What We Can Learn From the Lack of Queer Spaces During COVID Times

Club culture is a valued aspect of the Queer social scene – it just shouldn’t be the only aspect, writes Louis Butler Lynch.
By Louis Butler Lynch

Why Trinity Should Introduce A Compulsory Environmental Science Module

Sustainability, climate change, and environmental science affect every degree, and it is time that that is reflected in our university’s curriculums, writes Alix Pletcher.
By Alix Pletcher

Sally Rooney, Naoise Dolan, and Niamh Campbell Have Founded the ‘Trinity School’

Like Trinity campus itself, the writing in these novels can often take place deep within its own microcosm and rarely reflects reality, writes Barry Pierce.
By Barry Pierce

COVID Shows How Hard it is to Fight Climate Change. We Can Do More to Help

Students can feel helpless in the face of climate change, but there is plenty we can do to help, writes Ross McCann.
By Ross McCann

Christmas is a Time of the Year When Your Life is Put On Stage

Christmas for me is about the face you’d make at someone when you’ve given them something you knew they’d really like, writes Robert Quinn
By Robert Quinn

How Staying on Erasmus for Christmas Made Me Appreciate Home

Staying in Paris for the holidays has made me appreciate the uniquely Irish ability to maintain close connections no matter where we are in the world, writes Ben Whyte.
By Ben Whyte

Christmas, For Many, Was a Game of Choices

Now that we’re set to ring in the New Year under level-five restrictions, I can’t shake the underlying feeling that there’s little consolation to missing out at the moment, writes Emer Tyrell.
By Emer Tyrrell

Christmas Alone Is Tough – Here’s What Got Me Through a Lonely Summer Lockdown

The usual self-care tips are a given, but there are other tips and tricks that helped me get through living alone during the first lockdown, writes Cormac Watson.
By Cormac Watson

For Many, Christmas Can Be a Coat Hook For Loss and Nostalgia

When life suffers a loss, and when a tradition is necessarily overturned, its disorienting – most of all, it feels unfair, writes Molly Furey.
By Molly Furey

Why I Miss the Library As It Once Was

The main tragedy with the current library setup is that it has turned the library into a mere location for studying, writes Aoife Kearins.
By Aoife Kearins