The Man Selling Science to Ireland’s Politicians

Ireland outdoes itself when it comes to research. But, for Science Foundation Ireland's Director, there is always room to improve.
By Jamie Sugrue

How the Eighth Amendment Battle Moved to Social Media

Bots, microtargeting and polarisation will all play a role in the upcoming repeal referendum.
By Jake O'Donnell

Academia is Facing an Intelligence Test

The integration of artificial intelligence into education is often met with suspicion. But attitudes are changing.
By Martha Lewis

Damien McClean is Taking Welfare National

TCDSU Welfare Officer Damien McClean wants students to vote him all the way to USI.
By Aisling Marren

Marshalling Letters and Laws for Gender Recognition

As the women reviewing the Gender Recognition Act, Moninne Griffith is well aware of her responsibilities.
By Ellen McLean

How the War on Plastic Came to College Campuses

Around the world, universities are waking up to the damaging impact of plastic.
By Niall O'Sullivan

The Irresistable Lure Abroad for Irish Nurses

For Ireland's student nurses, there still remains few reasons to stay in the country.
By Emma-Louise Nolan

Trinity’s Forgotten World War II Hero

Trinity graduate Mary Elmes can be credited with preventing countless deaths during World War II and the Spanish Civil War.
By Stephen Smith

How Institutes of Technology Fell Out of Favour

Once, institutes of technology were seen as the future. Now, the government has decided they're barriers to progress.
By Aisling Marren

TCDSU Presidents Through the Decades

For the last 50 years, TCDSU and its presidents have been pushing progress forward in Ireland.
By Donal MacNamee