Opinion Contribution


We Shouldn’t Tiptoe Around Suicide

On World Mental Health Day, Sarah Ledden debunks misconceptions regarding suicide
By Sarah Ledden

A Loss in the Community, and an Awareness of Mortality

Jenna Clarke-Molloy examines her awareness of mortality following loss.
By Jenna Clarke-Molloy

Trinity and the Tricolour

Paul McNamee argues that Trinity should fly the flag on the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising.
By Paul McNamee

New Debates in the Decriminalisation of Drugs

In light of new information about student drug use, John Bethell argues that regulation, rather than prohibition, is the way forward for Irish drugs policy.
By John Bethell

Solidarity Defines Us When Times are Tough

Ciaran Gaffney argues that negative stereotypes draw an incorrect image of Ireland.
By Ciaran Gaffney

The Need for A Better Maternity System

Problems faced by Trinity's midwifery students echo national and international hindrances to securing women's rights.
By Fatimah Alaya-Kenny

Who Gets to Name What?

The opening of Kinsella Hall is a hopeful sign for the future of higher education funding in Ireland
By Daniel O’Brien

More Than A Bit Of Sport

Ahead of the Sports Centre preferendum, Daniel O’Brien weighs up all the options and sees a need for change.
By Daniel O'Brien

Fear and Loathing in the Ussher Tower

Battling it out in the under-seated and oversubscribed libraries.
By James Bennett

Be Reasonable – DrinkAware

Daniel O'Brien talks about the realities of drinking awareness and alcohol consumption.
By Daniel O'Brien