Dec 23, 2019

‘A Group of Friends in Tuxedos’: Trinitones Release First Single

The group have brought out a cover of Raglan Road by Luke Kelly.

Danielle VarleyStaff Writer

Trinitones have released their debut single “Raglan Road”, a cover of the classic folk song by Luke Kelly.

The single marks a first foray into the world of recorded music for the world’s most popular a cappella group, with a song that Trinitones PRO Sam White tells The University Times “has been part of our repertoire for many years”.

In an email, White adds: “We think it is fitting that our first release be a song that is very close to our hearts.”


“This song means a lot to us. Trinitones is first and foremost a group of friends and everytime we perform Raglan Road it brings us all together and strikes a chord with our audience, whether we sing it in the College Chapel or at a Wedding reception.”

The single, long anticipated by the group’s fans, is available on Spotify and Apple Music and sets the stage for a big 2020 for the group. White says that next year “looks like it’s going to be a very exciting year for Trinitones. We will be releasing a mixture of studio and live recordings which we are excited to share with everyone”.

Trinitones are also planning their fourth international tour, which will take place next August. Previously, under the stewardship of Neil Dunne and subsequently Andy Keenan, the group have travelled Australia, Canada and the US.

White says the Trinitones are quite unique in the world of a cappella. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re self depricating and we don’t claim to be amazing dancers. The secret to our success is that when we sing we look like we’re having so much fun, just a group of friends who occasionally dress in matching tuxedos, all passionate about music, making people laugh and smile at our own expense.”

Releasing a song is an accomplishment in itself, but having to do this while balancing school work is an even further achievement. There is much emphasis that commitment is needed to be part of the group. However, the policy is, according to White, “College first and Trinitones second”.

In 2019, Trinitones have participated in a number of performances that were memorable to them as a group. White writes that the “ones that would stand out include our set at Trinity Ball, our end of term concert in Dublin Unitarian Church in May, two memorable sets at Electric Picnic and a headline performance in Cashel Cathedral as part of the Cashel Arts Festival”. They also recently sold out a Christmas concert that saw them raise over €3,000 for Aware Ireland – a charity that provides support to those suffering from depression or bipolar disorder.

Now, they’ve hit the studio – and who knows what’s next?

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