The Editorial Board of The University Times

The Editorial Board of the ninth volume of The University Times is comprised of five journalists. The board’s responsibility lies in writing the unsigned editorials of the newspaper, which appear online every week and in every issue of The University Times. Editorials represent the board’s collective editorial voice.

Edmund Heaphy

Chair of the Editorial Board
Edmund Heaphy was the Editor of the seventh volume of The University Times. A former Student Journalist of the Year, he has also received a citation for editorial writing from the US-based Society of Professional Journalists. He previously served as a journalist with the Sunday Business Post, where he co-ordinated its daily early-morning business briefing email, and has covered Germany for the New York Times.

Liam Leahy

Irish Language Editor
Liam Leahy is the current Irish Language Editor of The University Times, having previously served as the Deputy Irish Language Editor of the newspaper.

Dominic McGrath

Dominic McGrath is the current Editor of The University Times, having been elected by students in February 2017. He previously served as both Deputy Editor and News Editor. As News Editor, he co-ordinated the newspaper's coverage of the campaign that eventually saw Trinity divest from fossil fuels, among several other major stories.

Eleanor O'Mahony

Deputy Editor
Eleanor O'Mahony is the Deputy Editor of The University Times. She previously served as both Chair of the Editorial Board and as an Assistant News Editor. As Co-Elections Editor, she also led coverage of the 2016 TCDSU elections and edited coverage of its presidential race. O'Mahony is the former Public Relations Officer of the Society for International Affairs.

Róisín Power

Assistant Editor
Róisín Power is the Assistant Editor of The University Times. She previously served as News Editor and Deputy Food & Drink Editor and edited coverage of the 2016 Entertainment Officer race. As News Editor, she led the paper's coverage of the wide-ranging Trinity Education Project, revealing staff concerns about the upcoming reform.