Jul 8, 2019

Trinity to Hire Operations Manager for New Business School

Trinity Business School's new Development and Operations Manager will be in charge of student and staff recruitment.

Cormac WatsonDeputy Editor
The Business School was officially opened last month by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.
Eleanor O'Mahony for The University Times

Trinity Business School has opened applications for a new Business Development and Operations Manager, who will be hired on a five-year contract and could earn up to €100,000 per year.

Among the responsibilities of the role, for which applications close on July 19th, will be the recruitment of staff and students for the new school. The successful applicant will also take charge of monitoring the performance of the school’s professional staff, who engage in activities including marketing and executive education.

The new staff member – whose salary will range from €80,968 to €103,815 yearly – will also oversee the growth of the school.


They will be in charge of implementing an annual business plan for the school.

After years of disruptions, Trinity Business School was officially opened in May. At the launch, which also featured a speech from Andrew Burke, the Dean of the Business School, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the new school was “representative of the comeback story of Irish universities”.

Echoing the Taoiseach’s speech, Provost Patrick Prendergast praised the school’s impact at the launch, saying that it was “transformational not just for Trinity but for Dublin and Ireland”.

The Business School will contain a two floors dedicated to executive education as well as a 300-seat restaurant and a 600-seat lecture theatre.

The Business School will also house five societies – Dublin University Business and Economics Society (DUBES), Trinity Entrepreneurial Society (TES), Enactus, Trinity Student Managed Fund (SMF), and Trinity TEDx – as well as Tangent, the “ideas workspace” of Trinity, which aims to train students in entrepreneurship and innovation.

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