Jan 13, 2021

Trinity Launches Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Entrepreneurship

The certificate is the first of its kind in Ireland, and will be run by Tangent.

Cormac WatsonEditor

Trinity has launched a new postgraduate certificate in climate entrepreneurship, which will be run by Tangent.

The certificate – the first of its kind in Ireland – will address the climate emergency. It will begin in March of this year.

The course will help students tackle climate change, improve environmental sustainability and “empower individuals, businesses, and society to play their part” through the lens of innovation and creative thinking.


Tangent is also collaborating with the School of Natural Sciences in running the course.

In a press statement, Dr Dan Rogers, the head of education at Tangent, said: “This course is a launchpad for the changemakers, activists and entrepreneurs who understand that there is still time to address the global issue of climate change.”

“I look forward to the innovative solutions that graduates on this course will produce, creating positive impact on the world.”

In a press statement, Prof Quentin Crowley of the School of Natural Sciences said: “As we seek opportunities to increase climate change adaption or mitigation measures, we can also make a positive contribution to our economy and society.”

“This course will not focus on any one area but how these opportunities can fit together”, he added. “If you’ve a curious mind, willing to explore outside of your subject area and collaborate to explore new solutions, this course is for you.”

Tangent will run an online opening evening about the course tomorrow from 6pm to 7pm.

Tangent is a programme in Trinity that aims to foster entrepreneurship. It was launched in September, 2018.

Speaking at the launch of Tangent, Provost Patrick Prendergast said: “Our success with innovation and entrepreneurship is of course inextricable from our success in research. This bedrock of success in research comes out of, and feeds back into, exceptional education, and it inspires exceptional innovation.”

Tangent will “provide an interface between Trinity and the bustling innovation of ecosystem on our doorstep”, he said.

Tangent recently ran a competition – called the Provost’s Innovation Challenge – in which students had to come up with ways to make cities more sustainable.

The winners of the challenge received €3,000 and have been put on a “sprints” programme to help get their idea off the ground.

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