Dissecting the Policies of the Healy-Rae Hive Mind

Michael and Danny Healy-Rae are most often spoken of together, but where do the differences lie between these two unique and controversial politicians?
By Charlotte Ryan

Potatoes, Audrey Hepburn and Titanic: Ireland’s History of Radio

Róisín Power visits Ye Olde Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio and finds a kaleidoscopic collection of memorabilia from Ireland's broadcast history.
By Róisín Power

Diplomacy in Difficult Times: Dublin’s Lord Mayor and Ireland’s Ambassador on Representing Ireland

Dublin’s Lord Mayor and Anne Anderson, Ireland’s Ambassador to the USA, paint their picture of Ireland in today’s uncertain political climate.
By Alex Crean and John Bethell

Politics, Selfies and Low Blows: The Trends of Oscar Hosts Through the Years

With the Oscars taking place tomorrow, Jennifer Wilson looks back on the sometimes fabulous, sometimes disastrous hosts of Academy Awards past.
By Jennifer Wilson

For Your Consideration: Politics and the Oscars

Ahead of the Oscars this Sunday, Dara McWade examines the politics of the Academy and how a winning "narrative" is created for a film.
By Dara McWade

Political Unrest and Illusions of Glory: the Parallels of WB Yeats and the Beatles

Orla Howells explores the striking similarities in inspiration between two cultural icons, and aligns poems by Yeats with songs of the Beatles.
By Orla Howells

In the Brown Bag: the Humble Origins of an Award-Winning Animation Studio

Ahead of Oscar season, Conor Davage meets with James Stacey of Brown Bag films to discuss the unique appeal of Irish animation in UK and US markets.
By Conor Davage

No Surrender: Bad Blood at 30

As talk of a hard Brexit looms over Northern Ireland and conflicts at Stormont threat to further divide the region, Colm Tóibín and others reflect on his seminal political work.
By Dominic McGrath

Helem: A Home Away from Home for LGBT Lebanon

A centre in Lebanon is providing security and solidarity for the LGBT community in Lebanon amid a quiet sexual revolution in the Arab world.
By Ralph Hurley O’Dwyer

The Most Read Articles of 2016

For the second-ever year, The University Times surpassed one million unique readers in a calendar year, with stories from elections to society guests.