Opinion Contribution


Medicating my Depression was a Lifesaver

For Mental Health Week, Anna Moran discusses her experiences with medication and the way in which it changed her life.
By Anna Moran

The Fire Talk Analogy Misleads in Talks About Consent

James Behan argues that consent classes will not address the "grey areas" of sexual assault.
By James Behan

LGBT Hustings Shouldn’t Be the Hunger Games

Sarah Scales argues that LGBT hustings has become a forum for meanness, jeopardising students’ perceptions of the LGBT community as a whole.
By Sarah Scales

In a Digital World, Plans Don’t Mean Commitment

Elizabeth Quinn contends that technology gives us more flexibility but less responsibility.
By Elizabeth Quinn

Students are Organised and Angry in the UK. What Can we Learn?

Denis Ryan compares student responses to fee increases and funding cuts in Ireland and the UK, and contends that Irish students can do more.
By Denis Ryan

Is Trinity Failing to Bridge the Gap Between the Arts and the Sciences?

As College prioritises STEM subjects, a concern for the future of other courses remains.
By John Bethell

For Women, Alcohol is a Poisoned Chalice

Emer Gerrard explores the complicated relationship between women, alcohol, and health.
By Emer Gerrard

The “Help! I’m not involved enough!” Guilt

Ellen Orchard argues that second year can become a time for CV-building and one-upmanship for who is the most involved in College life.
By Ellen Orchard

Until the Revolution Comes, Working Group Loan Recommendations Aren’t So Bad

Cathal Kavanagh argues that an income-contigent loan scheme, in addition to increased maintenance payments, isn't the neoliberal plot it's made out to be.
By Cathal Kavanagh

Cothrom na Féinne i leith na Gaeilge ag Teastáil agus Muid ag Déileáil leis na hEalaíona

Tar éis na gluaiseachta #WakingTheFeminists, is gá aitheantas a thabhairt don neamhaird náisiúnta a thugtar do mháistrí litríochta na Gaeilge sa tír seo.
By Colm Ó Néill