Opinion Contribution


With Research and Funding, Greater Attention Should be Given to Minority Illnesses

Yasmine Tadjine argues that more research funding and charitable donations should be given to less well-known illnesses.
By Yasmine Tadjine

The Question of Reclaiming the Word Queer

As we approach the end of Rainbow Week, Lauren Guy examines how the word 'queer' is being reclaimed as an all-inclusive term by many in the LGBT community.
By Lauren Guy

I’m Protesting for Disability Rights. Students Should Join Me

Ahead of tomorrow's student-led protest outside of Leinster House, Niamh Herbert argues that Ireland needs to urgently ratify the UN Convention for Rights of People with Disabilities.
By Niamh Herbert

You Can be Body Confident Without Being Fitness Obsessed

With many people embarking on new fitness regimes this month, Louise Lawless warns of some of the potential negative effects of being a fitness fanatic.
By Louise Lawless

The Dangers of Manufacturing a Hierarchy of Degrees

Philip McGuinness argues that the perceived hierarchy of college courses is counterproductive to students' university experience.
By Philip McGuinness

Schols is Unpleasant, Challenging and Isolating. Don’t Give Up

The exam is gruelling and a source of pain for many, but it's a challenge that is definitely worth a go, explains one Schols veteran.
By Christopher McMahon

The Way We Use Social Media Excludes too Many From the Discussion

In using social media as our main form of political engagement, we fail to connect with a large number of moderate individuals who don’t share their political views online.
By Isabelle Duff

With the Union Voting in Favour, Dispelling the Doubts About Drug Decriminalisation

Robert Keogh outlines the benefits to society, and to students, that would come with drug decriminalisation.
By Robert Keogh

Graduation: Picking Your Pocket on the Way Out

The final farewell to Trinity also provides one last opportunity for College to make money from its students.
By Jack Marks

Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness Can and Must be Broken

Ellen Orchard argues that open and unapologetic discussion of our mental health can break the stigma surrounding mental illness
By Ellen Orchard