TCDSU Elections 2019
Feb 18, 2019

Who’s Running in the TCDSU Elections?


Laura Beston

Why she’s running
“I have a very strong grounding within welfare, and I’d like to see a president that has that aspect of their personality, because I think that that would definitely help. I think there’s ways that we can improve student supports, and that’ll help a lot of other problems on campus as well.”

Daire Hennessy

Why he’s running
“I think, one of the most important things is a passion. A passion for students, and a passion for education and for what we’re all doing. As well as that, I think it takes a lot of, sincerity.”

Education Officer

Niamh McCay

Why she’s running
“I think it is incredibly important to students that our voices are continuing to be heard. It is very easy especially, in light of TEP and stuff, for the staff to get the final say and you know how important the student voice is. It is the students who are trying to get the degree here. It is the students who are paying, but it is certainly the students who should be able to make the decisions for themselves in regards to their academic affairs and issues and stuff.”

Sally-Anne McCarthy

Why she’s running
“I’ve really developed a love for doing what I can to help students negotiate the system and the maze of systems that is Trinity. I’m running because I know this is something I can genuinely be really good at. I’m running to try and help students have the supports that I’ve had.”

Welfare Officer

Aisling Leen

Why she’s running
“It wouldn’t have occurred to me to run for anything else except welfare. It comes from being a caring person. It’s just something you have inside of you that makes you want to help people.”

Communications & Marketing Officer

Muireann Kane

Why she’s running
“I like the SU. I think its quite interesting and also, if I do say so myself I am quite well versed in the role of Communications and Marketing. I saw an opening and decided to take it on. I know that I’d be good at it.”

Entertainments Officer

Jerico Alcaras

Why he’s running
“I want to do something greater than entertainment. Help the community give back because I know myself that I couldn’t have gotten through five years of College without the help of people and I want to give back. One of the reasons why I am running for ents is I have so many great memories like the mystery tour from two years ago, Trinity Ball – so many events. So many memories. I just want to give back one last time before I leave.”

Judith Robinson

Why she’s running
“So I think it kind of all sparked from being the Ents officer for DU Players. We organise weekly events every Wednesday and they’re completely wide-ranging events. It’s different every single week. It’s something that’s constantly changing. It’s quite rewarding because it gives you a platform to showcase, say, musical talent, theatrical talent and even raise awareness about social issues and stuff. I find it really, really rewarding and I don’t think it’s anything that could ever become boring in anyway whatsoever.”

Luke Rynne Cullen

Why he’s running
“I became interested in Ents through organising my own events and seeing just how passionate many Trinity students are about great entertainment. Events offer students a chance to escape the stress of College life.”

Editor of The University Times

Donal MacNamee

Why he’s running
“I’m obsessed with every aspect of the paper. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I’d be doing a good job. I was Deputy Editor this year and that involves a lot of the same duties as Editor. I do a lot of the same work as [the Editor]. I make snap decisions every day. I’m very involved with the management of our 70 editors every day. I think I have the love, the experience and the flair for it as well.”