Opinion Contribution


The Trials of Being a Non-Drinker in College

Most College social activities are alcohol-centered, writes Emer Moreau.
By Emer Moreau

College Comforted Me as I Recovered from Illness

Trinity made me feel able to deal with my cancer and everything that came in its wake, writes Orla Murnaghan.
By Orla Murnaghan

Politicians Respect Protest. Why Aren’t We Out Every Week?

To make protests work, the movements need to be accessible and cater for people of all political stripes, writes Cormac Watson.
By Cormac Watson

Thanks to Spotify, We Can Enjoy Watching Each Other’s Studying Soundtracks

Watching what our friends are listening to on Spotify's friend activity sidebar offers comic relief during study season, writes Aoife Kearins.
By Aoife Kearins

Castigating Trigger Warnings isn’t Only Hypocritical – It’s Absurd

When society fixates on warnings issues by bloggers instead of the divisive language of the powerful, something has gone very wrong, writes Ross Malervy.
By Ross Malervy

Lending Money in College Can Be a Minefield

Lending and owing money is a natural part of college life but things can become difficult when you don't get paid back.
By Paddy Mockler

It’s Not Radical For TCDSU to Be Aspirational About Irish

It’s entirely appropriate that the students’ union of a state-funded university should make itself available through the first official language of the state, writes Eoin O’Hare.
By Eoin O'Hare

The SU Cafe is a Cost Worth Keeping

TCDSU should do everything it can to preserve the SU Cafe, writes Jack Dolan.
By Jack Dolan

It’s Alarming that Trinity Dismisses Kells as Unworthy of its Own Treasures

Trinity's attitude to Kells perpetuates the idea that the College is detached from the rest of the country, writes Ross Malervy.
By Ross Malervy

How Ireland’s Leftist Politicians Are Failing Housing Activists

Amid a national emergency, it's disappointing that none of Ireland's left-wing politicians are at the heart of direct action for better housing, writes Donal MacNamee.
By Donal MacNamee