Oct 11, 2018

DUCAC Records €11k Deficit, After Eight Years of Losses

The deficit is higher than last year’s, when the body suffered a shortfall of €4,000.

Cormac Watson and Donal MacNamee
Ivan Rakhmanin for The University Times

Dublin University Central Athletics Club (DUCAC) has run a deficit of €11,519 in the last year, marking the eighth year in a row that the organisation has suffered a shortfall.

DUCAC’s capitated income – the money given to DUCAC by College – went up this year to over €350,000. Last year’s capitated income was €333,000. Presenting the accounts, DUCAC Administrator Aidan Kavanagh said that the reason for this was because of a late payment from 2017, something he said “skewed” the figure.

Last year, DUCAC recorded a deficit of €4,000. Kavanagh said that the increase in the deficit this year was the result of money that DUCAC is owed by debtors.


Kavanagh, who presented the accounts in the absence of DUCAC Senior Honorary Treasurer Brian Ó Ruairc, expressed his disappointment that 15 clubs had failed to pay their DUCAC contribution this year.

Ó Ruairc performs his role remotely, from Galway. Kavanagh was questioned by members of the audience on the report, one of whom expressed concern that Ó Ruairc had only attended one meeting last year. Kavanagh refuted this, saying Ó Ruairc had attended “three or four” meetings last year.

Another member of the crowd expressed frustration at the increases in profits for DUCAC not translating into increased budget allocations for clubs.

Kavanagh said DUCAC would have hoped that the deficit was lower than it is, but said the organisation hopes to “continue to look at the bottom line”.

The Pav’s income increased this year by just over three per cent. The bar brought in just over €1 million in sales. The Pav lost just over €30,000 overall this year.

The Pav’s contribution to DUCAC this year was €145,000, an increase of €15,000 from last year.

Presenting the accounts, the Chairman of the Pav, Prof Cyril Smyth, said the Pav was forced unexpectedly to carry out refurbishments to the floor behind the bar and the kitchen, which cost €12,274.

Smyth said that DUCAC had paid off the €250,000 it owed to the Santry sports grounds, money that came out of the Pav’s reserves.

Smyth expressed irritation at the forced closure of the Pav during this year’s Summer Series. The bar license that came with the MCD-organised event meant that no other bar was allowed to sell alcohol on Trinity’s campus for the duration of the Summer Series.

Bar staff in the Pav were forced to take a week of annual leave as a result of this forced closure. Smyth estimated that the Summer Series cost the Pav between €25,000 and €30,000.

Speaking about the importance of the Pav to the running of DUCAC, Smyth – echoing comments he made last year in an interview with The University Times – appealed to all DUCAC club members to spend €5 to €10 per week in the bar.

DUCAC is one of five capitated bodies funded by the Capitations Committee. Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), the Central Societies Committee and Trinity Publications are the other capitated bodies. DUCAC receives the most funding out of any capitated body.

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