Opinion Contribution


The Practical Case for a Vote to Re-Open Nominations

Students often don't see voting for RON as a legitimate option in uncontested races.
By Jack Synnott

It’s Time to Talk about Vaccine Misconceptions

In light of the recent mumps outbreak in Trinity, Cillian Gartlan clears up the myths around vaccines and herd immunity.
By Cillian Gartlan

Being a Young Person Today is Exhausting

Pressures from social media, work and college leave students burnt out, writes Faye Curran.
By Faye Curran

An Unhealthy Mind Can Lead to An Unhealthy Brain. Let’s Not Forget That

Highlighting depression and anxiety is important, but we must remember that mental health disorders come in many forms, writes Yasmine Tadjine.
By Yasmine Tadjine

Racism is Alive in Ireland – Even Here in Trinity

Students experience stereotyping and stigma on campus, writes David Ola.
By David Ola

Hazing Is Not Necessary for Creating Team Spirit

From inside a club, it may seem harmless, but students need to realise the dangers of these practices, writes Cormac Watson.
By Cormac Watson

The Trials of Being a Non-Drinker in College

Most College social activities are alcohol-centered, writes Emer Moreau.
By Emer Moreau

College Comforted Me as I Recovered from Illness

Trinity made me feel able to deal with my cancer and everything that came in its wake, writes Orla Murnaghan.
By Orla Murnaghan

Politicians Respect Protest. Why Aren’t We Out Every Week?

To make protests work, the movements need to be accessible and cater for people of all political stripes, writes Cormac Watson.
By Cormac Watson

Thanks to Spotify, We Can Enjoy Watching Each Other’s Studying Soundtracks

Watching what our friends are listening to on Spotify's friend activity sidebar offers comic relief during study season, writes Aoife Kearins.
By Aoife Kearins