Opinion Contribution


For Postgraduates, The 1937 Reading Room Is Not Fit for Purpose

Denis Ryan argues that the dedicated study space for postgraduate students is inadequate and outdated.
By Denis Ryan

Feminists of Trinity is Misguided: Society Doesn’t Need the Constricting Ideology

James Behan argues that feminist thought extends far beyond inoffensive platitudes about equality.
By James Behan

Ticking “No Religion” on the Census Could Lead to Much-Needed Change

Simon Foy argues that the declining influence of the Church in Irish society deserves to be reflected in the upcoming census.
By Simon Foy

With Mental Illness, Broken Once Need Not Equate to Broken Forever

Kayle Crosson on her experiences with depression and anxiety, and how you're not alone no matter how low you feel.
By Kayle Crosson

As Friends Prepare for Erasmus, It Can Feel Like You’re Being Left Behind by Staying Here

Ellen Orchard argues that, though Erasmus is an amazing opportunity, remaining in Dublin can be equally rewarding too.
By Ellen Orchard

Hiding in Plain Sight: I’m Many Things, But I’m Not a Man

I want to be and deserve to be treated as a human being but there are people out there who disagree with me on that point.

In Ireland, Fathers are Seen as Disposable Utilities

James Behan argues that fatherhood is seen as a privilege to be granted, rather than an inalienable right.
By James Behan

The 1916 Commemoration was Impressive, but In Some Ways Misguided

Megan McDermott argues that the prioritisation of relatives and the focus on military aspects may not have been what the Rising's participants had in mind.
By Megan McDermott

Spend Less on Alcohol and More on Experiences This Summer

As we ask ourselves what we're going to do with our four month break, maybe the answer shouldn't be tequila shots.
By Louise McCormack

Zero-Hour Contracts are Unfit for Purpose and Unfairly Target Students

Loic Delorme argues that, while zero-hour contracts may have started with good intentions, they now merely exploit young people.
By Loic Delorme