A Thinning Green Line

Ireland's army has been in decline for years. Now, forces close to the military are scrambling for a political foothold.
By Cormac Watson

David Norris: Raising the Flag for Gay Rights

The Senator on the fight in the 1970s to put the LGBTQ+ cause on the civil rights agenda.
By David Norris

The ‘Dementia Village’ of the Netherlands

Hogeweyk is a village that aims to offer independence and normality to dementia patients. Supporters say it's a model for society – but critics compare it to the Truman Show.
By Molly Furey

The Brexit Accountability Project

Led by Donkeys took the fight against Brexit to billboards and to Twitter. But now it has happened, what's the future of the project?
By Patrick O'Donoghue

Snapmaps: Less Selfie, More Dystopian Self-Surveillance

It’s absurd at best and sinister at worst that something as personal as location is free information to people you met once, writes Jordan Nann.
By Jordan Nann

Ireland’s Next Kingmaker?

Green TD Joe O'Brien is an up-and-comer in a party riding high in the polls. But what of the million-dollar question: could the Greens create a coalition government?
By Patrick O'Donoghue

Not for the Faint-Hearted

In his 30-odd years working in Irish film and TV, Fintan Connolly has seen a lot of change. But he hasn't struggled to balance old and new.
By Donal MacNamee

Broken Social Scene

To many who frequent them, several of Dublin's nightlife spots are increasingly symbolic of a community wrestling with its identity.
By Eliana Jordan

Does Cosplay Have a Dark Side?

For many, cosplay is an accepting community that offers a chance for self-expression. But the scene isn't without its problems.
By Orla Murnaghan

Meet the Activists Fighting Fossil Fuels – Here and Everywhere

Not Here, Not Anywhere is a climate collective pushing to end Ireland's dependence on fossil fuels.
By Samuel O’Brient