Ginger Spice: A Day at the Irish Redhead Convention

In Crosshaven, Co Cork Gillian Murtagh experiences a festival dedicated to red hair, the people who have it and the pride it can inspire in them.
By Gillian Murtagh

Spending Sixty Hours at the Edinburgh Fringe

Annie Keegan's first visit to the Edinburgh Fringe as a regular punter brings with it a new understanding of the demands of theatre, and questions about the festival's counter-cultural roots
By Annie Keegan

Thirty Years on, Hong Kong’s Johnnie To is Still Making Waves in Chinese Cinema

The director behind some of the best Chinese cinema in the past thirty years.
By Eoghan O Móráin

“I had a bright future ahead of me”: The German Town Supporting Refugees

The German town of Bühl is working to make the integration of refugees into German society as smooth as possible.
By Stefanie Fox

In Dublin, the Headquarters of the Irish Freemasons

Jane Fallon Griffin visits the Grand Lodge of the Irish Freemasons to talk about the organisation's history, conspiracy theories and the role of the modern-day Mason.
By Jane Fallon Griffin

The Double Bind of Sex and Disability in Ireland

Charlotte Ryan investigates the complex laws surrounding the sexual rights of disabled people in Ireland, and how the arts are opening up the discussion
By Charlotte Ryan

Life Imitates Art: Artfully Encouraging Respect for the Female Body

Artist Yolanda Domínguez's feminist demonstrations have ignited the Spanish conversation about female portrayal in the media.
By Jane Fallon Griffin

The Writer Depicting Dublin’s Dark Side

Frankie Gaffney on exploring Dublin's underbelly and gangland crime.
By Jane Fallon Griffin

Skating Onto The Scene: The Women of Irish Roller Derby

Exploring the origins, Irish links and future of up-and-coming American sport roller derby.
By Connor Foley and Jane Fallon Griffin

Overcoming Tedium and Embracing the New on the Camino de Santiago

Maria Schäler recounts her journey along the famous Spanish pilgrimage route.
By Maria Schäler