With Little Election Debate on Third-Level, Royal Irish Academy Could Have Role to Play

With little debate on third level during general election, there's potential for the views of the academy to influence debate in coming weeks.
By Christopher McMahon

From TCDSU to the Seanad, How Student Politics Reach the National Stage

Kathleen McNamee speaks to a number of former TCDSU presidents on how moving into national politics changed their perspectives and goals.
By Kathleen McNamee

What You Need to Know Before Voting Tomorrow

Everything you need to know about voting in tomorrow's general election.
By Sinéad Baker

In the General Election, the Trinity Lecturer Providing a Voice for Irish Muslims

Dr Ali Selim of the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies speaks to Hugh Mitchell on setting up the South Dublin Muslim Board and representing Irish Muslims in the general election
By Hugh Mitchell

For Some Trinity Students, Tomorrow is the Culmination of Weeks of Canvassing

This rare breed of student has been zealously knocking on doors, leafletting and, in some cases, managing campaigns for the last few months.
By Dominic McGrath and Eleanor O'Mahony

Finding the Difference Between Consent and Conceding in University Consent Workshops

Charlotte Ryan examines consent workshop models in the US and UK, and explores the uneven terrain that is sex ed and consent.
By Charlotte Ryan

In Trinity Leukemia Expert, an Unsung Hero

Trinity alumnus, CBE, and medical researcher Owen Patrick Smith discusses the future of Irish medical research and how it feels to save a life.
By Tom Myatt

Syrian Students in Europe, Torn Between Their Homes and Their Future

Charlotte Ryan and Rana Rassouli speak to displaced Syrian students on the difficulties of pursuing an education in a war-torn climate.
By Charlotte Ryan and Rana Rassouli

The Dark Problem of Ireland’s Young Men

Hugh Mitchell raises the untalked about issue of suicide rates among young men in Ireland.
By Hugh Mitchell

The Doctors and Medical Students Working to Repeal the Eighth

Kate Lawler speaks to Dr Tiernan Murray on the work being done by students, pro-choice organisations and medical professionals in the campaign to repeal the eighth.
By Kate Lawler