Around the World, Universities Are Speaking Up on Manning Up

Toxic masculinity is a phrase loaded with meaning, and sometimes deeply divisive. But in universities, substantive conversations are starting about it.
By Emma Taggart

How Trinity is Protecting Ireland’s Pollinators

As part of the All-Island Pollinator Plan, Trinity is making steps to create a campus that's more biodiverse – and protects vital pollinators.
By Francesca Farang

In Universities, Academics and Activists Fight for Ireland’s Deaf Community

It hasn't always had much recognition, but at third-level, there's a sense that the Deaf Community is finally being 'listened to'.
By Rachel O'Leary

The Trinity–NCAD Elective Teaching Students How to ‘Fail Marvellously’

Philip Napier, an NCAD professor heading up a new College elective, wants Trinity students to 'step into that unknown experimental place'.
By Emma Taggart

At the Frontlines of the On-Campus Rent Wars

In recent months, students' unions across the country have clashed with colleges over on-campus rent increases.
By Aisling Marren

Coronavirus: Has Ireland Listened To Its Academics?

A month ago, Trinity's response to the pandemic was considered proactive rather than reactive. Has that changed?
By Gillian O’Neill

On Ireland’s Campuses, an Overlooked Demographic: Student Farmers

Farmers don’t have it easy – with long hours and criticism from some quarters, there’s a lot to it. But what’s it like for students in the business?
By Rachel O’Leary

Forever Presence: Remembering Koralek, the Berkeley’s Monument Man

In 1967, the Berkeley Library opened – designed by Paul Koralek. Decades later, it stands as 'an unusual, but deserved feat in modern-day Dublin'.
By Holly Moore

Around the World, Examining Blueprints for a Better Union

In Trinity, TCDSU has looked broadly similar for years now. Could there be a better – and fairer – way of structuring Trinity's students' union?
By Rachel O’Leary and Molly Furey

How to Win a TCDSU Election – From the Designer of Hillary Clinton’s ‘H’

World-famous graphic designer Michael Bierut talks about the importance of design in elections – but why it's also 'bullshit' in a way.
By Molly Furey