterday with votes counted that evening.

In a press statement following the result, USI President Michael Kerrigan said that he was “delighted” that UCCSU would remain within USI. “The positive vote sends a clear message that USI is working well for students”, he said.


However, Kerrigan also commented on the need to increase communication between students and USI. “USI will continue to improve communications with students in UCC about the work we’re doing for them”, he said.

In a press statement, Vice President for the Southern Region Michelle Byrne said that she was “very happy” that UCCSU voted to remain within USI. Noting that it is the largest college in the south, she said that “UCC has always been a strong advocate for USI and part of the very foundations of USI”.

“I’m very happy to see the largest college in the south remain members of USI. UCC has always been a strong advocate for USI and part of the very foundations of USI. Thank you to everyone who helped.”

USI represents over 374,000 students in third level education across the country.

In December of last year, The University Times reported on a failed attempted by Dublin Institute of Technology Students’ Union (DITSU) to host a referendum on USI membership. Despite support from senior officers in the union, only 41 out of the required 51 councillors supported a motion to hold a referendum. Earlier that same year, students in DIT voted overwhelmingly to remain in USI, with 91 per cent voting to stay in USI.

In November, 97.2 per cent of students in the National College of Ireland Students’ Union (NCISU) also voted to continue membership with the national union.

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