Cosmic Physics, Vaccines and Travel Writing: Trinity’s New Electives Look to the Future

The electives will connect students with the groundbreaking research going on across College.
By Sarah Mooney

The Universities Grappling with Cannabis on Campus

Around the world, as more countries move towards legalisation, colleges have had to figure out how to regulate it.
By Eimear Finan

The Stellar Astrophysicist who Donated Millions to Physics’ Future Stars

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, formerly one of Trinity's Pro-Chancellors, has made a lasting impact on astrophysics – both inside and outside the lab.
By Emma Donohoe

A Birthday Party for the World’s Only Mathematical Graffiti

175 years ago, William Rowan Hamilton made a remarkable mathematical discovery. Every October, hundreds gather to commemorate his work in a most unusual way.
By Aoife Kearins

The Conundrum of Open-Access Publishing

New principles aiming to democratise academic literature have the support of 11 European countries. But will they solve an age-old problem?
By Jake Gilchrist

The Universities on a Mission to Save Ireland’s Bees

As bees continue to face significant hardships, Irish universities are undertaking a quest to save Ireland's ecosystem.
By Charlotte Bowen

A College Immortalised in Literature

With Trinity the backdrop to countless stories, its legacy will be forever enshrined in Irish literature.
By Imogen Kavanagh

‘He Never Met a Stranger’: The Legacy of Don Panoz Lives On

American entrepreneur Don Panoz died in September aged 83. In Trinity and outside, however, memories of him burn as brightly as ever.
By Kathleen McNamee

Trinity’s First-Generation Students Are Treading New Territory

For first-generation students in Trinity, leading the way into third-level education affords them a unique perspective on university life.
By Claire Hourihane

The Universities Fighting to Keep Free Speech Alive

As free speech becomes a flashpoint issue on campuses, academics and students worldwide are striving to combat its effect.
By Kathleen McNamee