Jul 3, 2018

New Pizzeria on the Block

Pi Pizza is dishing out mouth-watering pizzas from its Neapolitan wood-burning oven just minutes from Trinity.

Kinga KabatFood & Drink Editor
Eleanor O’Mahony for The University Times

When we think of the perfect pizza we think of juicy tomatoes, soft mozzarella cheese, thin, fluffy crusts and, most importantly, Italy. Italy is indeed the home of pizza among many other mouth-watering dishes and it is very difficult to compete with the many years of experience and tradition of Italian chefs. However, once you try Pi Pizza’s fare, you will begin to associate the perfect pizza with not only the delicious Italian flavours, but also with Laois. That’s right, the man behind the newest funky pizza spot on George’s St is from Laois and could be easily mistaken for an Italian.

On July 2nd, Reg White and his team opened the doors of Pi Pizza to the public and did so with a bang, giving out free pizzas all day long – it certainly made my Monday a whole lot brighter!

As I walk into the brand new Pi Pizza, the first thing I notice is the huge and truly fascinating Neapolitan wood fired oven, with the smell of freshly baked dough instantly creating an Italian atmosphere. The place has a minimalistic yet relaxed feel, which makes you want to sit down and have a beer: Wicklow Wolf, Ballast Point and Whiplash are among many craft beers on offer, making Pi Pizza the ideal setting for pizza and beer.

The menu consists of a variety of eight 12-inch signature pizzas, ranging from €9 to €16. Pi Pizza has something for everyone, even vegans as the Marinara contains only four tasty ingredients: crushed tomato, garlic, oregano and extra-virgin olive oil.

The menu offers three bianca – or white – pizzas, which are baked without any crushed tomatoes. I was quite intrigued by the bianca options and was recommended to try the bianca funghi pizza. The wait time was minimal as a wood fired oven bakes the dough to perfection in approximately 60 seconds, meaning my hunger and desire for real Italian pizza were satisfied in a matter of minutes.

As I bit into my first slice, I immediately noticed the slight smoky yet delicate flavour which cannot be reproduced in any other oven. The strong taste of the cheese came through as this pizza was made using grana padano and fontina cheeses instead of traditional mozzarella, making it an obvious choice for all of us cheese lovers, as well as a perfect match with a glass of a tannic red wine or a full bodied white. Flavours of garlic and spinach wonderfully complemented the white creamy base and brought out the flavour of the “Hen of the Woods” Mushrooms. All ingredients combined created an unforgettable taste and quickly made me reach for the next slice.

Pi Pizza has brought an Italian experience with a modern twist to the people of Dublin and I am sure it will prove to be a go-to spot for date night or a catch-up with friends and family.

I am excited to try the next seven pizzas on the menu and have no doubt that they will be as flavoursome and unique as my funghi!

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