Oct 11, 2018

DUCAC Breaches Constitution, Holding AGM Late

According to DUCAC's constitution, tonight's AGM, which takes place in week five of term, must take place in the first three weeks of term.

Donal MacNameeDeputy Editor
Emily Willkomm for The University Times

Contrary to the rules set out in its constitution, Dublin University Central Athletic Club (DUCAC) failed to hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) within the first three weeks of term this year.

DUCAC’s constitution states: “The Annual General Meeting shall be held within the first three weeks of Michaelmas Lecture Term.” Tonight’s AGM takes place in week five of Trinity’s first teaching term.

The constitution also states: “Notice of an Annual General Meeting or a general meeting shall be posted by the Honorary Secretary at the Front Gate of the College and published on the DUCAC website at least 14 days prior to such a Meeting.”


DUCAC’s website contains details of the AGM, but there is currently no notice of the AGM on DUCAC’s noticeboard in Front Gate.

In an email statement to The University Times, DUCAC Administrator Aidan Kavanagh said: “I won’t be able to comment the chair sets the date for the AGM.”

Tonight’s AGM will see the election of a Vice-Chair to the executive committee of the body, as well as the election of eight club representatives and six Pavilion members.

Last year, DUCAC failed to check if those present at its AGM were entitled to vote, a move that also raised constitutional concerns.

While students were asked to present their student cards at the entrance to the Edmund Burke lecture theatre, there were no checks on whether they were a Sport Club or Pavilion member and therefore entitled to a vote.

According to the DUCAC constitution, membership can take five forms. The constitution reads: “There shall be Sport Club, Non-Sport Club, Pavilion, Life and Honorary members of DUCAC.” The constitution also states: “Sports Club Members of DUCAC and Pavilion Members who are members of a DUCAC affiliated Sport Club, who are present, are entitled to vote at General Meetings.”

Sports club members, as outlined in the constitution, are those who have paid their fees to the university and who are “members in good standing of affiliated clubs”.

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