Jun 22, 2018

At Body and Soul, a Space-Themed Science Gallery Installation

Festival-goers this weekend will be able to enjoy an excerpt from the Science Gallery's newly launched Life at the Edges exhibition.

Jack SynnottSenior Staff Writer
Ivan Rakhmanin for The University Times

The Science Gallery will once again make an appearance at Body and Soul festival this weekend, with an excerpt from its current exhibition, the space-themed Life at the Edges

The excerpt will feature two pieces, both presenting contrasting images and messages based around human space exploration.

The first piece, “Humanity Star”, designed by Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck, aims to examine human achievements in interstellar travel by focusing on a satellite that orbited the Earth between January and March 2018.

“The Trash Map”, the second piece, will highlight the more negative impacts of human space travel. Created by designer Marte Tiegen, this infographic looks at what man-made objects remain on the moon following decades of space exploration from missions such as the Apollo and Ranger programmes.

The Science Gallery’s contribution to the festival will also feature a discussion with Sophie Murray, researcher in astrophysics in Trinity College Dublin, who specialises in analysing meteorological trends in space and their impact on the Earth.

The Science Gallery has been a regular feature at Body and Soul since its opening in 2008 and previous exhibitions have included a Galileo-themed astronomy event and an installation which turned trees into musical instruments.

Body and Soul takes place in Ballinlough Castle, Westmeath, this weekend. Life at the Edges continues at the Science Gallery until the end of the September.

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