Opinion Contribution


Praying Helped Me – Slowly but Surely – Improve My Relationship With Myself

Everyone’s different, but praying for someone’s well-being, or upon the loss of a loved one, surely helps the mind to cope, writes Robert Quinn.
By Robert Quinn

There’s No Shame in Getting an STI Check – Why Do We Act Like There Is?

If you think you have an STI, get it checked – it's a no-brainer, and nothing to be ashamed of, writes Ella Connolly.
By Ella Connolly

It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Ireland’s Role in the Colonial World Order

Outside of academia, the role of Irish people in the colonial world isn't as widely discussed as it should be, writes Aoibh Ní Chroimín.
By Aoibh Ní Chroimín

As a Perfectionist, Trinity Can Be a Nightmare

The mindset of 'everything I do has to be done perfectly' is harmful, writes Emer Moreau – beating yourself up won't help you achieve your goals.
By Emer Moreau

We Need to Talk About Suicide

Suicide is a crisis that is robbing people of their futures, and we need to start acting accordingly, writes Alex Connolly.
By Alex Connolly

I Was in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship – I’m Still Standing

In relationships, emotional abuse can take many forms. It's important to know the signs.

Bullying Leaves Scars – But it’s Possible to Move On

Bullying should not be inevitable, and experiencing it is not a box to be ticked in the checklist of becoming a well-rounded person, writes Eimear Finan.
By Eimear Finan

The College Experience is a Myth – and Not a Convincing One

The idea that college will be the best years of your life and you’ll spend them in perpetual bliss isn’t the reality, writes Sárán Fogarty.
By Sárán Fogarty

Irish Students Must Learn From Hong Kong Protests

In Hong Kong, pro-democracy protestors have been campaigning for 13 weeks. Ireland's students must pay heed, writes Katy Amos.
By Katy Amos

My Mum Needed an Accessible Toilet at the Summer Series. She Was Denied

My mother's experience at the Trinity Summer Series shows the urgent need for a conversation about non-visible disabilities, writes Amber Davy.
By Amber Davy