Linda Doyle: A Dean Focused on Putting Research at the Centre of Trinity

Linda Doyle is a professor of engineering and the arts, a former director of the SFI CONNECT Centre and Trinity’s most recent Dean of Research.
By Jane Cook

Linda Hogan: A Former Vice-Provost With a ‘Quiet Strength’

Former Vice-Provost Linda Hogan has a background in the School of Religion and plenty of experience at the highest levels of College.
By Emma Taggart

Owen Ward’s Vision For a Traveller-Inclusive Education System

This year, Ward expanded NUI Galway’s University of Sanctuary programme to offer scholarships to Irish Travellers as well as asylum seekers and refugees.
By Sarán Fogarty

A Guide To The Election of the Provost

Applications for the position of Provost will close on December 4th.
By Mairead Maguire

The Bill Using Education to Combat Traveller Discrimination in Ireland

The Traveller Culture and History in Education Bill was introduced to the Seanad in 2018 and has since been forwarded to the Dáil.
By Lucy Sherry

How Students Can Make Trinity’s Campus More Inclusive

What students can do to actively confront prejudice, discrimination and oppression on campus.

Within Innovation Challenge, the Provost’s Passions Collide

This year’s Provost’s Innovation Challenge focuses on making cities sustainable.
By Cormac Watson

Eileen Flynn’s Journey to the Seanad is Like No Other

From her completion of third-level education to her work on the Traveller Culture and History in Education Bill, Eileen Flynn continues her path of activism.
By Naoise D'Arcy

When US President-Elect Joe Biden Visited Trinity

Biden has visited Trinity twice in recent years. Looking back, those who met him recall his warmth and charisma.

Cruachás Cruathaitheachta: Triúir Ceoltóirí Triú Leibhéal ar Thaithí na Paindéime

Pléann ceoltóirí tríú leibhéal conas a chuadar i dtaithí ar an bpaindéim.
By Aoibh Ní Chroimín