Hard Brexit ‘Vandalism’ Cannot Endanger University Links

Universities will be among the hardest hit from the effects of Brexit, writes Anton Muscatelli.
By Anton Muscatelli

Revelation of the Knights Hazing Was Clearly in the Public Interest

The Trinity News legal analysis of our Knights' hazing story is incomplete, writes Prof Eoin O’Dell.
By Eoin O'Dell

Universities Should Take Nothing for Granted, as Populism Struts on a World Stage

Higher education institutions are not immune to the influence of populism, writes Tom Boland.
By Tom Boland

The Government Must Stand Strongly Against Israel’s Sustained Breaches of International Law

Niall Collins argues in favour of the Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill.
By Niall Collins

The Burkean Has Diverged from its Original Purpose and Crossed a Line

The publication has increasingly focused on radical right-wing-thought and alienated many of its original readers, writes Louis Hoffman.
By Louis Hoffman

Freedom and Flexibility are the Hallmarks of the Most Successful Universities

Universities are ready to tackle the challenges that face them but they must be given autonomy to do so, writes Patrick G O’Shea.
By Patrick G O’Shea

Everyone Deserves to Have a Roof Over Their Heads

Budget 2019 fell short of what is needed to alleviate the housing crisis, writes Darragh O'Brien.
By Darragh O'Brien

Forget Empty Promises. We Must Act on Climate Change Now

Nothing short of immediate and radical action can prevent environmental catastrophe, writes Bríd Smith.
By Bríd Smith

Students Must Take Action to End the Housing Crisis

Without action, the housing crisis will worsen, writes Shane De Rís.
By Shane De Rís

After Crucial Steps Forward, Students Cannot Afford to Sit on Their Laurels

Ireland is emerging as a progressive, inclusive nation, but we have a long way to go yet, writes Laura Harmon.
By Laura Harmon