Proposals Similar to a Graduate Tax Could Help Deal With Funding Challenges

Between the funding crisis, rising student numbers and Brexit, the Irish third-level sector is in dire need of a new funding model to meet these challenges argues Brian Hayes MEP.
By Brian Hayes

From Funding to Policy Failings to the Casualisation of Staff, the Very Fabric of Third-Level is Threatened

Mike Jennings, General Secretary of the Irish Federation of University Teachers, on some of the biggest issues facing the sector, both students and staff.
By Mike Jennings

Even as Public Funding to Universities Decreases, Government Preoccupation with Control Increases

Prof Eoin O'Dell explores how the political agenda looks for control over the raising and expenditure of funding received from non-state sources.
By Eoin O'Dell

Trinity Will Play a Leading Role in Combating Climate Change

Provost Patrick Prendergast discusses the vital role that Trinity and other universities must play in addressing global climate issues.
By Patrick Prendergast

Entrepreneurship is for Everyone, not Just Business Students

President of the Trinity Entrepreneurial Society (TES), Conor Leen, outlines why studying business should not be a requirement to become involved with entrepreneurship.
By Conor Leen

Rankings are the Latest Assault on the University

Senator Sean Barrett argues that world rankings, which are increasingly becoming a focus in Trinity, often come at the expense of students.
By Sean Barrett

Conversations on Repealing the Eighth Must be Rationally Informed

Laura Harmon discusses the reasoned and contemplative debate that must emerge around the issue of repealing the eighth.
By Laura Harmon

This Generation of Young Women Must Continue the Fight for Equality

Ivana Bacik discusses the career path she took and the barriers that still exist for young women today.
By Ivana Bacik

Voting No to USI is Not Just a Simple Rejection of a National Union

Chris Lee, a campaign manager for the no side in the 2013 UCD disaffiliation referendum, argues that the debate about reaffiliation is more nuanced than some imply.
By Chris Lee

Finally a Tenure System That Seeks Gender Equality

Linda Hogan, Vice-Provost of Trinity, discusses the changes to the tenure-track system in order to equalise access.
By Linda Hogan