Mar 27, 2020

TCDSU Elects 15 Part-Time Officers Uncontested, Contested Elections Next Week

Fifteen part-time roles within the union have been filled, while students will vote next week on the 10 contested elections.

Emer MoreauNews Editor
Guy Boggan for The University Times

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) today elected a number of part-time officers without contest, with elections to take place next week for 10 contested positions.

Fifteen students ran uncontested for part-time positions within the union, while the three convenor positions – traditionally among the union’s most important – will be voted on online next week along with seven other contested part-time positions.

Yannick Gloster has been elected chair of council, and Cian Walsh will serve as secretary to council next year. Alice Payne, Nicole Greenan and Emma Rossiter have been elected annual members of the Electoral Commission. Laura Owens and Cian Fogarty will continue their two-year term as biennial members of the Electoral Commission.


Lydia MacBride and Ellen McGrath have been elected ordinary members of the Electoral Commission. McGrath is the current secretary of council.

Jimi Donohoe, the union’s outgoing mature students’ officer, has been re-elected to the position. Marian Lovett, the current student parent officer, was also re-elected. Lovett was elected earlier this year after the impeachment of her predecessor Leah Freeman.

Patrick O’Mahony will serve as international students’ officer next year, with Mairéad Ní Sheanlaoich serving as oifigeach na Gaeilge. Sierra Mueller-Owens was elected gender equality officer, and Sunetra Das was elected ethnic minorities officer.

The position of volunteer forum co-ordinator was filled by Niamh Mullins. Jack Shields was elected community liaison Officer.

Keane Ryan and Jacqui Whelan will contest position of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences faculty convenor. The position of Engineering, Maths and Science (EMS) faculty convenor is being contested by Zoe Cummins, Daniel O’Reilly and Julia Piaskowy. O’Reilly is the current EMS convenor.

Tídgh Maguire and Joseph Noctor will contest the position of Health Sciences faculty Convenor.

Ciaran Butler, Brian Hastings, Darren Seán May, Sé Ó hEidhin and Jamie Shields have been nominated for the position of LGBT rights officer. Ó hEidhin is the current ethnic minorities officer.

The position of officer for students with disabilities will be contested by Niamh Herbert and Harry O’Brien. Access officer will be contested by Laren-Ellen Dunne and Megan O’Shea.

Tídgh Maguire and Darren Seán May will compete for the role of off-campus officer – currently held by education officer-elect Megan O’Connor – while the position of environmental officer pits Aine Hennessy against Sean Gordon Dalton.

The role of citizenship officer will be contested by Matthew Henry and Jodie Milne. Henry is seeking re-election, while Milne is the union’s outgoing access officer.

Sé Ó hEidhin, Megan O’Shea, Sameer Shaikh will compete to sit on the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Polling will open next Tuesday March 31st. The union will share videos and written speeches from all nominees with council members

Earlier this month, TCDSU cancelled council meeting as a precautionary measure due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Council is now taking place via a series of online meetings.

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