From English Studies to Mathematics: How Trinity’s Points Have Changed

A compilation of Trinity's CAO points over the past six years shows just how dramatically points have shot up as a result of the new grading system.

The Blueprints for Trinity’s Long-Awaited Black Studies Module

Academics weigh in on what the new module could, and should, look like when it is launched in Hilary Term.
By Gillian O'Neill

Mental Health Amid a Pandemic

Students talk about their experiences during the pandemic, and the difficulties they faced.
By Dawn Attride

How TBSI’s PhD Students Handled Lockdown

Some complained of a lack of communication and confusion around lab protocols – all, however, found it a bizarre time.
By Shane Walsh

How POC Students Feel Marginalised on Irish Campuses

Irish universities can be an unwelcoming place for people of colour, despite Ireland’s reputation as a welcoming place.

Amid Coronavirus Chaos, Prospective Postgraduates Chew Over their Future

As Irish universities sort out reopening their campuses, Irish graduates are pondering their future.
By Orla Murnaghan

How Washington Students Took on Trinity’s Biggest Food Vendor – and Won

In 2011, students in the University of Washington forced their college to end a 20-year contract with Sodexo.
By Cormac Watson

In a Pandemic, a Virtual Erasmus Offers a New Way of Crossing Cultures

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is a pilot project of the European Commission. Its champions say it's a new way of learning – culturally and pedagogically.
By Naoise D’Arcy

What the Coronavirus Can Tell Us About Climate Change

The lockdown has changed human behaviour. What does this tell us about the climate change fight?
By Alix Pletcher

The Generation COVID: A Tale of Graduates Entering the Unknown

Trinity researchers are trying to predict what the future is for school leavers and graduates as a result of the coronavirus.
By Emma Taggart