Opinion Contribution


Ag Lorg Réiteach le hÉag na Gaeilge ar Scoil

Agus an méid céimithe agus múinteoirí Gaeilge dara leibhéil ag laghdú, áitíonn Philip McGuinness go gcaithfimid ár gcur chuige maidir le hoideachas na Gaeilge a athrú.
By Philip McGuinness

Responsibility, Flexibility and Experience: What I Learned Working at a Startup

Rejecting the stability of big companies, one former student found that working for a startup meant new knowledge, new experiences and more responsibility.
By Conor Broderick

A Foreigner’s Perspective on Abortion in Ireland

Julie Irigaray discusses what it's like to experience Ireland as student coming from a country where abortion has been legal for decades.
By Julie Irigaray

I Learned About Consent in School Aged Nine. We Need a Greater Dialogue in Ireland

Terms like rape and consent were introduced into the class discussion in a matter-of-fact way that allowed the topic to be normalised and understood.
By Arianna Schardt

Polaiteorí Scaipthe ar fud an domhain do Lá Fhéile Phádraig: An Fiú É?

Agus airí ag tabhairt cuairte ar chuile cearn den domhan, cuireann Philip McGuinness ceist maidir leis an tairbhe atá ag baint leis an traidisiún taidhleoireachta sin.
By Philip McGuinness

Why Students Should Embrace the Easy Life

Shane Kenneally on why we should embrace the formative years, even if they lack direction.
By Shane Kenneally

Solving Irish Unity is Puzzling, Contested and Complex. A Referendum Won’t Provide Any Answers

It's unclear why we think a hasty referendum, following Britain's misguided referendum on EU membership, is going to deliver a clearer answer.
By Dominic McGrath

Spending 24 Hours in a Wheelchair Proved Trinity is Not Accessible

Taking part in today's 24-hour wheelchair challenge proved how difficult Trinity is to navigate, and how 'accessibility' needs to be more than a buzzword.
By Kathleen McNamee

Discussion on Irish Unity Must be More Practical and Less Abstract

Stephen O'Neill argues that students should embrace the complexities of a united Ireland and vote to mandate TCDSU to support it.
By Stephen O'Neill

Compromising Childhood Dreams for a Stable Career

The struggle between choosing between your passions and a steady, future career path.
By Louise Lawless