Sep 26, 2019

DUCAC Members in Dispute With Chairperson Over Access to Minutes

DUCAC Chair Donagh McDonagh was accused of ignoring requests for access to minutes of the body's meetings.

Cormac WatsonDeputy Editor
Alex Connolly for The University Times

Tensions ran high this evening at the AGM of Dublin University Central Athletic Club (DUCAC) after DUCAC Chair Donagh McDonagh was accused of ignoring requests by students for access to minutes of previous executive meetings.

Before the elections of DUCAC’s club officers this evening, Aoife Simm, the captain of Dublin University Archery Club, raised concerns about McDonagh’s willingness to hand over minutes of previous DUCAC executive meetings. She said that the club had made numerous requests for access to the minutes.

McDonagh denied having seen any requests for minutes apart from an email he received in the past week.


But his claim was refuted by Bethany Rush, a member of Dublin University Fencing Club, who said that a request had been made at a DUCAC executive meeting last year, which McDonagh was present at.

McDonagh asked those present to send him correspondence by letter rather than email. Checking email, he said, is not part of his role as DUCAC Chair.

He said that he could not remember receiving any request for access to the minutes of DUCAC meetings.

McDonagh also said that granting access to the minutes could cause potential legal issues relating to GDPR. This was rebutted by Diego Coyle Diez, the coach of the archery club, who said that the names on the minutes could be simply blacked out.

McDonagh eventually ended the dispute, saying: “I’m not going to allow any further discussion at this juncture, at this meeting.”

He added: “I hope I’m not going to be hung without hearing all the evidence first.”

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