Aug 7, 2020

Unsafe Trinity Swimming Pool to Remain Closed Indefinitely

Contractors have not yet been hired by College to make the necessary repairs.

Matt McCannSports Editor
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

Trinity’s swimming pool will not be opening with the rest of the Sports Centre on August 12th , due to the pool being in an unusable condition.

The pool has deteriorated in recent months with tiles becoming detached along the walls and the base of its deep-end in need of major repairs.

Neither the length of the closure nor the cost of the repairs is currently known as contractors have yet to be hired to repair the damages.


Jemil Saidi, chair of Dublin University Central Athletics Club (DUCAC), confirmed to The University Times that the pool will not be opening on August 12th, saying that the swimming pool would not be opening “because it’s not safe”.

“We wouldn’t want to be opening facilities that are not safe for our users”, he added.

Saidi could not, however, provide an estimate for when these repairs will happen nor how long they will take as central College has yet to provide contractors who can fully repair the pool.

“Unfortunately, I can’t get an estimate because a lot of it is relying on getting these contractors in to assess the pool and to fix it by carrying out the work that is needed so the swimming pool can be deemed suitable and safe for our users”, he said.

“I would love to provide a time frame because I know that information is very crucial to all those sports clubs that utilise the swimming pool and it will affect them”, Saidi added.

Saidi also said that should the swimming pool facilities not be open by the start of the first semester, DUCAC will do its best to find external facilities for clubs who rely on it.

“DUCAC and Trinity Sport will ensure that those clubs still have their activities and their training sessions in the academic year whilst this is going on so if that means seeking external sites or paying for them to be on external sites, we will ensure that the clubs are looked after.”

Trinity’s swimming pool, built in 2008, has had a history of maintenance issues specifically concerning tiles detaching from the walls and base of the pool. It has been closed on two separate occasions over the past decade – the first in 2010 and the second in 2015.

In an email statement to The University Times Communication Manager for Trinity Sport Gillian Neely said: “The Swimming Pool and Sauna will not be available within this first phase of reopening. As we increase our capacity and opening hours we are planning to reopen all facilities pending any outstanding service or maintenance works.”

“As with all our facilities we have been working in consultation with Trinity College Dublin, and the Estates and Facilities department to ensure that we are able to deliver and maintain the operational high standards of the pool and other areas while also ensuring the safety of our Trinity Sport staff, students and members”, she added.

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