Jun 22, 2019

MacNamee Appoints New Staff, Naming Cormac Watson Deputy Editor

Former Radius Editor Katy Amos and outgoing News Editor Aisling Marren will serve as assistant editors.

Robert QuinnAssistant News Editor
Past and present members of the paper's staff at the 2018 USI Student Achievement Awards.

Donal MacNamee, the incoming Editor of The University Times, has appointed Cormac Watson as Deputy Editor. Watson, the paper’s outgoing Sports Editor, is a third-year history and political science student.

Speaking about Watson’s appointment, MacNamee said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be working alongside Cormac over the coming year. Throughout his time in The University Times, he has demonstrated his talent, reliability and incredibly sharp journalistic instincts, and he has proven pedigree as a great writer and editor.”

“As Sports Editor, he was involved in breaking some of the paper’s biggest stories of the year, and he also took our coverage of Trinity’s sports clubs up another level in terms of rigour, quality and analysis.”


MacNamee has appointed Katy Amos and Aisling Marren as assistant editors.

Amos has previously acted as Radius Editor and is a final-year English student. MacNamee said: “Katy is one of the most talented editors I’ve come across, and her vibrance and eye for the unusual make her an invaluable asset. She’s incredibly creative as well as meticulous and accurate, and her wide range of journalistic talents mean she’s an ideal fit for the role of Assistant Editor.”

Marren, the paper’s outgoing News Editor, is a final-year law student. Commenting on Marren’s appointment, MacNamee said: “As News Editor this year, Aisling did an outstanding job of fostering a team of enthusiastic and capable writers. So many of our news writers mention the stellar work Aisling does in making people feel welcome in the paper, and on top of that she’s also a superb writer and resourceful reporter.”

“I’m incredibly excited to work with Cormac, Aisling and Katy”, MacNamee added. “In April, a massive majority of students voted to support our journalism, and I have no doubt that our new writers and editors will continue the tradition of outstanding student journalism in The University Times.”

MacNamee has appointed second-year English and psychology student Emer Moreau to the position of News Editor. MacNamee said that Moreau, who joined the paper this year, “is a born reporter. Emer has an instinctive grasp of our mission to hold the College to account. She has every attribute of a superb journalist and I can’t wait to see the things she can do as News Editor”.

Rachel O’Leary, a second-year law student who served as Assistant News Editor this year, will assume the role of Features Editor. “Rachel is a fantastic addition to next year’s staff”, MacNamee said. “Her natural curiosity and ability to think outside the box make her a perfect fit to lead our Features section, and she has the ambition and follow-through to take the section forward once again.”

Jack Synott, this year’s Deputy News Editor, has been appointed Opinion Editor. MacNamee said: “Jack is a versatile and talented writer with a great passion for student issues. He did outstanding work covering this year’s TCDSU elections and I can’t wait to see him tackle higher education issues as Opinion Editor.”

Fiachra Gallagher will adopt the role of Sports Editor. Gallagher is a final-year English student who has acted as a Senior Staff Writer for The University Times. “Fiachra is an ideal fit for the position of Sports Editor. He totally understands the purpose and ambition of our sports section and his writing is nothing short of excellent. He’s the perfect person to helm the section as we take our coverage of Trinity’s sports clubs to a new level.”

Patrick O’Donoghue has been appointed the Editor of The University Times Magazine, while outgoing Deputy Art Editor Susie Crawford will serve as next year’s Radius Editor.

Third-year history and political science student Malachi Ó Marcaigh will take the position of Irish Language Editor next year. As part of his role, Ó Marcaigh will sit on the paper’s Editorial Board. Ina Hresc will take over as Photo Editor, after joining the paper as a contributor in the last year.

MacNamee has this year appointed two Editors-at-Large, Ciarán Molloy and Orla Murnaghan. Molloy served as this year’s Investigations Editor, while Murnaghan contributed to various sections in the paper from her position as Deputy Copy Editor.

Aoife Kearins, the paper’s outgoing Features Editor and a third-year mathematics student, and Molly Furey, a third-year English student and the paper’s outgoing Deputy Radius Editor, will serve jointly as Special Projects Editors of The University Times.

Nathan O’Gara, who took over as Illustrations Editor midway through this year, will continue in the role for another year. Final-year Italian and French student Eithne Duffy will take over as Copy Editor.

Ciannait Khan will take over as Chair of the Editorial Board. Khan worked as Assistant Editor of the paper this year and has previously served as Opinion Editor. As part of her role, Khan will oversee the weekly publication of two editorials.

Eleanor O’Mahony, this year’s Editor, will depart the paper, four years after she first joined it. Speaking about O’Mahony’s departure, MacNamee said: “I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked day-in, day-out over the last two years alongside someone as talented and passionate as Eleanor. It doesn’t need saying that she’s a gifted writer and editor, and her encyclopedic knowledge of College and student issues served the paper and its readers so well.”

O’Mahony was previously the Deputy Editor of The University Times, and has also served as Chair of the Editorial Board. She led the paper’s coverage of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) elections in 2016.

MacNamee said that “what really sets Eleanor apart is the clearness and quality of her judgement. She has an innate ability to separate the good ideas from the bad ones, which is the best trait any editor can have”.

“She deserves enormous credit for leading the paper out the other side of a referendum designed to gut our financial future, and for the incredibly welcoming and positive environment she created. She’ll be sorely missed, but I wish her every success in the future.”

MacNamee also paid tribute to some of the long-standing members of the paper’s masthead staff, who are leaving the paper this year.

Edmund Heaphy, a former Editor of the paper who served as Chair of the Editorial Board for the last two years, also departs The University Times, after six years of involvement. MacNamee said: “Every writer who joins The University Times has a huge amount to thank Edmund for, whether they know it or not.”

Heaphy has worked for the New York Times, Quartz, RTE and the Sunday Business Post. During his time in The University Times, he redesigned the paper’s print issue and website, both of which subsequently won international awards.

“Four years ago, Edmund became Editor of The University Times, and totally revolutionised it in so many ways”, MacNamee said. “The excellent training we’re able to give to so many student journalists now is largely down Edmund’s vision and foresight, and the incredibly high standards he ushered in helped us gain a reputation as the country’s leading student newspaper.”

“As a journalist, his curiosity and courage make him unique, and he’ll continue to serve as an inspiration to all of us in The University Times”, he added.

Kathleen McNamee also leaves the paper, after four years of involvement during which she served as Features Editor, News Editor and Assistant Editor. “It’s hard to overstate the contribution Kathleen has made to The University Times over the last four years”, MacNamee said. “Time and again, she’s been there when the paper needed her most, and her ability to keep a cool head in even the most stressful of situations has been an invaluable asset.”

MacNamee said that “Kathleen brought great ideas and insights to every section of the paper. Having immersed herself in College life, she knows Trinity inside-out, something that was of huge benefit to both her colleagues in the paper and the students who read her articles”.

“She has an incredibly bright future ahead of her and I wish her all the very best”, MacNamee said.

Matthew Murphy, this year’s Opinion Editor and a former Assistant Sports Editor, departs the staff after three years. “Matt is one of the most talented writers I’ve seen in my time in the paper”, MacNamee said. “He brought a quick mind and an instinctive understanding of how political decisions are made to the opinion section, and his insight and commitment mean he will go down as a great servant of The University Times.”

MacNamee also paid tribute to Ellen McLean, who also leaves the staff after three years of involvement. MacNamee described McLean, this year’s Magazine Editor, as a “true stalwart of the paper”.

“Ellen has made a lasting impression on several sections of The University Times, having made huge contributions to the sports and features sections as well as kicking the magazine up a notch in terms of scope, ambition and creativity”, he said. “She’s a huge loss.”

After serving as Irish Language Editor, departing final-year law and French student Eoin O’Hare’s time on the staff also comes to an end. MacNamee said: “Eoin packed as much into a year of involvement in The University Times as other writers might get in two or three years.”

“His willingness to go the extra mile should serve as an inspiration to future Irish language editors”, MacNamee said, “and the fact that he was always a part of the most important conversations is a testament to his intelligence and ability to retain a sense of perspective in stressful situations. He also made an outstanding contribution to several sections, contributing superb long-form journalism to the paper’s Magazine”.

MacNamee praised Niamh Kennedy, outgoing Radius Editor, as “a fantastic reporter on the Dublin and Trinity cultural scene”. He added: “Niamh was always full of brilliant ideas for Radius, and fostered a vibrant and dynamic section that saw Radius make great strides in the quality of its coverage. She was always onto the next big thing before anyone else saw it, and I wish her the best of luck in her future.”

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