With Last-Minute Try, DUFC Clinch Victory Over Young Munster in College Park

The win, secured in a nail-biting finish, moves the team into second place going forward in Division 1A of the Ulster Bank League.
By Joe Horan

For one Canadian Student, Finding Fans of the Sports From Home all Over Dublin

Will Heseltine on bonding with people from all over the world in Dublin through sport, and the challenges that come with watching hockey in a different timezone.
By Will Heseltine

Getting Inspired: Trinity’s Sporting Credentials Examined

A rebranding of Trinity’s sporting image, improved facilities and a new wave of sports scholarships are likely to inspire many to get involved.
By Philip McGuinness and Dillon Hennessy

Trinity Sports Centre: A Beginner’s Guide

If you've never stepped runner-clad foot inside the mythical place that is Trinity's Sport Centre, here's what you might be missing.
By Jaques Feehan

Trinity Rugby Lose 23-13 to UCD in Top Table Clash

Despite coming close at stages of the match, Trinity failed to make headway against UCD in College Park yesterday.
By Dillon Hennessy

Community is Key to the Contiuned Growth of Trinity GAA

Improving year-on-year, the team is expected to excell this year, but the inclusive atmosphere that comes with non-players in the club remains central to its ambitions.
By Ciaran Sunderland and Dillon Hennessy

Embracing Trinity’s “Alternative” Sports Clubs

From American football to waterpolo to martial arts, Trinity is the perfect place to try out sports you might never have had the chance to try before.
By Alex Peters

As New Season Begins, Clare Stead Enters Eighth Year with Trinity Hockey Club

After finishing last year as club captain, Stead prepares for a record-breaking eight years in the club.
By Jake O’Donnell

For American Football Pep Rally, Trinity Becomes Home of Brass Bands and Burger Stands

Ahead of Saturday's face-off between Georgia Tech and Boston College in the Aviva, Front Square is filled with cheerleaders and branded merchandise.
By Dillon Hennessy

In First International Match in Four Years, Trinity’s American Football Club Gains a Boost

While the score ended at 0-46 in favour of the large and dominant NYPD, the match against the American team shows progression for the Trinity club.
By Jake O'Donnell