In Focus

From Drama Studies to TSM: How Trinity’s Points Have Changed

A compilation of Trinity's CAO points over seven years shows how dramatically some courses have changed and how others have stayed largely the same.

With Third-Level Awaiting News of Teaching Review, UK Students’ Union Caution Wariness

USI are cagey about a possible Teaching Excellence Framework, but we’re unlikely to see some of the more radical boycotts seen in the UK just yet.
By Dominic McGrath

Five Young Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on Breaking Up the Party

Ticketchain are competing with giants like Ticketmaster to put an end to touting.
By Kate Lait

Not Just a Puff Piece: Trinity’s Marshmallow Startup

With the startup industry increasingly crowded, Christine and Bridget Butler are hoping their marshmallow startup will offer consumers something new.
By Ellen McLean

The Trinity Lecturer who Took on the EU – and Won

30 years ago, a Trinity law lecturer led a decision that would reverberate around Europe and change the nature of our country’s relationship with the EU indefinitely.
By Aisling Marren

Changing the Relationship Between Our Mental Health and Technology

A new app developed by a team of Trinity students is set to revolutionise how we look after our mental wellbeing.
By Grace Harris

The Energy Driving One for Ireland’s Plan to Tackle the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Led by former and current Trinity students, May 1st will see businesses around Ireland engage in an exciting initiative to raise money for youth mental health.
By Aisling Curtis

GSU Presidential Candidates on Representing Students in Trinity and Beyond

Candidates discuss supporting international students, improving representation and ensuring committments on a full-time USI postgraduate officer are fulfilled.
By Sinéad Baker

Candidates for Vice-President of the GSU Focus on Welfare, Engagement and Visas

Candidates discuss funding the GSU, aiding international students and thoughts on a full-time USI postgraduate officer.
By Róisín Power and Ivan Rakhmanin

A Home Within the College’s Gates: Trinity’s Academic Residents

While it's well known that students occupy rooms on campus, members of academic staff have chosen to live in Trinity – some for as long as 40 years.
By Anna Moran