Opinion Contribution


For International Students, the Recent Re-Entry Visa Reform Is an Unnecessary Stress

The elimination of the online appointment system could make it more difficult for universities to attract international students, writes Jake Gilchrist.
By Jake Gilchrist

Good Luck, Fresher – You’ll Need It

There's no time in your life you will feel as young and baby-like as when you first walk in through Front Gate, writes Faye Curran.
By Faye Curran

The True Cost of College’s Commercialisation is Starting to Show

College is looking more like a business than a place of learning, writes Jack Synnott.
By Jack Synnott

To End Unpaid Internships, Public Mood Must Change

Unpaid internships remain prevalent in Ireland spite of legislation banning them. The public must stop turning a blind eye, writes Paddy Mockler.
By Paddy Mockler

How the Schrodinger Conference Reignited My Passion for Research

Cillian Gartlan reflects on this historic conference impacted him and reignited his commitment to a career in science.
By Cillian Gartlan

Freshers’ Week is Wasted on Freshers

The constant hype around freshers' week makes disappointment for new students hard to avoid, writes Aoife Kearins.
By Aoife Kearins

Pride is About Much More Than Parades

Roberta Rodrigues reflects on why pride is important for so many students.
By Roberta Rodrigues

The Removal of Compulsory History in Secondary School is a Tragedy for Irish Education

This September’s first-year students could leave school with next to no knowledge of history or why it’s important.
By Liam Whelan

Trinity’s New Ranking Demands Government Action

The QS rankings are embarrassing for Trinity. But it's the government that should be red-faced, writes Matthew Murphy.
By Matthew Murphy

Leo Varadkar is Right. Young People Are Needed in Politics

The political momentum provided by repeal can't be lost, writes Matthew Murphy.
By Matthew Murphy