Mar 12, 2020

Trinity Encourages College Residents to Return Home

The directive includes students from both Ireland and abroad.

Emer Moreau and Donal MacNamee
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

College is encouraging students and staff living on campus – both those from Ireland and abroad – to consider moving home, after today’s announcement that the College is to close until March 29th.

Residents who remain have been instructed to reduce “discretionary social contacts as much as possible”, and a blanket ban has been placed on parties in College accommodation.

An email sent to all residents of Trinity accommodation today, signed by the accommodation office, urged students “to consider going home where possible”.


Students who move out permanently will be issued a pro rata refund at the end of the academic year, the email said.

College has warned it “will take an extremely hard line on any socialization during this time that does not respect recommended social distance protocols”.

“For residents who will remain”, the email said, “it is important to reduce discretionary social contacts as much as possible. Unless you are self-isolating you are not being asked to live ‘indoor lives’”.

Residents are advised to maintain at least one metre between themselves and others, clean surfaces in their apartments frequently with disinfectants and cleaners and to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

They should also maintain “excellent hand hygiene by washing frequently with soap and water” and practice “excellent respiratory hygiene by coughing/sneezing into flexed elbows and discarding used tissues immediately”.

“For those who will be here over the next weeks, this continues to be your home, and as always it is a home where you should feel safe and protected. We are here to support you throughout these days”, the accommodation office wrote. “However, these are extraordinary times and public health is the absolute priority of the moment.”

“This is not a time for panic, but a moment to support each other and to proceed based upon the scientific recommendations that have been clearly laid out by our public health experts.”

Last week, on-campus residents and students living in Trinity Hall were banned from hosting non-resident guests in order to limit the spread of coronavirus.

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