How Universities Put Survival Before Their Staff

Ulf Strohmayer argues that entrepreneurial, commercialised universities have become shadows of their former selves.
By Ulf Strohmayer

How Ireland’s Female Revolutionaries Forged the Way

When fighting for women's reproductive rights, let's take inspiration from history's trailblazers, writes Sinn Féin's Louise O'Reilly.
By Louise O'Reilly

Repeal Referendum is a One-Time Opportunity

Securing a referendum on the eighth amendment has been long and arduous. Let's not take it for granted, writes Brendan Howlin.
By Brendan Howlin

To Transform Society, We Must Defend Our Education

Free third-level education isn't a drain on society. Compared to tax evasion, it's a drop in the ocean, writes Paul Murphy.
By Paul Murphy

Students Need to Shut Down More Than Just the Book of Kells

Take Back Trinity should end only with publicly funded education for all, writes Kevin Keane.
By Kevin Keane

The Opt-Out Referendum is a Matter of Basic Rights

TCDSU is valuable for students, but so is students' freedom to choose, writes James Martin.
By James Martin

Students Aren’t Snowflakes. They’re Fearless

Take Back Trinity was a welcome attack on commercialisation in our universities, writes Dr Daragh Downes.
By Daragh Downes

Staff and Students Should Unite to Take Back Trinity

Unite's Cieran Perry offers staff support to the campaign against supplemental exam fees.
By Cieran Perry

All of Ireland’s Universities Must Face Brexit Together

Anne Fuchs argues that Brexit offers opportunities on both sides of the border.
By Anne Fuchs

A Post-Brexit Future Needs Versatile Graduates

The President of DIT, Brian Norton, argues that the challenges of Brexit means Ireland's graduates need to be more flexible than ever.
By Brian Norton