Opinion Contribution


We’re on the Cusp of Equality

There are still plenty of things we need to solve in Ireland. But change is within our reach, writes Director of the National Women's Council of Ireland Orla O'Connor.
By Orla O'Connor

The Unloved Arts Block

It hosts some of Trinity's best subjects. But the building itself? The Arts Block perennially disappoints.
By Amy Glover

Trinity’s €450 Supplemental Fee Is Maddening

Ciannait Khan writes that the College is out of touch with what is financially feasible for students.
By Ciannait Khan

Be Kind: Yesterday’s Allegations Have Affected Those Around You

For those who felt alone in the wake of yesterday's allegations: #MeToo.

Let’s Talk About Loneliness in College

We don't talk enough about the crippling loneliness of College, argues Alanna MacNamee.
By Alanna MacNamee

Tackling Sexual Harassment On Campus Means Putting Students First

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education of Cambridge talks about how universities need to tackle sexual assault on campus and support students.
By Graham Virgo

Where Are All the Women?

Niamh Egleston asks why TCDSU elections are once again dominated by men.
By Niamh Egleston

Do You Know What You’re Doing Next Year? Me Neither

Louise Lawless praises degrees that don’t pigeonhole students.
By Louise Lawless

Why I Decided to Remove My Hijab

Yasmine Tadjine writes about how a physical attack forced her to re-think hijab – and why she misses it.
By Yasmine Tadjine

Beidh ar Shinn Féin an Fharraige a Thaoscadh Maidir Leis an 8ú Leasú

Bíodh ag faire amach d’aighneas i measc polaiteoirí agus vótóirí san athbhliain.
By Philip McGuinness