Mid-Pandemic, a Trinity Curriculum Unpicks New Dangers to Democracy

Trinity has launched a new online curriculum on democracy – based on an 18-month project with colleges around the world – at a timely moment.
By Naoise D’Arcy

How Ireland’s Scientists are Battling the Coronavirus

Universities and businesses across multiple disciplines are joining hands to fight the worldwide pandemic.
By Dawn Attride

The Trinity Technicians Keeping Research Alive During Coronavirus

Trinity has closed due to the coronavirus, but vital research has to continue – and a small clutch of staff are working to keep it going.
By Rachel O'Leary

When it Comes to Climate, Academics Say We Really Are What We Eat

Climate change is among the biggest problems the world has to face. There's no easy fix, but experts say we can help – with our diet choices.
By Alexandra Pletcher

In 1904, the ‘Steamboat Ladies’ Kicked Off a Trinity Equality Battle. It’s Still Going

From 1904 to 1907, 700 women came to Trinity from the UK to collect their degrees. Experts say they started a conversation that continues today.
By Molly Furey

The Trinity Graduate Helping in a 450km Run for Hospitals

Trinity graduate Paul Allan and five of his friends are running a collective 450km to raise funds for Tallaght Hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic.
By Emma Taggart

On the Frontlines and Behind the Scenes, Students Help Fight the Virus

Around the country, thousands of students – medical and otherwise – are volunteering to help fight the coronavirus.
By Emma Donohoe

How US Politics Is Getting Down With the Kids

The age of social media has engaged students in politics in a totally novel way. Politicians are taking note.
By Gillian O’Neill

With Little Research, and Less Data, Women’s Health Remains Overlooked

Despite the efforts of many academics, data on women's illnesses is acutely limited. It's hard to understand why so little research exists.
By Eithne Duffy

In Climate Crisis, Academics Say Bogs Are Crucial – But They’re Contentious

Bogs are a part of Ireland's national identity. But scientists say we need to change how we manage them in order to mitigate global heating.
By Francesca Farag