Nov 22, 2018

At Winter Showcase, Yeezus Comes to Town

From the Charleston to a Kanye West mashup, the Winter Showcase staged an event filled with festivities and surprises.

Molly FureySocieties Editor
Trinity Belles closed an engaging evening of music last night.
Eleanor O'Mahony for The University Times4

On Wednesday evening the famed Bewley’s Cafe played host to Trinity’s very own Dance Society (DU Dance), Music Society (DU Music) Trinity Musical Theatre Society (TMT) and Trinity College Singers in their elaborate Winter Showcase. The annual showcase is a collaborative effort aimed at putting some of Trinity’s finest talent on display for all to enjoy.

Indeed, the night passed quickly as the sweet melodies of the singers, the pizzazz-filled numbers of TMT’s performers, and the entrancing movements of Dance Soc’s various teams swept through Bewley’s Cafe. From Fi Garvey’s performance of her original song “Crooked”, to Amy Cassidy’s solo contemporary dance and, of course, Jess Timlin and Hannah Kate Ní Shiordain, who performed a song from their very own original musical, the evening was replete with talent and passion, creating an inspiring, astonishing and festive event.

The evening undoubtedly heralded in the festive season with the historic cafe a characteristically Christmas setting. Mince pies for all to consume (mostly me) and some Mariah Carey background music were the perfect combination to warm up the audience.


Hugh Fitzgibbon hosted the event. His charismatic, familiar sense of humour loosened up the audience, helping also to put the performers at ease. DU Dance soc’s jazz team took on the hefty challenge of opening up the ambitious showcase, but carried it off confidently in their Charleston remix. The backdrop of the cafe was the perfect fit to their Great Gatsby resonant Charleston number, the fringe, the pearls and the feathers setting it all off to a tee.

A standout performance of the night was the third act, Lucy Botbol, a DU Music representative. Armed with her mic, a loop pedal and a stunning voice, Botbol amazed the audience with her performance. Her song, “Le Code”, was entirely in French yet this hardly fazed the crowd. So impressed by Botbol’s multitasking performance, moving from mic to loop pedal and back again, everyone seemed to be taken by the song, its melody and its very creation up on stage.

Another memorable performance of the night came in the second act when pianist Elias Furrer, also with DU Music, played “La Campanella”. The incredibly busy and demanding piece is no mean feat, and this was not lost on the audience. Entranced by his seeming mastery over the piano, seamlessly jumping from quick to slow tempo, from powerful to peaceful, Furrer’s command over his instrument left the room in awe. Unsurprisingly, Furrer received a standing ovation and left big boots for the remaining performers to fill.

TMT’S Dave Quane and Joshua Hurley believed themselves up to the task in their adaptation of “Where Do You Belong?”, from the Broadway Musical Mean Girls. Putting their own spin on the song, Quane and Hurley wittily, and melodically, launched attacks on a variety of groups including the Trinitones, DU Players and even the Chapel Choir. Yet with such a catchy tune and the pitch perfect singing of the pair, it would be difficult for anyone to stay mad at them.

Trinity College Singers presented the esteemed Trinity Belles to close the exciting evening, providing a fittingly engaging end to an undeniably charming event. The group of 14 women opened their set with a peaceful rendition of “Silent Night” – well and truly signalling the arrival of the Christmas season. The group threw something of a curveball following the sombre tune, when they provided a quick summary of the nativity scene, concluding the tale with the arrival of “Yeezus”.

Yes, somehow the acapella group effortlessly transitioned from a 19th century hymn to a Kanye West mashup, much to everyone’s delight. From “Gold Digger” to “Stronger”, the hits were covered and the group successfully caught the audience off guard. Their performance was, however, bookended by Christmas tunes, finishing off with £Jingle Bell Rock£. In an ode to the famous Mean Girls scene of this performance, three of the Belles interrupted the singers to perform Lindsay Lohan’s renowned dance, startling the audience once again but bringing a festive close to a festive night.

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