It’s After Years of Frustration That We’ve Voted to Take Industrial Action

Jack McGinley, President of SIPTU's Education Sector, on why the union's Trinity branch has voted to take the first strike action in the College since the 1990s.
By Jack McGinley

Far From a Nuisance, Industrial Action the Only Leverage Left for Trinity Academics

Dermot Frost, Secretary of Trinity’s branch of the Irish Federation of University Teachers, on why Trinity staff are balloting for Industrial Action.
By Dermot Frost

No, College Tribune, That Wasn’t Plagiarism in Trinity News

The College Tribune yesterday reported that Trinity News apologised for plagiarising articles from UCD newspapers.
By Edmund Heaphy

Higher Education Can Benefit Ireland, But to do so it Needs to be Invested In

Vincent Cunnane, President of Limerick Institute of Technology, argues that higher education needs to be invested in to ensure it remains open to all.
By Vincent Cunnane

The Threat of Populism to Higher Education

Former Head of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) Tom Boland discusses how the rise of populism around the globe will affect higher education.
By Tom Boland

It’s Time to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Acknowledging Fossil Free TCD's recent success, Eamon Ryan TD, outlines Ireland's next big environmental challenge.
By Eamon Ryan

Why I Took the Decision to Make Third-Level Education Free

Former Minister for Education Niamh Bhreathnach discusses her time in government and why she introduced free third-level fees in 1996.
By Niamh Bhreathnach

UCD Students Should Vote to Take a Neutral Stance on Abortion

Roger Berkeley, an organiser of the UCD Students For Fair Representation group, argues that UCDSU students should vote to adopt a neutral stance on abortion.
By Roger Berkeley

Proposals Similar to a Graduate Tax Could Help Deal With Funding Challenges

Between the funding crisis, rising student numbers and Brexit, the Irish third-level sector is in dire need of a new funding model to meet these challenges argues Brian Hayes MEP.
By Brian Hayes

From Funding to Policy Failings to the Casualisation of Staff, the Very Fabric of Third-Level is Threatened

Mike Jennings, General Secretary of the Irish Federation of University Teachers, on some of the biggest issues facing the sector, both students and staff.
By Mike Jennings