Jul 13, 2020

College Elects Seven New Board Members

The new board members will sit until 2024.

Emer MoreauAssistant Editor
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

College has this evening elected seven new Board members, who will sit from now until 2024.

Prof Rose Anne Kenny and Prof Sarah Alyn Stacey were deemed elected automatically, as they were the only two women to be nominated. College statutes require that at least two men and two women be elected in the Fellows’ and Fellow Professors’ constituency.

Kenny is a professor of medical gerontology in the School of Medicine, as well as principal investigator for the Trinity-based Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA). Stacey is an associate professor of French, and is currently a member of the Editorial Board of H-France, an interdisciplinary digital journal which is recognised as the largest scholarly organisation for francophone history and culture.


Prof Khurshid Ahmad, a professor in computer science, and Prof Ross McManus, a professor in molecular medicine, were also elected to Board in the Fellows and Fellow Professors Constituency. Ahmad’s research areas include artificial intelligence, machine learning, social media and networks, fuzzy logic and behavioural finance. McManus’s research includes the functional characteristics of diseases with an inflammatory or immune component.

Prof Lorna Roe, Prof Fintan Sheerin and Prof John Walsh were elected in the Academic Staff constituency. Walsh, who exceeded the quota on the first count, is an assistant professor in the School of Education. He specialises in higher education studies.

Roe is a Research Fellow in the School of Medicine’s Centre for Health Policy and Management. She has been working on health economics analyses at TILDA since 2013.

Sheerin is the head of intellectual disability in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. His research focuses on mental wellbeing in areas such as human rights, parenting, and sexuality. He is leading the mental health component of the IDS-TILDA research project, a longitudinal study researching ageing in Ireland among people with an intellectual disability.

Voting took place between June 19th and July 10th, and was conducted online.

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