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How I Am Relearning Relaxation After College

After the flurry of deadlines that comes at the end of your final year, it's difficult to unwind and learn to live again, writes Natalia Toborek.
By Natalia Toborek

Íomhá ‘Éilíteach’ na Gaeilge – An Bhfuil Athrú de Dhíth?

Is mór an t-athrú ginearálta atá tagtha ar dhearcadh i leith na nGael ar feadh na mblianta, dar le Malachi Ó Marcaigh.
By Malachi Ó Marcaigh

After a Year in Trinity, I’ve Finally Found My Feet

Adjusting to life in Dublin and Trinity took some getting used to, but now I've found my place here, writes Faye Curran.
By Faye Curran

How TSM Students Became TEP’s Latest Casualty

The new joint-honours programme is an ill-thought-out replacement of TSM, writes Emer Moreau.
By Emer Moreau

Graduation Marks the End of an Era

Graduation can be a bring with it mixed feelings as you realise that the community you built in Trinity is gone, writes Louise Lawless.
By Louise Lawless

In Defence of the Trinity Electives

Robert Quinn writes that the 27 Trinity Electives available in 2019/20 embrace the areas that modern minds should care to be educated in.
By Robert Quinn

Students Will Forgive College Many Things. Adding To Exam Stress Isn’t One

College’s latest timetabling blunder makes an already stressful exam season even more difficult, says Jack Synnott.
By Jack Synnott

The Romance of Dublin’s Public Transport Services

Moving to Dublin sparks a love of the city's extensive public transport systems, writes Faye Curran.
By Faye Curran

For Many Students, Dropping Out Isn’t the Challenge – It’s Staying In

Being in a course with a high dropout rate is demoralising at best and actively discouraging at worst, writes Aoife Kearins.
By Aoife Kearins

Cúis Ceiliúrtha don Ghaeilge i QUB – ach Tá Cúram ag Teastáil

Tá an teanga anois i lár an aonaigh i bpolaitíocht na mac léinn chomh maith le polaitíocht ag Cnoc an Anfa.
By Eoin O'Hare