The Editorial Board of The University Times

The Editorial Board of the tenth volume of The University Times is comprised of six journalists. The board’s responsibility lies in writing the unsigned editorials of the newspaper, which appear online every week and in every issue of The University Times. Editorials represent the board’s collective editorial voice.

Edmund Heaphy

Chair of the Editorial Board
Edmund Heaphy was the Editor of the seventh volume of The University Times. A former Student Journalist of the Year, he has also received a citation for editorial writing from the US-based Society of Professional Journalists. He is a contributing writer to Quartz, covered Germany for the New York Times, and has worked at both RTÉ and the Sunday Business Post. He is a final-year philosophy and Jewish and Islamic civilisations student.

Ciannait Khan

Assistant Editor
Ciannait Khan is an Assistant Editor of The University Times, having previously served as Opinion Editor. She spent two years working as a freelance writer and content editor, and is currently pursuing a master's in International and Comparative Law.

Donal MacNamee

Deputy Editor
Donal MacNamee is the Deputy Editor of The University Times. He previously served as the paper's Sports Editor, and was appointed Acting Assistant Editor during the 2018 TCDSU elections. As Sports Editor, he exposed Trinity's strong-arm tactics during its acquisition of the Iveagh Grounds sports facility. He has been published in the Journal. He is a final-year English student.

Kathleen McNamee

Assistant Editor
Kathleen McNamee is an Assistant Editor of The University Times. She previously served as both News Editor and Features Editor, and edited coverage of the 2017 Welfare Officer race. As News Editor, she co-ordinated coverage of the repeal referendum, which saw students take a pivotal role in the eventual result. Her writing has also been published in the Irish Times. She is a final-year law student.

Eoin O'Hare

Irish Language Editor
Eoin O'Hare is the current Irish Language Editor of The University Times.

Eleanor O'Mahony

Eleanor O'Mahony is the current Editor of The University Times, having been elected by students in February 2018. She previously served as both Deputy Editor and as Chair of the Editorial Board, as well as an Assistant News Editor. As Co-Elections Editor, she also led coverage of the 2016 TCDSU elections and edited coverage of its presidential race. O'Mahony is the former Public Relations Officer of the Society for International Affairs, and a European Studies graduate.