Opinion Contribution


Why Study Irish?

Peter Weakliam examines the unique benefits afforded to the Irish speaker.
By Peter Weakliam

Feeling The Final-Year Fear

Charlie Collins examines the existential panic of trying to figure out what you’re going to do when you graduate.
By Charlie Collins

Changes in the J1 VISA Programme Will Ruin a Tradition for Irish Students

John Conway argues that the new requirement tarnishes the programme and will result in less students visiting America every summer.
By John Conway

An Irish Sugar Tax Could Tackle Health Concerns

The Irish government needs to listen to public calls for restrictive measures on sugared drinks.
By James Larkin

Trinity as a Saving Grace for Dublin’s Aesthetic

In a city in aesthetic decline, the historic beauty of historic sites like Trinity provide a model for the rest of the capital.
By Ciaran Sunderland

Discussing Consent in University Shouldn’t be an Opt-out Matter

Paul Glynn argues that in order for all students to be able to live in a safe and enjoyable environment, we cannot make exceptions in who should be educated about sexual consent and harassment.
By Paul Glynn

Discontinuing the Study of Irish would be a Profound Loss

A decline in demand should not lead to the end of the academic pursuit of Irish.
By Megan McDermott

By Ignoring Student Issues, the Government Misses a Tremendous Opportunity

John Conway argues that the government will regret neglecting the youth vote
By John Conway

Divestment is Urgent and Essential, Because We Have No Planet B

Maintaining investments in fossil fuels is a cynical move when it comes to our future.
By Colm Tong

Motion to Promote Refugee Education a Good First Step, but Not Enough

TCDSU must put pressure on the Irish Government to change their approach to refugee education.
By Loic Delorme