Mar 14, 2019

Zara Finn Elected JCR President

Finn will lead a JCR with a majority of women officers.

Rachel O'Leary and Robert Quinn
Newly elected president Zara Finn alongside incumbent Ben Ó Coimin
Doug Morrison for The University Times

Zara Finn is set to lead next year’s JCR, the committee that caters for the needs of Trinity Hall residents, after being elected the body’s next president tonight with 47 per cent of the vote.

Finn was elected on the third count without reaching the quota, with 240 valid votes cast. She ran a campaign that focused on creating group study areas in the canteen and Oldham house. She also promised to work alongside newly elected Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Education Officer Niamh McCay to implement office hours for Halls students in order to help with any academic issues.

Speaking to The University Times after the announcement, Finn said: “I am so shocked as it was such a close race.”


“I am really delighted”, she said, “and can’t wait to work with the JCR, which is so like the SU with all its girl power. And I hope it will be just as beneficial”.

This year saw several hotly contested races, with over 50 candidates running for the 11 positions within the organisation. Six of the JCR’s 11 officers next year are women.

Brian Hastings was elected to the position of Vice-President and Treasurer on the fourth count without reaching the quota, with 41.5 per cent of the vote. Julia Best is the new Secretary, having received 45.5 per cent of the vote on the third count, despite not having reached the quota.

The race for Welfare Officer was the most closely contested of any of the positions, with seven candidates vying for the position. Kate Sheehan was eventually deemed elected on the seventh count, receiving 45.4 per cent of the vote.

Colin Hart won the position of Ents Officer on the second count, with 55.3 per cent of the vote.

Brennan Hernandez Nicolas won the race for International Officer, seeing off three competitors and winning on the fourth count with 48.1 per cent of the vote, while the position of Music Officer was won by Tadhg Williams on the first count. Williams received 55 per cent of the vote.

Trinity Geddis was elected Sports Officer, triumphing on the third count in a five-person race with 46.2 per cent of the vote. She received 237 votes out of 512 cast.

The positions of Technology Officer, Publications Officer, and Communications and Marketing Officer are chosen through interviews and portfolio submissions by the current JCR officer in the position. They were announced just before the count, with the positions being awarded to Dominique Meudec, Sophia Treacy and Darragh Clark respectively.

The new JCR committee will commence their term in May for the 2019/20 academic year in Trinity Hall.

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