Sep 10, 2020

On-Campus Residents Who Break Coronavirus Rules May Lose Accommodation

Trinity’s Registrar of Chambers said that breaches will be investigated on a case-by-case basis.

Emer MoreauAssistant Editor

Students living in on-campus accommodation may have their licence to reside in College revoked if they break certain rules brought in to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In an email statement to The University Times, College’s Registrar of Chambers Philip Coleman said: “The Office of the Junior Dean will investigate all breaches of the Code of Conduct on a case-by-case basis and sanctions will be imposed where appropriate.”

“In serious cases”, Coleman continued, “a student may have their License to reside in College revoked”.


“Given the importance of compliance in the current context – for the safety of all residents – it is hoped that everyone will do their bit to get us through the next few months.”

The Code of Conduct will be reviewed again before the beginning of Hilary Term.

Last June, Coleman told students who applied to live on campus that they would not be allowed to have overnight guests or parties during the first term of next year in order to protect students’ health.

Earlier today, College announced that on-campus residents and those living in Halls would be invited to participate in a pilot scheme which would allow them to be tested for coronavirus on a regular basis.
An email to students and staff said that such a scheme would help to prevent outbreaks by identifying people who have the virus but are not showing symptoms.

“The science suggests that this limited testing of people living in close quarters will help to prevent outbreaks by alerting people who may have the virus but no symptoms”, the email said. “While we hope that all residents will participate, screening will be voluntary; it should be regarded as an extra measure to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Last month, The University Times reported that Trinity will have on-site coronavirus testing facilities in the new academic year to prevent clusters developing in the College community.

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