Why I Can’t Support a Student Loan Scheme

Carol Nolan, Sinn Féin education spokesperson and a member of the committee considering higher education funding, on the serious flaws in loan schemes.
By Carol Nolan

Citizens’ Assembly Vote is an Important Vindication of Human Rights for Women and Girls

Many political and media commentators seek to paint the issue of abortion as controversial or divisive. It is not.
By Colm O'Gorman

Academics and the Freedom to Express Controversial Opinions

Dr David Landy argues, in light of Trinity's upcoming conference on academic freedom, that it is universities' duty to discuss and shed light on controversial topics.
By David Landy

This as a New Beginning for Science

Trinity's Professor of Biochemistry on what drove a normally laboratory-bound community on to the streets in support of science.
By Luke O'Neill

The Role Students Will Play in the Next Stage in the Abortion Rights Campaign

Annie Hoey, President of USI, writes that students must be ready to campaign following the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly.
By Annie Hoey

Our Approach to Obesity Needs to be More Compassionate

Dr Francis Finucane, a consultant endocrinologist in Galway University Hospitals and honorary senior lecturer in NUI Galway, argues for a different treatment of obesity.
By Francis Finucane

Brexit is “Game on” and Irish Higher Education Needs to Prepare for the Challenge Ahead

Former Head of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) Tom Boland argues that we need to enlist all of our talents as we prepare for Brexit.
By Tom Boland

This Referendum is Chance for Students to Claim Their Own Space in Trinity

With students voting this week, TCDSU President, Kieran McNulty, outlines the case for a student centre and new student spaces in Trinity.
By Kieran McNulty

It’s After Years of Frustration That We’ve Voted to Take Industrial Action

Jack McGinley, President of SIPTU's Education Sector, on why the union's Trinity branch has voted to take the first strike action in the College since the 1990s.
By Jack McGinley

Far From a Nuisance, Industrial Action the Only Leverage Left for Trinity Academics

Dermot Frost, Secretary of Trinity’s branch of the Irish Federation of University Teachers, on why Trinity staff are balloting for Industrial Action.
By Dermot Frost