Mar 1, 2021

College Should Host Two Trinity Balls in 2022, Says Prof Ohlmeyer

Prof Jane Ohlmeyer is up against Prof Linda Doyle and Prof Linda Hogan in this year’s Provost elections.

Matt McCann Senior Editor

Provostial candidate Prof Jane Ohlmeyer has said that she believes College should host two Trinity Balls next year to make up for the past two years of cancellations.

In an email to students this morning, Ohlmeyer said that the first Trinity Ball would be held as normal in April while the second would be held in August of 2022.

She added that priority ticket options will be offered to last year’s and this year’s final year students who Ohlmeyer said “will have missed out on this significant event completely at the end of their studies”.


The promise comes as part of a “New Deal”, which she announced to students this morning.

“It is, she said, “a symbolic example of the new kind of relationship I want to have – I believe Trinity should hold two Trinity Balls in 2022”.

Ohlmeyer also said that “if elected, I promise a New Deal for all our undergraduates and postgraduates, a renewed relationship in how things are done in Trinity, both in terms of how your education is valued and how the Student Experience is prioritised”.

Continuing, Ohlmeyer acknowledged a mismanagement by College surrounding decisions made amid the coronavirus pandemic which she described as “short-sighted” and “flawed”.

Ohlmeyer said to students: “Over the past year the Student Experience has suffered considerably because of the pandemic. Some short-sighted and flawed decisions have made the impact even worse. Many students have experienced considerable stress and anxiety.”

Ohlmeyer also seemed to have alluded to the controversies which have sprung up this year surrounding the enforcement of coronavirus restrictions at student accommodation: “There have been unacceptable problems with College-run accommodation, and some serious shortcomings in how we have communicated Trinity’s decisions and how they affect you.”

Ohlmeyer also mentioned in her email that she promises to set up a Task Force of student representatives for the interim period from when she is elected to when she takes office. The purpose of the task force, Ohlmeyer says, is “so that on 1 August – Day 1 – I am able to announce a series of measures to improve the Student Experience for the new academic year.”

Ohlmeyer continued in the email, saying how she will ensure the Trinity students who have come through the pandemic do not become part of a “lost generation”.

“We will provide extra support when it comes to career guidance and advice, even after you leave, and will maintain a close bond and connection, finding ways to help wherever we can. At the same time, we will reinvigorate the Student Experience in Trinity, so that we provide the best education possible in the classroom, and the best student experience outside of the classroom for all.”

In the email, Ohlmeyer also mentioned the release of her “Empowering Students 20-point-plan”. In the plan Ohlmeyer outlines an array of policies and ideas which seek to improve the student experience.

Ohlmeyer also called on students to give her feedback on her plans, directly via messages or as part of focus groups she plans to run.

Ohlmeyer, along with Prof Linda Doyle and Prof Linda Hogan is one of three candidates bidding to become Trinity’s next provost. Campaigning is currently on-going and will last until April 7th with voting taking place online on April 10th.

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