Is Ireland Obsessed with Israel? Alan McEneaney discusses why Ireland was named the most anti-Israel country.

Alan McEneaney | Contributing Writer

There is no shortage of humanitarian causes across the world to keep the modern bleeding-heart liberal occupied. Oppression in Tibet has been an issue for over six decades now with no compromise in sight. I’ve never seen a Tamil Tiger solidarity march down O’Connell Street and West Papua’s struggle for independence from Indonesia barely gets a mention in Western mainstream media. The average Joe on the street could even be forgiven for being unaware that such a campaign exists.

However, there is one volatile region of the world that hasn’t left the Irish political consciousness since the 1970s. I am of course talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – an issue so divisive that it can send an ordinarily placid, peace-loving hippy into an apoplectic fit of rage. Ireland has an internal and external image of being very pro-Palestinian whilst also being very anti-Israeli. We were deemed the most “hostile country in Europe” in 2011 by the Israeli foreign ministry after an over-the-top pantomime performance on Grafton Street where activists portrayed IDF soldiers as Nazis – a particularly insensitive and hard-hitting insult to the majority Jewish state.

Why are we as a nation so obsessed with a land over 4000 km away, with which we have no historical ties? Surely we should be more concerned with getting our own back yard in order?

This begs the question: why are we as a nation so obsessed with a land over 4000 km away, with which we have no historical ties? Surely we should be more concerned with getting our own back yard in order? Let’s examine several theories often put forward to explain this peculiarity.

The perceived parallel with Northern Ireland is perhaps the most oft-cited reason, with Republicans seeing their anti-imperialist struggle against occupation mirrored in the events in the Palestinian territories. When Nationalists started flying the Palestinian flag in the early 2000s as an act of solidarity, Unionists reacted by immediately adopting the Israeli flag. It’s almost a case of fighting by proxy amongst the Northern Irish communities. But their new found empathy with Israel made the local Jewish community feel uneasy, given the long history of connections between Loyalist paramilitaries and neo-Nazi groups such as Combat 18, prompting calls for the passive-aggressive flag waving to cease.

College is a time when most young people form their political views and so are especially vulnerable to swallowing what may be propaganda being shoved at them from questionable quarters.

At first glance, the comparisons of the Ulster plantation and the foundation of Israel seem obvious. The history behind each is not so straightforward of course, but the simple analogy suffices for the lazy barstool commentator not willing to delve deeper into the details, especially if it can be twisted to suit one’s personal political slant. In both cases, religion is used as motive for aggression even though it’s all about land. There are further complexities when you consider that the Provisional IRA received training and arms from the PLO from the 1970s to mid-80s.

The continuous presence of Irish peacekeepers in Lebanon on behalf of the UN since the late 70s has also ensured Israel remains in the spotlight. However, the other peacekeeping missions in Bosnia, Chad or Liberia don’t seem to have warranted the media attention that the Lebanon deployment did, maybe because of the deployment size, the length of the deployment or even because there were very few incidents on them.

The keffiyeh-clad Palestinian teenager throwing rocks is seen as the underdog fighting the all-powerful US/Israeli military machine – a replica of the David and Goliath scenario.

It’s seen as a “fashionable” cause, particularly amongst left-leaning university students. A cliché, I know, but the heavy presence of various Palestinian solidarity groups on university campuses cannot be ignored. College is a time when most young people form their political views and so are especially vulnerable to swallowing what may be propaganda being shoved at them from questionable quarters. The keffiyeh-clad Palestinian teenager throwing rocks is seen as the underdog fighting the all-powerful US/Israeli military machine – a replica of the David and Goliath scenario. The Western media latch onto these emotive images and broadcast them on our nightly news, thereby recruiting more middle-class Western supporters of the Palestinian cause. This stark contrast in power is not so conspicuous in other conflicts.

Which leads nicely onto my next point: The Palestinians have a bloody impressive propaganda machine, derogatorily dubbed “Pallywood” by critics. In the past, they’ve been exposed for staging photos of IDF soldiers apparently harassing women and being overly-aggressive with children. The trained eye, however, can quickly spot the fakes, with the actors caught out holding the wrong issue gun or subtle giveaways with an incorrect piece of uniform. The Internet has been convenient for spreading propaganda, but conversely it is also a great tool for debunking it.

Finally, it wouldn’t be thorough to conclude the article without examining anti-Semitism as a possible explanation for the Irish fixation with Israel. A highly contentious one, but one that must be addressed nonetheless in the interests of leaving no stone unturned. It would be highly naïve to think there isn’t a cohort of people out there using the cloak of Palestinian rights to attack the Jews. Brief instances of anti-Semitism dot our recent past, mainly stemming from the omnipresent, domineering influence of the Catholic Church, which propagated the usual myths of the Jews being Christ killers and the like. Limerick priest Fr. John Creagh led a pogrom against the tiny population of Jewish merchants in the city at the turn of the last century. Then there was Fine Gael TD Oliver J. Flanagan, infamous for his anti-Semitic rants in the Dáil right up to the 1980s. His re-election fourteen times would suggest he had his supporters. Is the current bizarre obsession with Israel the latest manifestation of Irish anti-Semitism?

The eyes of the world were drawn to the Middle-East and have never really left it. The Tamil Tigers never brought their war to Europe like the Palestinians did. It could be argued that we were never interested in the conflict until we were dragged into it.

Equally we could ask does Israel gain Western supporters from some wrongheaded notion of guilt for having set up the Jews after the Holocaust? British colonial interference in the Middle East is responsible for many of the current borders there, which lump different warring ethnic groups and communities together while dividing others.

Palestinian terrorists (or freedom fighters, depending on your slant) have really grabbed the attention of the West in the past few decades, with high profile plane hijackings and the Munich Olympics disaster. The eyes of the world were drawn to the Middle-East and have never really left it. The Tamil Tigers never brought their war to Europe like the Palestinians did. It could be argued that we were never interested in the conflict until we were dragged into it.

  • Cormac F

    “Is the current bizarre obsession with Israel the latest manifestation of Irish anti-Semitism?” This is a cowardly and ingenuous slur against those who do not support the Israeli state in their victimisation and collective punishment of Palestinians and their illegal land seizures.

    Overall I’m not sure what the purpose of this article is other than slandering and tarnishing those whose politics you don’t agree with.You say the young are vulnerable to propaganda. Well you seem content dishing out your own and I for one am not buying it.

    • Alan McEneaney

      Hi Cormac. You’re forgetting that anti-Semitism was a problem in Ireland before Israel was even founded. Regarding the Occupied Territories – that’s a red herring. All Jews evacuated Gaza in 2005, free elections were held and the people rejected the moderate Fatah party in favour of terrorist organisation Hamas. If a Palestinian state was founded tomorrow, do you honestly think Hamas would cease with their terror campaign? Arabs have more freedom in Israel than they do in many Arab countries. If you support women’s rights, gay rights and minority rights, then Israel welcomes you.

      • Cormac F

        Thanks for the reply Alan. If permitted I intend on writing a full reply to your comment and article as a whole, but for now I will address some of your comment at least.

        Firstly your calling of the situations in occupied west bank as a red herring is absurd. It is exactly what the point is about and I intend to show that is more systematic abuse and disregard for Palestinians and their self determination that makes being pro Palestine as you say “fashionable.”

        Secondly name any Irish group which calls for Hamas to kill more people or for them to gain more power if you can. I cant think of any.

        As for Arabs being welcome and free in Israel, I can only partially address this issue without a platform which is appropriate for a longer answer. Israel does not allow any Palestinian living in Gaza(1.6million) out of their area which is smaller than half of County Louth at 360km2 and which is routinely denied access to basic consumer goods, building supplies, educational equipment, medicines and water.
        Also as far as freedom and minority rights the institutional discrimination put a stop to that. Government job discrimination(only 8% arab) and requirements of armed national service for rights including land ownership, provision of private and public services and employment fly a little in the face of that not to mention discimination in awarding university scholarships and even in some buses only serving Jewish Israeli settlers and another for Arabs.

        • Alan McEneaney

          Boy, oh boy. Where to start…
          Of course the Palestinian cause is fashionable right now. I suppose it will be “Kony 2014″ next year. If these protesters were genuinely concerned about human rights they would spend equal amounts of time criticising the Saudi, Chinese and North Korean governments, as well as the Palestinian Authority. Why the deafening silence on gender segregation in schools in Gaza? Or the hanging of homosexuals? Or all the European aid money channelled into the pockets of corrupt officials? You act like Gaza/West Bank are shining beacons of human rights.

          Regarding groups in Ireland supporting the killing of Jews. Here you can see an anorak-clad man holding up a yellow Hezbollah flag (the one with the rifle on it). I’m starting to wonder if you’ve ever come into contact with these pro-Palestinian groups. Their hate for Israel over-shadows their concern for Palestinians. Gaza is not occupied by Israel. I see Egypt has closed off the border crossing to Gaza. Where are your anti-Egyptian protests?

          Arab-Israelis enjoy full voting rights. There are many pro-Arab parties in the Knesset and 10% of the politicians are Arab. How many Jews are welcome to get involved in the Palestinian Authority? Arabs play on the Israeli national football team, many pop singers are Arab-Israeli and Miss Israel 2013 was a black Ethiopian. It kind of contradicts the discrimination narrative you swallowed from the IPSC leaflets, huh?

          Thanks for the interest Cormac. It’s always a pleasure to educate the youth with facts on the actual situation in Israel.

          • Cormac F

            Condescension doesn’t suit you Alan. You have failed to truly address any of my points.

            You have yet to identify any links between any Irish groups and the support of Hamas killing anyone. All you produced was a man in an anorak with a Hezbollah flag which only proves that one man likes Hezbollah.

            Yes we know Gaza isn’t occupied by Israel. There was outcry over the Egyptian’s position on the border from Irish groups and Amnesty which condemned their blockade especially after the recent fuel shortage which caused sewage to flood the streets.

            As far as discrimination is concerned you have avoided the point in absolute. You do not address any ways I mentioned in which Arab Israeli’s are discriminated instead looking to the entertainment industry for inspiration. We can all dream cant we? Are you saying my fact’s are not true?

            It would appear that your statement “their hate for Israel over-shadows their concern for Palestinians” is true for you but in reverse. Your hate is for the Palestinians and their cause over-shadows your concern for the Israeli’s and ultimately this is I find much of what you said in your article contemptible. You fail to rebuke any ills which of Israel and instead lump criticism which should be aimed at Hamas(which few support) at the Palestinian people and their quest for justice.

          • Alan McEneaney

            We’re straying off-topic now. I’ve rubbished your claims that Israel discriminates against Arabs, yet you’ve continually ignored the discrimination that occurs in the Palestinian territories against gays, women, and Jews. You agree that Gaza isn’t occupied by Israel yet you are determined to blame them for the lack of medicines and water there. How about you blame the Palestinian leaders who pocket the aid money and squander it on rockets to kill Israeli civilians? (€2 billion in EU aid to Palestine gone can’t be accounted for – The Palestinians should be angry with their incompetent leadership, not Israel.

            My article was an analysis of Ireland’s fixation with Israel. The theories put forward were

            -the parallel with Northern Ireland
            -Ulster plantation in the 1600s
            -Irish peacekeepers in Lebanon
            -fashionable cause among students

            I’ll gladly respond to questions regarding the content of my article but you seem intent on pushing your own agenda.

  • EamoY

    Ireland is a famously anti-semetic country so that statement is a perfectly legitimate one.
    Political views are fine to have. But the vast vast majority of the pro-Palestine protestors in Ireland dont have “political” views. They are racists that hate Israel. So for us rationally thinking people, all we can do is be derisive towards them.
    Because the unhumanitarian Israeli policies will never change until we stop supporting Palestinian terrorism so vehemently.
    Stop fanning the flames Cormac, you’re doing peace a disservice.

    • Cormac F

      “But the vast vast majority of the pro-Palestine protestors in Ireland
      dont have “political” views. They are racists that hate Israel.” I certainly hope you are intending to troll. So I will leave a “rationally thinking” person like yourself to yourself.

  • Darragh Mc Keon

    Why is it that vehemently Pro-Israel, anti-Palestine people have such trouble believing that people can be pro-human rights, and pro-Palestinian rights without being Anti-Israel, or Anti-semitic? It’s such a huge cop out and totally effaces any rational discussion of the very real problems that are going on here.

    • Trish94903

      Because of the constant double-standard. Just recently the EU held back a scientific research agreement unless it explicitly held that no work would be done over the armistice line — but in the same period also signed a trade agreement with Northern Cypress (occupied by Turkey, deliberately settled by Turks imported from the Ankara area, displacing ethnic Greek islanders, and running a huge wall through the island) and gave a grant to Morocco (currently occupying Western Sahara). The only possible conclusion is that you don’t love human rights but only hate Israel and use the “Palestinian cause” as a fig-leaf for hating Jews. Where are the flotillas to Syria?

      • Effect

        Well said.

      • Ceannaire

        So Cypriots are having their homes bulldozed by Turks? Interesting…

        • Trish94903

          Along with destroying Greek cemeteries and churches,

          changing all place names from Greek to Turkish, destroying or “redeveloping” Greek homes and land and selling new “second home” or “vacation”developments on Greek land to foreigners.

    • GrahamK

      Because Palestinians suffer by far more hardship and discrimination in Arab countries, and you are not even aware of that.

      • Darragh Mc Keon

        So Palestinians are discriminated against in Arab countries, therefore we should ignore the US-sponsored oppression they suffer in their own and on a daily basis?

        • GrahamK

          I have no idea how you derive that from my explanation.
          If anybody cares for Palestinian, they should care for Pal, all over the globe, not only where Jews are involved.
          Of course you may differ on that, that’s your prerogative.

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            I care about all people. And you’re right, I wasn’t aware of that specific phenomenon, although it’s not entirely hard to believe.

        • Apartheidthynameispalestine

          why do u care so much for these Arabs Darragh, what similar concerns can you show us regarding the many oppressed, discriminated, occupied, raped and killed minorities in countless other countries in far far far worst conditions than these Arabs-that prove your interest is humanitarian and not Israel bashing

          Do you care for the people of Sderot for example carpet bombed 16000 times since 2001-forced to flee in terror and have just 17secs to get to a shelter or face annihilation.

          what about Christians under attack in dozens of Muslim countries -can you show us where you have shown similar concerns for them

          what about occupied N Cyprus, occupied W Sahara, occupied W Papua New Guinean, occupied Tibet etc

          finally can u advise why u you support women subugators and undemocratic, zero free speech or free media gay killers- how odd of a supposed humanitarian-but youre not really are you Darragh?

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            You seriously want me to list off my care/lack of care for each and every oppressed people on the planet? What kind of proof would you like? Anywhere a civilian, trying to go about their day to day business of survival, who yields not power on what those that represent them do, and had no choice as to what gender/ethnicity/sexuality/religion they are born into is threatened, oppressed, beaten, imprisoned, or otherwise interfered with against their best interests or their free will (as far as is realistic), those are the people I care about. The people ordering the dropping of those bombs, or the sending of those suicide bombers, or the tanks, or the death squads, or the eviction of people from their homes, and so on, those are the people I have a problem with. I’m not gonna lie, there are a Lot of things wrong with how Arab countries operate. Sharia Law for example I find abhorrent in many of its policies. The Jewish people have suffered a great deal throughout the years. And I in no way try to deny that, or to take away their right to a place they can call their own if they want it. I just wish it didn’t have to involve the amount of violence that it does, whether it’s reactionary or not, and that it could be done in a way that doesn’t impose on any other group of people. Now, the Israel-Palestine conflict is an incredibly complicated problem, and I can’t offer you a solution to that from where I’m standing, but to stand there and accuse me over and over again of merely hating jews is just the height or myopic, biased arguing.

          • GrahamK

            “The Israel-Palestine conflict is an incredibly complicated problem”
            It’s the Arab-Israeli conflict. The conflict started well before Palestinian Arabs dubbed themselves Palestinians and considered themselves as distinct people (As a matter of fact to this day they still don’t consider themselves as such), Besides, it’s the entirety of Arab states that put themselves against Israel, not just the Palestinian.

            Moreover, it can indeed seem complicated if history is to be discarded as useless tool for analysis.

            “but to stand there and accuse me over and over again of merely hating jews”

            I hope you don’t refer to me and that I didn’t sound accusatory. If so I humbly apologise. Nevertheless, The questions stand, Why is Israel singled out? Why many(most?all?) Pro-Palestian do not care about Palestinians when Israel is not involved? Why did I have to read about the matter for years to realise what Arabs did to their Palestinian Brethren, and never in the MSM?
            There could be a very good answer for that, for example that Israel is a uniquely evil country among nations, but I didn’t see any evidence to that effect. So somebody with my values and my liberal tendencies must agree that the question is not misplaced, and asking it is not bigotry.

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            Sorry, it was ApartheidThyNameisPalestine that was being accusatory. You have been rational and understanding in our exchange. He has not quite lived up to that standard however. I need to duck out of this conversation for a while, I’ve spent some pretty valuable study time talking on here.

          • GrahamK

            Good luck with your exams
            I myself procrastinate quite a bit ;)
            of to work.

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            nope just a few postings /letters youve sent/speeches youve given in support of humanitarian causes will do D-just SOMETHING to show yours is not an anti Israeli diatribe like others on here

            never accused you of anything- I was referring GENERALLY to the usual Jew hate Irish mob, if I suggested otherwise I apologise

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            I’ve never done letters or speeches but you can’t see from what I’m telling you that I’m pro-peace anti-oppression pro-freedom? Also I don’t think this “anti-Israeli diatribe/jew hate Irish mob” you’re perceiving actually exists. Even this historical Irish anti-semitism doesn’t really exist in the modern generations. Most people you’ll speak to in Ireland really aren’t that concerned with Jews in the way you’re talking about. In the old days, when catholicism ruled every facet of Irish life, and people were a little more ignorant, a little more insular, sure, there was probably a degree of anti-semitism, racism etc but times have changed in a big way. Ireland is very cosmopolitan and the vast majority don’t harbour those kind of feelings. People are generally chill, and an anti-zionist agenda really is the last thing on the mind of your average Irish person working 5 days a week trying to pay their bills and raise their children. Of course, there will always be an element of xenophobia etc amongst the struggling classes and amongst certain outliers, but I can 100% assure you that this is not the norm. And it goes back to my original post that just because people are against some of the very clear abuses that Israel has committed (sometimes overblown, often not, I know you’re going to object to that), that does not automatically make them anti-Israel or anti-semitic. The same way people who protest against the Iraq war (or even just it’s worst moments, drone strikes etc) are not automatically anti-american

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            sorry mate but youre just so wrong – as the actual article confirms IMHO there is a definite anti jew/which is really what it is, ‘thing’ among the ultra left Irish

            wasnt a guy on radio sacked recently for his Jew… sorry Israel hate, then theres the endless editorials and letters in your papers and of course on your campuses

            not saying its confined to Ireland but it sure exists

            ‘clear abuse’s hahahahahahahahah name a few and contextualize them…. lol Darragh – can u also list the zillions of Arab Palestinian abuses while youre at it …

            dear dear I know theres hope for you but then u come out with that BS, get real my friend ISRAEL IS AT WAR and its got ythe most humane army on the planet-care to argue with Col. Richard Kemp commander of British Afgan Forces

            no ones protest unilaterally against drones, massacring of Christians or killing of gays all across the muslim -arab world FACT!

            wheres the anti Saudi marches or anti Bahrain or Syria or Iran or Iraq ( as it is now) or Russia or China or Turkey or Nigeria, or Mali or Niger, or Sudan or Indonesia, Or Morocco, or Yemen or Gazastan etc

            nice try though…u nearly convinced me there lol

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            This article does not confirm shit. Anyone can write anything they want it does not make it fact. As I said, there is a huge disparity between this generation and those of even two generations before. This is a country were 50 years ago it was considered radical for a Catholic to marry a Protestant. Ireland is slowly but surely casting off the shackles of our old Catholic overseers, and this applies to a lot of the attitudes of young people too. Currently I am sitting in a library with probably a thousand young people in it. If I was to ask each and every one of them privately if they held any anti-jewish sentiments you would get maybe 3 or 4 weirdos who have swastikas hanging in their room and underlying mental conditions. Your problem is that you see things as black and white, and you tar people with the same brush as their government, or the more extreme members of their community, which, as other posters have said, is a Very dangerous way of operating.
            As for the marches, people don’t just throw marches left and right, they take organisation and enthusiasm, both of which are finite resources, meaning that no, people in Ireland are not likely to protest against the turkish occupation of northern cyprus, unless something very big happened. Hell, we don’t even have marches against the occupation of northern Ireland anymore.
            And no one’s unilaterally against drones, but with the Huge collateral damage they cause, they bloody well should, and you will find a big online presence of people opposed to their use in current form. As for your other points, there is a huge difference between Opposition and Action. The treatment of gays, women, and indeed men and children in Arab countries is frankly appalling and I would never wish to live there. That doesn’t mean I’m going to spend my every waking hour setting up protests against each and every wrongdoing perpetrated by each and every government across the world.
            When is the last time you read an Irish newspaper, let alone an editorial in one specifically condemning jews.
            Israel is in a difficult conflict, there is no doubt. Hamas are certainly not a nice opponent to be fighting. Amnesty have neatly categorised a few such examples of Israeli abuses here. You can also find sections on the USA and other nations

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            oh it absolutely does, as do many of the comments on here

            Your problem Darragh is you chose to ignore whats in front of your face. Surely the Irish cant be Jewhating, whilst also on the side of women subjugators/gay haters/ anti democracy and free speech fascists?

            well wise up buddy . look around you

            Ireland has a minority yes, but significant,
            jew hate problem! not alone there of course so does Norway, Sweden, Spain etc and 56/57 muslim-arab countries

            These marchers ONLY come out against Israel where the ME is concerned. Patently youve never been to a Pro-Pal bile spewing hate-filled anti-Jew meeting-try it youll learn PDQ what Jewhate personified is

            I have to ask

            Amnesty hahahahahah is THAT your sourc- started mainly by jews now funded by amongst others anti Israel billionaires and one of the most biased anti Israeli NGOs on the planet-a disgusting corrupt organ that recently bribed an ex employee with £500,000 to keep her mouth shut

            a travesty of a human right organ, that typically of the uber left concentrates far to much time on the Jewish state whilst largely IGNORING Palestinians atrocities and of course most of the Muslim-Arab world.

            dont worry I keep track of the Jewhate in Irish media pallly

            lol frickin lol

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            Ok, that’s it. I’ve tried to have a reasonable discussion but I’ve had enough. You clearly know a fair bit about this issue, and it’s a shame that calibre of knowledge can’t be put to better use.There is evidently something Really wrong with you “lol frickin lol”, and you’ve resigned yourself to a life of high brow internet trolling. I CAN TALK IN CAPITALS TOO AND IT DOES NOT MAKE ANYTHING I SAY ANYMORE RELEVANT. I fucking live in Ireland man, don’t try and tell me what my own people believe, it’s just further proof of your warped mindset. Your logic is so far removed from anything reasonable that there is literally no talking to you. I hope you’re very happy in your fucked up little head. Now I’m going to leave this discussion permanently, and get on with more important things, i.e. the real world. See you at the next Anti-Jew Anti-Israel Anti Gay Anti Woman pro child abuse rally I guess

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            Really? hahahhahah I gave up on u when u hilariously called ME a nutter then u come out with crap like.

            The u have the temerity to talk about Israels ‘clear abuse’s’ hahahahah where do u get off u silly silly person. Take your microscope and shine it on ANY western democracy pal.

            My logic is absolutely sound and u havent refuted ANYTHING Ive presented.
            You know nothing about whats REALLY going on out there in Jewhate ultra left cognitive dissonant land As I said go to a pro Pals meeting-open your eyes!

            resorting to swearing-well it beats getting foul abuse and bileand les and hate chucked in your face I suppose.

            Youre welcome to the most anti Israel country in the west


    • Apartheidthynameispalestine

      Why is it that vehemently Pro-Palestine, anti-Israel people have such trouble believing that people can be pro-human rights, and pro-Israel rights without being Anti-Palestine, or Anti-Muslim Arab? It’s such a huge cop out and totally effaces any rational discussion of the very real problems that are going on here.

      • Darragh Mc Keon

        I’d argue but to be honest man judging from your other post you’re a bit of a nutter and are too wrapped up in history to think about actual human suffering going on today. A lot of people (on both sides of the wall) are less than interested in all the historical and current wrongdoings that were and are perpetrated (again, on both sides) and are frankly more interested in living somewhere that someone isn’t trying to tear down or bomb their house, arrest, or murder them for no reason. And should that be too much to ask? Is questioning whether or not Israel has the right to displace and oppress Palestinians really an anti-semitic thing to ask? Is it so “out there” to wonder if a certain amount of Palestinians really aren’t that into the actions of Hamas etc?

        • Apartheidthynameispalestine

          ah disparage the person and hope to maintain your superiority lol

          ad hominen attacks not cool Darragh

          why dont you have the guts to answer some of the points Ive raised. a LOT of people want to know the actual history and are fed up with your lies and hatred.

          if only the Pals would accept their Jewish neighbour and stop trying to annihilate them-that’s what you meant yes? if so yes we agree.

          do you have similar concern for any people ACTUALLY who are under threat of houses being torn down and bombed-like oh I dont know MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS ALL OVER THE ME AND N. AFRICA

          or is it only Jews who energise you Irish?

          The Pals are oppressed by their fellow Arabs-concerned? zero free speech, zero freedom of religion, zero gay right, zero elections, zero free judiciary,zero democracy, massive terrorism,and inculcated with hate for Jews and Christians, start and lose all wars against the one Jewish State among 22/23 Muslim Arab states- concerned?

          do facts and truth confuse you ?

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            I’m not answering any of those questions because to be honest I don’t know a huge amount about the history you bring up in your posts, which admittedly I find quite scary with all the ALL-CAPS dotted through them. I’m currently a little busy studying for exams to get into this I’m afraid. No, Irish people have no problems with the Jews, or any other parcel of humanity, apart from those amongst us with specific inclinations who shouldn’t be lumped in with the rational minded (hopefully) majority. I don’t ever have a problem with any group of people at a base level, or judge them for the acts (historical or otherwise) of their people as a whole. I don’t hate all Americans for the actions their leaders have sanctioned in the middle east. I don’t hate Germans for the Holocaust, I don’t hate the British people or Protestants for being the descendants of people who occupied and oppressed those in my country for several hundred years.There are certain facets of Israeli policy I disagree with, yes. That doesn’t mean I support Hamas slaughtering innocent people, nor does it mean I support (or don’t care about) the oppression of Jewish people, Christians, Women, Homosexuals, Muslims, or any conceivable bracket one can drum up to divide and categorise other human beings. My problem is with those who actively seek to segregate, harm, and push their beliefs onto other people in the most ridiculous and obviously bonkers ways, including the goings on in these Arab countries you’ve mentioned, where women can be punished for daring to drive a car for example. Or the policies of Russia with regards to homosexuality, and on and on ad nauseam. I hope you’ll forgive me for getting a little bit long winded here

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            good points-so how come they only ever march against Israel where the ME is concerned? disgusting double standards, appalling cognitive dissonance, or just plain vanilla Jew Hate?

            I agree with certain facets of YOURS and my government and frances and italys and spains and germanys and switzerland and south africas and russias and cubas and venezwalas and zimbabwes and bahrains and saudi arabias and Qatars and norways and swedens etc -we ALL disagree with some governmental policy in every country-marching soon against them , posting against them; advocating against them; bashing the Darragh-nah thought not

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            Because it just so happens to be in the mainstream media alot, And it’s a very polarising and emotive issues for many people. Should they care for all the causes both of us have mentioned over and over? Absolutely. I guess people like accessible, digestible causes they can join without a large amount of effort. And of course there are movements for issues in other countries, and you’re right they don’t get enough attention. Why, who can say for certain, but it is by no means “just plain vanilla jew hate”, amongst day to day people. Where are you from man?. What’s your solution to all this?

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            wow just wow its in the media so the Irish get marching? pathetic!

            stand up to this nonsense my friend dont support Jew and Christian haters, haters of gays and subjugators of women, stand up for democracy and freedom of religion and speech STAND UPFOR ISRAEL ZIONIST AND PROUD!

            its a heck of a lot LESS polarising than the conflict arenas Ive mentioned previously, BUT Jews are involved and therein lies the clue eh?

            solution : stop paying billions to The Pals yr on yr to keep them on the biggest dole queue on the planet peace will prevail PDQ!

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            Why does it always have to be either crazy “anti-zionists anti-semitic anti-rothchild/illuminati new world order” conspiracy people or crazy “there’s a secret anti-semitic anti-zionist new world order conspiracy” people -_-

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            er, dont follow you? didnt u previously call me a nutter for no reason

            oh and i think your confused, the anti israel language you Irish and libs everywhere use is actually “there’s a secret semitic zionist new world order conspiracy” people …lol frickin lol

        • GrahamK

          History is important, you yourself are uttering untruths, that knowledge of history may remedy. You can’t just ignore it. We either try to understand what is broken and than try to fix it. or jump the gun, with our gut feelings, I do not believe in the later.
          But even assuming that your comment was factually correct, why doesn’t China(Tibet), Morocco(West Sahara), Turkey(Northern Cyprus), Russia(Georgia) … and all the other Occupiers are not getting the same level of flames Israel does. I think that’s a fair question, If liberal ideals are the goal. Don’t you agree?

          • Darragh Mc Keon

            Obviously I’ve given an overly simplistic view, and you’re right, history is important in the way you’ve brought up. I can’t argue with that, and I certainly agree. The public consciousness operates in strange ways about these things. I guess mainstream media has a part to play for one. Maybe there’s just a certain apathy that comes with the Western lifestyle for most people. I guess at some point someone decided to concentrate on what was going on in Israel and it went from there. I guess it’s the same thing where no one really thinks about the likes of North Korea when they talk about oppressive regimes. I don’t pretend to offer tangible answers I just expressed my thoughts on this particular matter, no more

          • Ceannaire

            Russia occupies Georgia? Wow! I need to learn more about geopolitics!

          • GrahamK

            It seems we are in agreement than.

    • Ceannaire

      They have no problem at all believing it. They do so to close down debate because they understand that if any debate were to be had they would lose.

      • Darragh Mc Keon

        Tread lightly in this comment section man. Rationality and logic do not go far here O.o

  • Fiachra_Reilly

    So any nice peace-loving liberal who, upon seeing that Israel is a western-style liberal democracy, believes that it should (like every other western-style liberal democracy) be expected to uphold international human rights norms and the rule of law is automatically a suspected anti-Semite.

    • Barry

      You forget context Reilly. Israel didn’t ask for 5 wars waged by Arabs against them. Israel didn’t ask for terrorism. In 1967 Israel asked to trade conquered land for peace but instead got the infamous Khartoum Resolution: no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel. Further proof: the Palestinians have rejected every opportunity provided by Israel for a two state solution. Why? Because they do not recognize Israel’s right to exist. Israel is a beleaguered country that is doing what it must to survive. The Palestinians have made their bed, and now they must sleep in it. The Palestinians have the power to end this dispute in a millisecond. All they need do is accept Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation.

    • GrahamK

      Well, yes. if these alleged liberals are concerned with the rule of law and human rights ONLY WHEN Israel is involved. wouldn’t you agree.

      That was the entire reason for this article, no?

      Don’t you find it odd that (some) of the pro-Palestinian “Liberals” are not concerned when
      - Palestinians in Libya were singled out to pay taxes of $1,550 per year
      - Palestinians in Lebanon are barred from working in syndicated professions
      - Palestinians in Jordan have had their citizenship revoked arbitrarily
      - Egypt’s naturalisation law discriminate against Palestinians.
      And the list goes on and on to the absurd law by the PA that forbids Palestinian to leave the refugee camps until the time Israel will resettles them in Israel proper.

      There is also the glaring questions. What about Jewish Human Rights? What about all the Jews that were ethnically cleansed from the territories by Jordan? Where is the indignations of such “liberals” when innocent Israeli Civilians are targeted by terrorists? Where is the horror on their faces when Christians are being wiped off the ME? Gays are persecuted? Women exploited? and every minority suffer oppression in most of the ME countries? What do “liberals” say on that? And how does focusing on Israel helps all those liberal ideas

      • Apartheidthynameispalestine

        1968, Palestinia­ns were not allowed to own any property in Syria. After 1968,
        this law was changed so that Palestinia­ns were allowed to own one house per
        person, but they are still not allowed to own farm land (Davis 1996).

        Syrian legislatio­n (Citizensh­ip Law no. 276,
        1969), says stipulates that the granting of Syrian citizenshi­p to a person of
        Arab origin normally depends on habitual residence in Syria and demonstrat­ion
        of financial support or livelihood­, but that Palestinia­ns, in spite of
        fulfilling this condition, are not granted citizenshi­p in order to ‘preserve their
        original nationalit­y’.


        In the South of Lebanon, the Lebanese government
        has banned the entry of constructi­on material to the refugee camps since the
        late 1990s.

        The legal status of Palestinia­ns in Lebanon has
        never been addressed since their arrival in 1948.

        In 1987, the Lebanese Government unilateral­ly
        abrogated the 1969 Cairo Agreement, thus cancelling all socio-econ­omic rights
        previously granted to Palestinia­ns.

        Lebanon has placed immense restrictio­ns on the
        Palestinia­ns in the form of legislatio­n: Palestinia­n refugees have no
        political, social or civil rights (UNRWA, 2002). Palestinia­n refugees in
        Lebanon are discrimina­ted against and harassed on a daily basis.

  • Ronan Martin

    Great article Alan I agree with you 100%

  • Adan

    The critical of Israel
    = anti-Semitic argument is very old. Israel has broken every international law
    in the book. From illegally occupying land, settlement building to change
    demographics, collective punishment and last but not least, nuclear proliferation
    (particularly hypocritical given their stance on Iran). Human rights
    campaigners in Ireland are critical of Israel because they inflict terror on
    Arabs under their control every day. Not because they’re anti-Semitic. The Palestinians
    commit horrific crimes as well. But Hamas aren’t a respected international democracy.
    There a terrorist organization, defined so by Ireland and everyone other
    western democracy. Israel acts like a terror state and there is no defending
    their actions given they are a strong, western armed, “liberal democracy”.

    • Trish94903

      Nice rant. Show me that Book of International Law. Oh, you can’t? That’s because it doesn’t exist. The Armistice Agreement of 1948 — which is a legally binding treaty — actually says that the Green Line isn’t a border, and that borders need to be negotiated. The settlements are all built on land already owned by Jews prior to 1948 (the Old City of Jerusalem, for example, or Kfar Etzion or Har Homa) or were built on “state land” not owned by any Palestinian and authorized by the League of Nations, the Mandate and San Remo Convention. Jewish housing built on Palestian-owned land is ordered moved or destroyed by Israel’s famously Leftist Supreme Court. The Oslo Accord, which the Palestinians signed, permits building of additional housing and infrastructure inside existing settlements in their existing borders as of the signing date. No new settlements have been built since then–all the shrieking by the Left over “continued settlement building” is for building permitted by the Palestinians and Oslo. When human rights campaigners in Ireland insist on an end to racist incitement and human rights violations by the Palestinians, and an end to Palestinian violence (there have been over 6000 attacks by Palestinians on Jews this year) with the same fervor that they call for Israel to cease and desist, then we’ll listen to you. Until that time, you’re just trendy Lefty hypocritical poseurs.

    • Apartheidthynameispalestine


      whys that Aden et al?

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    ok Adan

    Ill play -which binding authoritative international laws does Israel contravene, prove that they illegally occupy one inch of this mythical country of Palestine, that ANY neighbourhood /house that Israel builds is illegal, that the Pals have ANY rightful claim to the land -please look at the British Mandate and the Ottoman Land ownership laws try also Balfour, San Remo and the League of Nations and of course UN resolution 2432

    … and when you reply would you also show which ones Palestine contravene including use and training of child and pregnant women suicide bombers, carpet bombing and collectively punishing Israelis 16 THOUSAND TIMES since 2001; the Hamas Charter Article 7; that Palestine Is Judenrein- apartheid statements in excelsis- by Mahmood Abbas et al – THE MOST RACIST DISGUSTING FASCIST STATEMENT BY ANY POLITICIAN SINCE WW2.


    Don’t forget the subjugation of women and their near chattel status in Palestine, the ongoing murder of gays, the total lack of free speech , media and judiciary, the daily incitement to hatred of Jews inculcated across school books, the media and mosques; the forced conversion of Christians at gun point to Islam and the mass expulsion of Christians in Palestine and across the muslim-arab world- Israel had the only growing Christian community ANYWHERE in the ME.

    Adan-Im waiting

    • Adan

      So they deserve their collective punishment is that what your saying?

      • Adan

        and palistine isn’t as you say a state. You cannot hold the population of the occupied territories responsible for the actions of palistinian armed extremists who are, as you say, stateless, to the same extent as you can ask questions of a respected member of the international community when they flout basic human rights. It all just feeds into the collective punishment argument. Paint them all with the one brush. there all just arabs. Thats a dangerous opinion.

        • Apartheidthynameispalestine

          The Palestinians in Gaza voted in a terrorist organisation. They are complicit in the collective punishment of 7.8 million Jews Christians Muslims Ba’hias atheists in Israel

          Read the HAMAS charter article 7 Adan. Its collective punishment calling for the mass annihilation of ALL JEWS.

          The Arabs colonised 5million sq miles of the ME. Israel is just 7.8thousand sq m. Still too much for you and you Arab buddies Adan?

          Youre double standards are now there for all to,see.

          Claiming the Arabs are not bound by intentional law is disgusting. Are you a racist Islamophobe Adan Cos thatsuggest you think they a lesser than others And I call that racist.

          • Adan

            Re read my comment slowly and carefully. I said Palistinians don’t have an organised state controlling every action of its armed forces like Israel do. In the one comment you called me anti-semitic and islamophobic. Which is it? Im neither by the way. Your the one that thinks plaistinians don’t deserve a state. Thats denying them a basic human right, and I’m the racist.

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            which country at war ever does?

            again: two states for two nations-peoples adan?

            the pals have their state-its called Jordan they may get ANOTHER ONE – will jews be allowed to live there-in a country theyve lived for over three thousand yrs-and if not how can u possibly support such apartheid racist ideology?

          • Trish94903

            >>”Palistinians don’t have an organised state controlling every action of its armed forces like Israel do” ROTFL!! Both the PA and Hamas are oppressive dictatorial thugocracies which control every aspect of their people’s lives–and they certainly DO control their armed forces. Hamas runs summer military camps to train children and just opened a “military academy” which takes children as young as 11. Hamas is nothing more than a terror army with civilian dependents attached. And everyone in Gaza supports them, and expressly utter their hopes to slaughter all the Jews. The PA “police force” is armed like an army and its job is to hunt down rivals in Hamas and other groups; in addition, the PA also controls their various alphabet soup of terror gangs–Tanzim, Al-Aqsa Brigades, etc. I would be more inclined to believe that the Palestinians deserve a state if they actually worked on building one instead of stealing dual-use items to make into weapons and terror tunnels, and spent their aid money building infrastructure instead of buying Grads or paying their terror militias….

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            100% correct Trish.

            These Pro Arab Palestinians trot out the same old same old garbage

            load, play repeat every time!

            wonder where that TWENTY BILLION we all gave them has gone? building a state or buying more bombs??

          • Sean

            Ok, I’m not going to engage with you at all because you seem insufferable but (a) Ireland as a state was founded by terrorists, (b) You’re the one being racist by associating all Palestinians with historical Arabs. Of course people are going to vote for extremists when they’ve tanks tearing their settlements up, whatever the reason.

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            Hi Sean

            the TRUTH is ALWAYS insufferable to those fed on a diet of lies, hate and drivel about Israel

            The VAST MAJORITY of these Palestinian Arabs are immigrants to the area. They were not born there and immigrated there post 1881 – AFTER the Jewish Zionists.

            Incidentally I trust you know Zionism=Arabism yes? Ok for Arabs but not for Jews-how double standards of some eh?

            If you bothered to do any research and educate yourself, which would be very useful when debating, you would know that

            Also simple research ,would prove:

            a) arab terrroism on Israel/Jews predates Hamas by EIGHT DECADES .Also u might want to Google al-Husseni the Nazi Grand Mufti and leader of the ‘Palestinian Arabs-uncle of Arafat and hero of Abbas the Holocaust denier.

            b) and this is sooooo poor Sean,. when dd Hamas take control of Gazastan-and when did Israel leave lock stock and tank barrel

            do the math as they say

            ….oh dear, ANOTHER Palestinian supporter who ignores facts -AGAIN!

          • Sean

            I don’t have any view on the matter but you would honestly drive anyone to support Palestine. As for your reply, what?

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            Seriously Sean. U have no view hahahaha. I think u do and I think we can all guess what it is. U must be so proud to support suicide bomber children and jew and Christian and gay hate racists. Are you still all Hizballah now?

        • Apartheidthynameispalestine

          Can you name all members of the international community that. “Flout basic human rights” Adan?

          Its a long long list eh? Yet you and your buddies single out the one Jewish state on the planet

          Weird huh?

        • Apartheidthynameispalestine

          who owned the land you claim is ‘occupied’ before israel? The palestinians? not in a million yrs Adan

          this is VERY important Adan so I look forward to your response?

        • garybkatz

          If the Palestinians are not a state, they can’t claim discrimination by Israel. In other words, one can’t reject the legitimacy of a country but at the same time demand to be treated like a citizen of that same country.

          • meqmac

            I suppose this means that, since Palestinians are not discriminated against their suicide attacks, rockets, hate preaching etc. do not exist and we shouldn’t worry, however many people they kill. Is that what you’re trying to say. It may not have occurred to you that Israel has never discriminated against the Palestinian Arabs as such, but has been defending itself from their vicious assaults since the 1920s.

          • garybkatz

            Meqmac, that’s most certainly not what I’m trying to say. In fact, the Palestinians are the most terrorist minded Muslims in the world, based on polls which ask Muslims in different countries how they feel about suicide bombing and such. I was only trying to point out (in my earlier post) that the Pals want to have their state and eat it too. I don’t think they yet are ready for their own state. Their leadership has prepared the people for war, not for peace.

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine


    Facts trump hyperbole and lies EVERYDAY

    The Balfour declaration was the principal document in the creation of Israel. However it was a non-enforceable declaration of intent that became legally enforceable when it was
    entrenched in international law by incorporation in a resolution passed by the San Remo Conference on April 25 1920. Significantly, the only change made to the wording of the Balfour Declaration was to STRENGTHEN not weaken Britain’s obligation to implement it.

    The status of the Ottoman Empire’s former possessions was determined at the conference in San Remo attended by Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and as an observer, the United States. Syria and Lebanon were mandated to France while
    Mesopotamia (Iraq) and the southern portion of the territory (Palestine) were mandated to Britain, with the charge to implement the Balfour Declaration.

    The conference’s decisions were confirmed unanimously by all fifty-one member countries of the League of Nations on July 24, 1922 and they were further endorsed by a joint resolution of the United States Congress in the same year,

    It is therefore obvious that the legitimacy of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and a Jewish state in Palestine as defined before the creation of Transjordan, all derive from the same binding international agreement at San Remo, that has never been abrogated.

    As recently as April 2010 the binding San Remo resolution was confirmed when a ceremony attended by politicians and others from Europe, the U.S. and Canada was held in San Remo. Below is an extract from the statement
    issued at the conclusion of the commemoration:

    “Reaffirming the importance of the San Remo Resolution of April 25, 1920 – which included the Balfour Declaration in its entirety – in shaping the map of the modern Middle East, as agreed upon by the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers (Britain,
    France, Italy, Japan, and the United States acting as an observer), and later approved unanimously by the League of Nations; the Resolution remains irrevocable, legally binding and valid to this day..”

    “Asserting that a just and lasting peace, leading to the acceptance of secure and recognized borders between all States in the region, can only be achieved by recognizing the long established rights of the Jewish people under international law.”.

    Now, gentlemen, which land was accorded the Jewish State per San Remo and then much later UN Resolution 181-no mention of Palestinians anywhere-whys that exactly? Is it because these Arabs got their state/ land -its called Jordan,78% of which was promised to the Jews- or perhaps ‘The Palestinian’ was invented in 1964 as a political weapon-but certainly NOT an indigenous people!

    THE ARABS REJECTED THEIR STATE(theyve been rejecting it ever since), THE JEWS DIDNT-even though it was a fraction of that promised.! Had the Arabs accepted partition then,there would be no Palestinian refugee problem today!!!!!!

    Keep referring to ‘international law’ guys. it pleases me when you do, cos it shows you know diddly about international law-you just quote verbatum the guff youre force fed by the PSC etal

    Heres a suggestion; do some actual research next time

    • Adan

      The UN Security council has defined Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights, east Jerusalem and the west bank as illegal in several resolutions, all of which were issued after the 1948 declaration. With the occasional exception of the United States an international consensus now exists that Israeli settlements are a contravention of international law and the EU are pressing ahead with legislation that will ban produce from occupied territories. The Geneva Convention and the international court of justice have consistently ruled against Israel on this matter. With regard to the statement that Israeli settlements are only built on land owned by Israelis made by Trish94903,
      are you suggesting that Israelis already owned the Golan Heights before it was conquered from Syria? That’s ridiculous!

      International agreements aimed at limiting the use and proliferation of WMDs is another area of international law which Israel feels it is above. It refused to sign up to innumerable agreements on chemical weapons, cluster bombs and of course the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that it has spent the last few years preaching to Iran about.

      To suggest that Palestinians have no right to a state of their own is an extremist view. Denying Palestinians basic human rights and dignity will only drive them towards the extremists that committed the atrocities you mentioned above. The author was correct in drawing parallels with Northern Ireland. When Thatcher and Callaghan imprisoned guilty and innocent without trial they became the IRA’s best recruiting sergeants. As long as Israel behaves similarly its citizens will be living in constant fear. But I don’t think their position could be compared to the thousands of Arabs living in ruins because Israel deems cement to be a tool of terrorists.

      • Apartheidthynameispalestine

        Nice try Adan. An ” international consensus ” eh? Would that be the one controlled at the UN by the OIC perhaps. The 56 Islamic states that vote as one, then their buddies who need their oil fall into line?

        Far far more resolutions are passed at the UN against democratic Israel yr on yr than against every other country on the planet combined. Why exactly is that Adan. Have you heard about all the conflagrations of international law, the atrocities, the mass slaughters etc going all over the world cf Syria, Saudi Arabia, cuba, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Sudan, Yemen,Lebanon,Iran, Iraq,Afghanistan,Egypt,Mali,China, russia,Azibajan,Turkey ( the worst human rights record in all Europe according to Freedom house) etc etc etc

        Have you heard about occupations in West Papaya New Guinea, in Tibet, in Northern Cyprus etc. are they mentioned/ condemned yr on yr by the UN. ARE THEY CONDEMNED BY YOU ADAN? Of course not Adan. Whys that’s eh? Is it because they don’t involve the Jewish state of Israel. I think therein lies the clue Adan doesn’t it ?

        Next we’ll look at “illegal” settlements.

        • Adan

          By international consensus I mean
          the EU, US and the Security Council. What’s your definition of it? Of course I
          would condemn them. So you compare the legality of Israeli actions with AlAssad
          in Syria, the Sudanese actions in Darfur, etc. I don’t entirely agree. It’s just
          that most Israel supporters think that Israeli actions aren’t as barbaric and
          their cause more noble.

          Below is the text of UN
          resolution 446

          “Affirming once more that the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the
          Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 12 August 1949 1/ is
          applicable to the Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including

          1. Determines that the
          policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian
          and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and
          constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting
          peace in the Middle East”;

          Now quote some 1920 league of
          nation statement in response. The league is on the ash heaps of history for a
          reason genius.

          How can you say that the UN “said
          no such thing”. Are you a liar or just ignorant.

          • Adan

            Also, i meant arabs in Gaza and the west bank. Not arab Israelis. Theres not much beach front properties in Gaza unless there smuggled piece by piece through a tunnel.

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            oh yes there IS Adan -when did u last look?

          • Adan

            How can you say Gaza has one of the highest standards of living in the world? I know Palistinians, I work with them, to say they are all terrorists is like saying all Irishmen are terrorists. Its dangerous talk. Those “oil demanding buddies” are the rest of the developed world (except maybe Norway), so yes they are the international community. And for the record I’m not marching against anyone. I’m bored at work and can’t pass up the oppertunity to rouse the crazies. If there were more people with views like you we would still be fighting stupid religious wars here. Thank God we’ve moved on.

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            I said Palestine has one of the fastest growing GDPs in the region I am right arent I Aden

            Everyone who voted for Hamas, who allows their children to be suicide bombers, who knowinglybecome human shields, who allow rockets and mortars to be set off from their back yards, their schools, their mosques , their hospitals, their sports fields to target Israeli civilians etc is complicit

            again Aden two things

            1) do you agree with the two state solution?

            2) who owned the land of Judah Samaria andEat Jerusalem before Israel won it in a defensive war

            two simple questions

            Im waiting….

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            thx to more people like YOU we ARE still fighting religious wars all over the planet-or hadnt you noticed that either Aden

            in Ireland not so much-why is that Aden-could it be because one side chose to stop trying to annihilate the other or accepted the Peace Walls as necessary for their life perhaps?

            Seems you prefer widing people up than to presenting truth and facts

            thank you once again Aden for confirming the settlements are perfectly legal and that Israel does not contravene ANY international law-now go tell that to your Jewhate crazies in Ireland and elsewhere on the uber left.

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            Do you work with the Palestinian Christians being run out of town in the tens of thousands,or forced to convert at gun point to Islam, even in the universities; what about the ones forced to pay extortion money or made to shut up about the atrocities against them.

            what about the ones who say they never want to live in Palestine but prefer to live in the Jewish State of Israel -work with any of them perhaps Aden? nah thought not.

            This war will end when the Pals admit the right of the Jewish State to live in peace and harmony-shame you lot support war and hate.

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            Thankyou for confirming there is NO INTERNATIONAL LAW THAT ISRAEL CONTRAVENES in regards these perfectly legal neighbourhoods.

            The UNGA resolution you refer to is that which is controlled by the 56 muslim-arab block and their oil demanding buddies. IT IS NON BINDING and countless other countries ignore these non binding UNGA resolutions every day of the week – marching against any of these countries anytime soon Adan? thought not!

            I said the UN security council SAID NO SUCH THING-try reading my actual post other than whats in your febrile mind Aden

            do you ever stop to think why you align yourself with homophobic, misogynistic undemocratic, jew and christian and gay killing/expulsing/force converting Palestinians

          • garybkatz

            Adnan, apparently you consider self defense barbaric. Apparently, you don’t consider naming a children’s day camp after a terrorist who murdered other children barbaric. Look, I know the Middle East is a gigantic pile of horror. But I also know two other facts: 1. If the Arabs had simply accepted the establishment of Israel, not one refugee would exist; and, 2. Israel is among the most stable and safest countries in the Middle East, for Arabs and Jews alike. The only thing Palestinians and Israeli Arabs have to do to stay out of Israeli prisons is not commit or plan violence. Pretty simple.

          • alexa44

            The league is on the ash heaps of history for a
            reason genius.

            Israel’s rights were preserved under the United Nations as well, according to Article 80 of the UN Charter, despite the termination of the League of Nations in 1946. Article 80 established that nothing in the UN Charter should be “construed to alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments.

            “This right is protected by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, which provides that unless a trusteeship agreement is agreed upon (which was not done for the Palestine Mandate), nothing in the chapter shall be construed in and of itself to alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which members of the United Nations may respectively be parties.

            “The Mandates of the League of Nations have a special status in international law. They are considered to be trusts, indeed ‘sacred trusts.’

            “Under international law, neither Jordan nor the Palestinian Arab ‘people’ of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have a substantial claim to the sovereign possession of the occupied territories.”

        • garybkatz

          Good points, Apartheidetc.! I would add that, if people want to defend oppressed Muslims, the minority Muslims of Myanmar would love to hear from them. If they just want to defend oppressed minorities without regard to religion, the Bahais of Iran, the Copts in Egypt, Christians in Pakistan and Nigeria, and an endless list of others, await similar activism. True, they don’t have the PR of the Palestinians, their own UN agency or trendy kaffiyehs, but hey – why should the Pawnestinians, er, Palestinians, get all the attention?

          • meqmac

            The Baha’is do have their own UN office, which helps. But it’s interesting to compare their ignominious fate in Iran, where large numbers have been hanged, their holy places (without exception) bulldozed, their cemeteries dug up, and their young people forbidden to study at university, with their exemplary situation in Israel, a country that gives them full rights and which protects their beautiful buildings and gardens that form the basis of their world centre. You might have added the Ahmadis in Pakistan as another group being persecuted in an Islamic country (and also granted protection in Israel).

        • Maerton Davis

          Actually the Golan area was awarded to Syria by the French in 1923 I think. It was never part of what was Assyria. The the new Iraqi’s wiped out the Assyrians after the Brits made that country that we call today “Iraq”. How lucky that the Syrians attacked Israel from the Golan in 1967 and 1973 and lost. Israel and the Druse population of the Golan would be in a bad way today. Ephraim and Manasheh were the tribal lords of the Golan area in Biblical times. There is no mention of Assad and his murderous friends in the bible.
          Someone, sometime had sense.
          The West bank was once part of Jordan. There was never a Palestine country…ever.!!!

          • Apartheidthynameispalestine

            actually the only time Judah and Samaria (West bank lol) were part of Jordan was when Jordan ILLEGALLY annexed it between 1948 and 1967

            Funny I dont recall any BDS of Jordan at that time OR any calls for ‘Palestinias’ sovereignty over Judah and Samaria inc E Jerusalem as their capital at that time

            Could it be because Muslim Jordan ruled it and these Palestinians are substantially Muslim BUT when the Jews rule it then thats not allowed lol frickin lol

      • Apartheidthynameispalestine

        First thing, THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL HAS DONE NO SUCH THING ADAN. Poor poor start Adan. Did you just copy and paste that from the ‘Pals guide to demonising Israel’

        I asked you to show me the international laws that Israel contravenes . but you can’t can you cos they’re are NONE. I also point out a few of the ones the Pals ignore but you make no comment on them. Whys that Adan. Are Arabs not bound by international laws?

        Again Adan. Show me these International laws that just trip off your tongue but have no actual bearing in FACTS

        The Geneva convention ruled against Israel did it? Dear dear dear. Are you tripping again my friend. Again show me this ruling Adan?

        Do you know ANYTHING about the ME was created out if the Ottoman Empire post WW1 do you have ANYTHING to say about Balfour, San Remo, The League of Nations etc

        Do you know about HIGH CONTACTING PARTIES. As set out in the Geneva Convention that you allude to. If you did you would know that Israel has EVERY RIGHT to Judea and Samaria and all of Jerusalem Do you know that when a country wins a defensive war, as is the cae with all these ares AND the Golan Heights. That country has every right. UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW to annex those areas

        The Pals have less right to a state then, say, the Kurds. You fighting for this rights Adan. Why not? Again. No Jews involved perhaps? Ever question what really motivates you Adan?

        The Pals are mostly immigrants who came to Israel AFTER the Jews came to reclaim their homeland circa 1881. At that time the land was deserted except in Jerusalem, malarial infested swampland in the north and desolate desert in the south. The Jews reclaimed the swamp, drained them and irrigated them and brought back life to it. They turned the desert fertile.

        The Arabs came looking for work and better health and sanitary conditions. Do some research Adan. They are NOT indigenous. They have NEVER owned the land. They have no legal rights to it. NONE, NADA, ZILTCH,

        These Pals have the highest GDP increase, the highest mortality rates , the highest obesity rates, the highest birth rates the highest education on the Arab world- hardly a denial of basis human rights eh Adan
        They are the largest recipients if international,aid per capit in the planet- mostly paid out of our taxes Adan. Yasser Arafat accumulated OVER A BILLION DOLLARS. Abbas has siphoned off over $100M so far. Any proteome they have is their own doing. Make war, lose, lose land. It’s how the ME was created

        Over to you Adan. Can’t wait…

      • Gee

        The UN Security Council resolutions are illegal – every single one of them violate the UN Charter.

        As for the ‘Palestinian’ claims – well the simple fact is that they have no legal claims whatsoever.

        As for whining about Israel that has not violated a single treaty and ignoring that countries like Iran have shows us your extreme racism and stupidity

      • rmill2k

        A few facts, Adan:

        1)None of the UNSC resolutions were series 7, which means they aren’t binding under international law. OTOH, Resolution 1701 calling for Hezbollah to be disarmed was a series 7…seen any UN action on that one? Or are they just obsessed with Israel? Because you and I both know that on a good day, you could get the UNSC to pass a resolution that Jews have horns and tails if someone didn’t veto it. And it would definitely pass in the General Assembly.

        2) A good deal of the area the UN declared off limits to Jews, including the Gush Etzion bloc, much of Hebron and East Jerusalem, Ariel, Gilo, etc consists of property legally purchased by Jews prior to 1948 and illegally seized by Jordan after the residents were ethnically cleansed. Somehow I missed where Ireland or the UN had anything to say about that. Do you not think people are entitled to their lawfully purchased property just because they’re Jews?

        3) There were TWO sets of refugees after 1948 in a conflict that was caused by the Arab attack. Almost one million Jews were ethnically cleansed by the Arab world after everything they owned was plundered. If we’re making an accounting, shouldn’t these claims (close to a trillion US$ in today’s money) be part of the mix? And why do you blame Israel because they took their the Jewish refugees in and settled them in Israel while the Arabs refused to do the same with theirs?

        4) The Golan was used to shell and attack Israeli civilians, and there’s no indication the present regime or their jihadist opposition wouldn’t do the same. Aggressive war has a price tag. when you lose.

        • Apartheidthynameispalestine

          100% factually correct!

          “It should be remembered that in 1918, with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Britain and France were handed more than 5,000,000 square miles to divvy up and 99+% was given to the Arabs to create countries that did not exist previously. Less than 1% was given as a Mandate for the re-establishment of a state for the Jews on both banks of the Jordan River. In 1921, to appease the Arabs once again, another three quarters of that less than 1% was given to a fictitious state called Trans-Jordan.” (
          The total for all the 22 Arab League countries is 6,145,389 square miles (SM). By comparison, all 50 states of the United States have a total of 3,787,318 SM. Israel has 8,463 SM, about one-sixth of that of the State of Michigan. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan are Muslim but not Arab and are not included.
          “… during the late 1940s, more than 40 million refuges around the world were resettled, except for one people. They [Palestinian arabs] remain defined as refugees, wallowing 60 years later in 59 UNRWA refugee camps, financed by multi-billions contributed annually by nations of the world to nurture the promise of the “right of return” to Arab neighborhoods and Arab villages from 1948 that no longer exist.”
          Some 900,000 Jews left behind hundreds of billion in assets when they were for their lives from the Arab countries in the 1940s. They hold deeds for five times Israel’s size.

    • JossefPerl

      This is an exemplary comment!

  • JossefPerl

    There are two forces that make Ireland perhaps the most viroulantly anti-Israel country in Europe today, 1) s strong influence of the church which makes the Irish public receptive to anti-Jewish messages, 2) a vicious anti_israel (and often anti-Semetic) media that feed the Irish public what it is already receptive to hear. Because Ireland was not invaded by Nazi Germany in WWII and the Holocaust did not reach Ireland, Ireland’s anti-Semitism was never exposed,

  • Daniel Eliasson

    Amazing! We need more people like you, Alan!

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    lets not forget whos side many southern Irish supported in ww2:

    A rogues’ gallery that included fascists, Nazi collaborators and war criminals came to Ireland, including some who flourished and became respected members of the community. The IRA terrorists sure had some fascist pals -no pun intended.

    birds of a feather eh? of course the nufascists are mainly on the ultra left now…

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    Two states for two nations- peoples living side by side in peace and harmony yes Adan et al?

  • KyraNelson

    My family was planning to attend the Connemara Pony Festival this year but I think we’ll go back to Italy instead. The Italians are so nice.

  • BradD99

    Israel is surrounded by countries that literally tried to exterminate Israel, over and over and over.

    The Palestinians were a part of that. Which is why for elections, they have never elected peaceful leaders that actually want peace with Israel. They did the opposite. The Palestinians in national elections voted for insane Hamas terrorists. Hamas think if you strap a bomb to yourself and run into a restaurant of innocent people, and blow everyone up, you please God. They literally believe this. Hamas are rabidly anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-gay, anti-human rights, and they don’t want peace with Israel, they want Israel’s death. And that’s who Palestinians voted for.

    Yet, “progressive” extreme-left lunatics rally for Palestinians.

    Israel’s neighbors are insane, irrational psychopaths. So Israel protects itself aggressively.

  • BradD99

    See Syria kill 150,000 Arabs these past few years? (Yet no parades or
    boycotts against Syria). THAT is what Israel is protecting itself from.

    • Ceannaire

      No, most casualties have been perpetrated by the Western-backed opposition.

  • BradD99

    How about respecting Jewish human rights, and the rights of Israelis to not be blown up by the completely insane lunatics outside the country?

  • BradD99

    If Palestinians elected peaceful leaders that wanted peace with Israel, and Israel refused, I’d support Palestinians.

    But Palestinians elected the evil, nazi-like Hamas terrorist organization as their national representatives. They basically voted for the closest thing to Al Qaeda that they could find.

    Israel understands this, and acts accordingly. But extreme-leftists just ignore this, ignore the insane jihadist crap outside of Israel, and just bash Israel for protecting their people.

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    I demand the RIGHT OF RETURN of nearly 900000 Jews ethnically cleansed by Muslim -Arab countries post 1948:

    Country 1948 Jewish population 2004 Jewish population

    Algeria 140,000 Less than 100

    Egypt 75,000 Less than 100

    Iran 100,000 ~20,000

    Iraq 150,000 35

    Lebanon 20,000 Less than 100

    Libya 38,000 0

    Morocco 265,000 5,500

    Syria 30,000 Less than 100

    Tunisia 105,000 1,500

    Yemen 55,000 (in
    Aden: another 8,000) 200

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    The willing dupes on here- the Palakeys if u will- and others, sure must have a hard time explaining to themselves how they manged to be on the side of APARTHEID MISOGYNY AND HOMOPHOBIA. Not to mention UNDEMOCRATIC RACIST regimes particularly those that represent the Palestinians

    Pretty much all Arab countries are apartheid including of course Gazastan and PAstan. Yet the cognitive dissonance of those who deem themselves liberal manages to blind side them to this obvious FACT

    How convenient eh? It’s my neurosis Dr Freud I just can’t help it

    Here’s the thing. These humanitarians find their anger where Jews are in involved yet show no similar concern or conscience for the plight of the Arabs in most Arabic countries whether Muslim or Christian. Of course there are no Jews involved THERE. Keep up! Cos their JUDENREIN. Yes They are APARTHEID regimes yet the libs say and do nothing

    Or flotillas to Syria or Egypt or Jordan or Saudi Arabia or Bahrain or Kuwait or Iran or further afield to china or turkey or morocco- occupiers all.

    Why no BDS of these countries or those with appalling human rights records eg Zimbabwe or N Korea China Russia Turkey Sudan Yemen Libya

    Again. No Jews

    Join the dots everyone. Libs ur a bunch of faced hypocrites

  • Barry

    Guys, guys. This is really so simple. Check out this brief piece from the Gatestone Institute. Read it and understand that the problem between the Palestinians and Israelis have nothing to do with “green lines”, “armistice borders”, or “settlements”. It is only about the failure of the Palestinians and the Arab World at large (check out to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation. Israel, obviously has as much right to exist as any of the other Arab countries that were carved out of the Ottoman empire and the British Mandate after WW I.

    • Apartheidthynameispalestine

      correct Barry

      It always shocks a Pal supporter that neighbourhoods were being built in Judah and Samara when Arafat ruled the roost-NEVER a hint of a problem.

      Also, violence against Jews predates ANY settlement builds ie prior to Israel winning the 1967 war weird huh lol frickin lol so its toss all to do wuith neighbourhoods-being built of course on Israels homeland over 3000yrs and counting

      so why cant a Jew build a house where they want surely to deny any Jew that is racist jewhate? isnt it Mr Obama, Mr Hague, Ms Pillay, et al

  • Parsley

    Funny to find this… Googled for a place to move that has a clue. Ireland!!

    Love Ireland.

    Ireland, don’t ever change.