This Sunday, the National Concert Hall Brings Music’s Biggest Names to Town

Perspectives, the National Concert Hall music series, will host the likes of Lisa O’Neill and Radie Peat this week.
By Ellie O'Neill

For Dublin’s Classic Yellow, the Future is Golden

The band have accomplished more than many in their two years of existence.
By Joe Coughlan

Rachael Lavelle is Finding Beauty in Songwriting Simplicity

Dublin songwriter Rachael Lavelle on the solitude of songwriting – and the value of creating music that listeners can connect with.
By Ellie O'Neill

Crash, Bang – Thumper? Meet the Band Taking Dublin by Storm

Six-person band Thumper have made their mark on Dublin's music scene with a sound covered in fuzz yet still relatable to their growing fanbase.
By Joe Coughlan

Bowing Out With a Bang: The Gospel According to Otherkin

After seven glorious years, Otherkin have played their final notes together. The band talk about music, the future – and ending on their own terms.
By Joe Coughlan

With Fangclub, Unrelenting Grunge-Rock in the Button Factory

Next Friday, alternative Dublin band Fangclub will play their biggest headline show to date in the Button Factory.
By Joe Coughlan

Bath Time With Maija Sofia

Ahead of her album launch on December 6, Maija Sofia sits down to talk about poetry, pre-Raphaelite paintings and pop songs.
By Katy Amos

Blistering Thumper Rock the Grand Social

Dublin sextet Thumper delivered a polished and rip-roaring set last night. It was easy to forget that they're in many ways a local band of Dublin city.
By Joe Coughlan

Chinese Newspaper Are Delivering Full-Colour Punk

Hailing from Meath, Chinese Newspaper are one of the capital's most exciting acts. Their sophomore EP, Late Night Pharmacy, sees them more refined than ever.
By Joe Coughlan

‘He Offered Me Carrot Sticks and a Dip’: The Day I Met Johnny Depp

Stephen Jones, the founder of iconic UK act Babybird, on a moment that's crystal clear in a life of hazy memories.
By Stephen Jones