Jun 16, 2020

Dublin-Based Scholars Won’t Get Accommodation in Trinity Next Year

Scholars who live in Dublin will not be given College accommodation next year amid the ‘continuing public health situation’ around the coronavirus.

Emer MoreauNews Editor
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

Trinity Scholars who live in Dublin will not be given College accommodation next year, as a result of the “continuing public health situation” around the coronavirus, College has said.

Scholars whose home address is in Co Dublin will not be allocated a room on campus or in Trinity Hall unless they have an “extraordinary reason” for one. Those affected will be offered payment in lieu of accommodation.

An email to Scholars today – signed by Junior Dean and Registrar of Chambers Philip Coleman, Trinity Hall warden Roja Fazaeli and Head of Accommodation Neal Murphy – said: “After careful consideration and following discussions with the Provost and the Secretary to the Scholars, we have taken the decision not to allocate rooms to students whose home address is in County Dublin in the first round this year.”


“As a scholar, you will have the option to receive payment in lieu of your College room”, the email said. “You can also contact the Accommodation Office to discuss the possibility of deferring your residency to a later date.”

Some of the affected Scholars may be allocated rooms after the first round of allocations has been completed.

“We appreciate that some of you may be disappointed to receive this news”, the email continued. “However, we hope that you will agree that these are exceptional circumstances and and that it is important to create the safest environment possible for everyone who lives and works in College next year.”

“We can assure you, also, that this will not set a precedent for future years, when the COVID-19 situation has passed.”

Scholars are entitled to free accommodation, as well as free fees and dining rights in Commons. Some 57 Scholars were elected this year. Provost Patrick Prendergast announced the newly elected Scholars and Fellows outside the Exam Hall as usual, in a Front Square that was nearly empty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and closure of the College.

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