Mar 20, 2020

Trinity Offers Extensions to College Accommodation Residents

Residents who have to stay beyond their agreed rental period, including international students unable to get home, will be able to remain.

Cormac WatsonDeputy Editor
Alex Connolly for The University Times

Trinity will allow student residents to remain in their accommodation beyond the end of term, offering extensions to those who need to stay on beyond their rental period.

In an email sent to residents today, the College called on students who need to stay on in College accommodation after their rental period to make contact with the Accommodation Office. The extension may apply to the College’s international students, some of whom could face an uncertain route home as travel bans extend around the world.

The announcement comes after students were abruptly told to vacate on Monday unless they met certain criteria, causing widespread confusion among residents.


In today’s email – Provost Patrick Prendergast, Head of Accommodation Neal Murphy, Registrar of Chambers Philip Coleman and Warden of Trinity Hall Roja Fazaeli – the College also thanked students who had left Trinity accommodation last week, after being abruptly told to vacate in an email on

Trinity said in the email that “those of us still living in College accommodation should take a moment to thank those who moved home in recent days”.

“Their actions”, it added, “make it possible to better look after for those who remain in residence. Staff and residents will now be able to cater to the needs of those who become ill or will need assistance over the coming weeks when the surge in cases is expected to worsen”.

Trinity also asked students who are self-isolating to inform the Accommodation Office or the assistant warden of Trinity Hall.

The College’s decision to make residents vacate accommodation on Monday was met with anger by many students.

International students living in Trinity accommodation were left scrambling to find a way home – with several reporting huge “stress and anxiety” and many hitting out at the College – after Trinity gave them until March 18th to vacate their rooms.

Students can stay on campus if they face homelessness, have the virus or are self-isolating, have a family member with the virus, have immigration or visa restrictions, have extremely limited internet connectivity in their home, or are conducting research on campus for a PhD.

Students were informed on Tuesday that the criteria also extended to students whose relatives were immunocompromised and to students who face barriers to travel.

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